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 Guess what: if you haven't already seen "JCVD", then there really ought to be a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie in your future. It's excellent.
I dig it.
Sucks about the tacos. Sorry broheim.
I remember rain.-also posted from CA
Yeah I could have been clearer in what I said. Allow me to try again: you sound like a cliquish little bitch, whispering in the corner to your girlfriends about that weird old dude. You could, on the other hand, approach him with an open mind and a legitimate interest in who he is and what he might have to tell you. Or you could whisper like a little bitch.
 Time Crimes / Los Cronocrímenes? That will be one of the best time travel movies of all time.
I know a couple in their late '70s who go to Disneyland every couple of years. I find it very weird, and a little creepy, but I think the truth is that they miss their grandkids, none of whom live in their time zone.
The best part of dealing with TM? Torching their corporate HQ, razing the rubble and strewing the land with salt.
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