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 For some reason apples from Washington suck.
 There's nothing GMO about Honey Crisps, and they are no more of a mutt than any other apple variety. They remind me of the macintosh apples we ate in CT when I was growing up. They're are different from the mac variety grown in WA that has taken over the country.
 Are we talking Canadia here? Canadian-Americans of Scottish descent? Please be specific when making sweeping generalizations.
 One of my favorites, with a great supporting cast.
 I feel your pain; there is a group of musicians caterwauling something that sounds vaguely like music in the building lobby today.
Work frequently takes me to college campuses, where the yoga pants phenomenon reaches its zenith.   This does not piss me off.
 I forgot to mention the cute baristas. Does your office have cute baristas? It's not a couple of espresso machines, it's a 1,500 square foot cafe, with staff and TVs and shit. Oh yeah, including a couple of those hanging pod chairs. Found one, complete with douchebags:   
 'ware the mollusc, and all its ensnarements. 
If she looks at all like the Ukrainian human Barbie doll, I say go for it!
No bean bag chairs, but my company recently put in a free espresso bar, currently pouring Ritual coffee (my favorite).
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