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The last time I had a rat problem we solved it with beer (for us) and baseball bats (for the rats). It was 100% effective and cheap, but your mileage may vary.
There are lots of nice country boots; depending on how rugged you want it to be look for boots with Vibram or commando soles, and either a veldtschoen or Norwegian welt.
I guess I deleted the email announcing the trunk show in SF on Saturday...when and where is it happening?
Have you stopped carrying Cantarelli, or are you just in between shipments? I noticed that they're not listed on your Makers section any longer.
Sure, if you like those sorts of things.
  Yep. They have big gloves.
 You're lucky that thimbles come in a range of sizes.
 Chai is a very real thing. "Chai tea", on the other hand, is an irritating redundancy.
We used Hansgrohe in the bathroom, but bought a Waterstone faucet for the kitchen. It's a serious piece of hardware, weighing close to 15 pounds as the entire thing is CNC milled from blocks of stainless steel. They use the same ceramic filters as Dornbracht. It might start to leak sometime in the 2050s, and to Ataturk's point we always say that we are going to exclude it from the sale when we eventually put this place on the market :)
 At one point I created a timeline that linked the Kyle McLachlan character in TP back to his bizarre turn as an FBI agent who is actually an alien in "The Hidden", and the David Duchovny characters in TP and X-Files. I always hoped the McLachlan would show up on the X-Files to tie it all up.
New Posts  All Forums: