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 Is that sexual?
 It was much harder to take upskirts.
Spotted on a book swap shelf. I'm not reading it, just thought it was awesome that this exists.
We watched an early Mike Leigh over the weekend:     Disastrously bad. Felt like someone tried to turn a Monty Python skit into a community theatre "dramatic".   On the other hand, this:     was phenomenal. Great performances and very a moving look at childhood, broken families and frustrated dreams. As grim as that sounds, it was quite uplifting.
 Would you mind explaining this to my wife?
Grooming her?
What is a wine installation?
 +1000 We almost put one in our bedroom, but turned that wall into a closet instead. I like the ones with a layer of glass or pebbles that the flames seem to float over.
Almost 3 months late, but my contractor emailed to say he's finished with everything except our closet doors, which he will hopefully take delivery on tomorrow, paint them in his shop and install on Friday.
Watching The Song Remains the Same in my hotel in Lima while Mrs Atlas gets ready.Sometimes people rock!
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