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So good. Auster needs to write more.
  Really? I've always thought that ordering wine at a regular bar is a really douchey move - especially since it always involves a discussion of the available options, followed by a disappointed sigh and a sneering order for something that the person otherwise "wouldn't be caught dead drinking".
Keep an eye on your Vitamin D levels. I hate to avoid sunlight (it's my Transylvanian ancestry), and when I had my D level checked earlier this month its quite low. Doc is putting me on D3 supplements until my levels get back up.
Did you behead the Kurgan that night?
Do people still steal car stereos? Seems like these days smash-and-grab is mostly about the change in the cup holders, (or the bag of chips).
I've wanted to watch this for a while. Have you seen "Searching for Sugarman"?
Suede is awesome, even waterlogged suede can be restored to beautiful condition.
Wrong answer. Correct answer: one needs both the matching belt, AND the complementary belts.
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