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Quote: Originally Posted by FrankDrebben Keep us posted about the Hangover... Today, a work day, I got home at 5, had one of 'those' Lynchburg lemonades, and am now on my 4th G&T. I'm fittingly hammered.... Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment..
I say 'You will be'. I have not had good reactions to that, though.
Seriously, I feel a little relaxed from the cigars, but as far as the alcohol goes I'm not feeling anything. I don't know whether its the cigars canceling out the alcohol or its the fact that the drinking has been spread over such a long period. My girlfriend was calling repeatedly until around 10pm wondering how I'd managed to do 'nothing' (she doesn't know I've been drinking) all day...
I woke up at midday, put a Pizza in the oven and had a strong gin and tonic and ate the pizza after. Then I opened a bottle of Vosne-Romanee and nursed that for the afternoon. Cooked a steak and some mashed potatoes. Popped to get some cigars and also picked up a bottle of triple sec. Made my own take on Lynchburg lemonade with Woodford reserve, triple sec, lemon juice and san pellegrino lemon soda. Had two of these, then baked a croissant with ham and cheese. Had...
Ok, now this is going to depend on the ingredients an individual keeps in their own home, but when you just cannot be arsed to go to the store, what do you cook with staple ingredients? I'll start: Cheese and ham toast, there is almost always some cheese and ham left in my fridge, so this makes a quick and easy option. If available I'll also add caesar dressing, tabasco, EVOO, Echre butter, black pepper, Maldon salt. Hams can range anywhere from processed ham with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 I cant remember the name, but its on a small side road off of Marylebone High St. If you are walking north from Waitrose, its one of the first few streets on the left. Nice shop with lots of cheeses and other things. I only see it in the P. Hill Deli occasionally, so I wouldn't count on finding it if you popped in randomly. K Thanks.
Which is the shop you refer to in Marylebone? Marylebone and Primrose Hill are very convenient to me, Clerkenwell, not so much.
VK Where are you buying good Buffalo Mozzarella in London?
38 Year old. Most evenings, a bottle of wine or 6-10 scotches/g&ts/vodka & juices or around 6 beers (bottles not pints, if drinking pints 3-4). If I go to visit my parents in the countryside in the weekdays I don't drink, as they don't drink in the week. On the weekend they out-drink me. Strangely, on a night when I don't drink, I don't miss it that much. Some evenings I'll only have one or two g&ts. Every once in a while, a few campari sodas followed by at...
Gola kebab or Reshmi Kebab
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