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 What's the correct amount of shoes and pretty silk squares for a human to have?
 And move down a few notches on the Forbes list?!?
You're right. Society should encourage billionaires to "take it with them" when they die, because what society really needs is generation after generation of obnoxiously spoiled rich kids.
I can make it after all, looking forward to seeing folks.
What a mess. Arguably the worst episode to date.   I immediately thought of Lefty when the fire hose worked without a power source.
Looking forward to seeing it on IMAX.   I saw a cool story about the black hole visualization: it's considered the most accurate depiction ever created, involved crunching terabytes of data on an MPP supercomputer, and produced 2 research papers in physics.
 Which, I might add, does not rule out the possibility, even the likelihood, that she is a burner in the other sense.
I live in SF, and if someone says "Oh, that chick is a burner" I assume they mean that she goes to Burning Man on the regular.
 Around here "burner" and "pot smoker" are not synonyms.
People with strong opinions and little knowledge.
New Posts  All Forums: