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 I haven't seen this in 20+ years but loved it and watched it repeatedly back then. The movie that introduced me to Bauhaus: 
Try showering once in a while.
A week is a short time to spend given how long it takes to get there. Expect to lose the first 24 hours to jet lag. Bring hard candies (air pollution is hard on the throat). Expect to be overwhelmed at some point, if not several times a day.   I've only been to northern India. My impression is that Goa is pretty overrun with backpackers, and has a crazy party scene at certain times of year. Hyderabad is a major city, but it is a bit off the tourist track. I've met a...
 I've been to loads of 3rd world airports that are much better than LaGuardia and JFK.
Easy, lasbar, you're a married man.
 The desk part is on gimbals and remains flat through the entire process, so no need to clear it. My wife thinks this is a good idea for my office; however I have no desire to spend my days staring at a wall (prefer to stare out a window).
So good. Auster needs to write more.
  Really? I've always thought that ordering wine at a regular bar is a really douchey move - especially since it always involves a discussion of the available options, followed by a disappointed sigh and a sneering order for something that the person otherwise "wouldn't be caught dead drinking".
Keep an eye on your Vitamin D levels. I hate to avoid sunlight (it's my Transylvanian ancestry), and when I had my D level checked earlier this month its quite low. Doc is putting me on D3 supplements until my levels get back up.
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