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 Love the light on the snow in this. I'm always drawn to winter imagery.
Troof. I feel the same about my kitchen and bathroom remodel. I might put up a picture of the a/v closet though. :)
Sadly, I will be on my way to Orlando at that time. Please pray for me.
 Interesting. Can you provide any links? I've heard that they're in the process of selecting another group of cities, and it made me curious to find out how the first couple of rollouts have gone.
Warren pears, people. Warren pears.
Agreed. The moment he asked to bump the price the first time I would likely have backed out, and the act of refunding an accepted offer in favor of a higher offer should be a bannable offense IMO.
Chill. They're shoes, not children.
A comfy old pair of Paul Smith's.
 What did you do?
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