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No, it was boring.
That, or the writer's have completely forgotten about the super secret whispered cliffhanger from the S02 finale and have gone back to "you get bit, you turn. You eat tainted meat and...um...something bad happens."
 Fixed your typo
 Exactly. They never bothered to explain how the entire world got infected with whatever-it-is.
 Not that confusing, really. Finn enters into some sort of a professional relationship with someone, then treats him with disdain, condescension and vulgarity. Pretty much the usual.
Can't make it tonight, gents. Mrs. A. is feeling poorly and needs me here. Hanjoy!
Samuel L. Jackson.
I'm plucking a number out of my ass, but I think I'd be reluctant to spend more than about 10% of the total value of the home on the land- and hard-scaping. You mentioned a pool and a large patio, did it include the outdoor kitchen or is that already paid for?
  Ataturk never met a chemical he didn't want to immediately spread on his lawn, while ranting about how the MSM lies about it but the police are always right when they spray it in someone's eyes, and bragging that he gets it for cheap from his off-shore sources. :)
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