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This comment just appeared in my FB feed. L'inc is not a FB friend. Is this irritating mode of posting a "thing"? I thought it was just l'inc's annoying schtick. "Someday, I will have the bespoke cowboy boots (high heels for men)."
What's your trade, TD?
  GWAR has really gone in a new direction after Dave Brockie's death.
  Quick, somebody give her an interview on Oprah!
Reading the description my mental estimate was $25K, but I live in San Francisco.
 I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, that's not the pink starfish I thought you were referring to.
A murderer just popped up on my FB feed. I'm kind of grossed out being reminded of his existence; we went to high school together. He chased some out-of-towners out of a house party by firing a gun at them, striking one of the kids in the back and killing him. The douchebag's mob-connected boss hired an expensive criminal defense lawyer who got him off.   Fuck that guy.
  JCVD is a great movie., far and away JCVD's best.
Beautiful cat. I love his nose, very leonine.
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