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That depends...am I retiring? Or was I canned when they caught me pissing in the coffee pot?
 That's not how it goes. 
 And you clicked on it anyway. 
 Not defending the prices being asked, but there is a difference between these chairs. One is from 1956 and is therefore "vintage", the other is from 2000 and thus is "used".
 This version is awesome.
Isn't Benjamin Button essentially a non-wizard version of Merlin?
I quit after Jaws 2, are you saying I should have gutted it out?
I feel like Kira has never been anywhere that actually gets cold. That or he uses Sir Edmund Hillary's tailor.
I used to have a nice little 400W halide grow set up, but these days my wife won't let me :(   Not to mention that it stinks up the house something fierce. I like the smell of growing weed, but not enough to live with it 24/7.
Well most can't set fruit without pollinators, so even if you can keep them healthy it's unlikely you'll get any fruit. Unless you want to take on the role using a q-tip! I think some citruses can self-fertilize, those are a good choice if you want fruit.
New Posts  All Forums: