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Bad Words.   Impeccably crafted and fucking hilarious.
 Having occasionally attempted to read your posts about the Kiss Army uniforms I can relate.
 ...with none of the afterglow.
 Saith the guy who is "grooming" his niece 
 Is that sexual?
 It was much harder to take upskirts.
Spotted on a book swap shelf. I'm not reading it, just thought it was awesome that this exists.
We watched an early Mike Leigh over the weekend:     Disastrously bad. Felt like someone tried to turn a Monty Python skit into a community theatre "dramatic".   On the other hand, this:     was phenomenal. Great performances and very a moving look at childhood, broken families and frustrated dreams. As grim as that sounds, it was quite uplifting.
 Would you mind explaining this to my wife?
Grooming her?
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