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You don't deserve her, and you don't really realise the extent of the damage you have done/are doing. My (now dead) wife did this to me. She always seemed stable, and quite honestly a lovely girl, who I still feel love for. One day she got into trouble, her family were not pleased with her, she started confiding in me to an extent where I had to make the decisions for her life. I did not want to, nor did I think that I had the capability to make these decisions, until...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Did you concoct this while sloshed? Of course, a bottle of cote de nuits, and 6 vodkas later... I also made it the following day whilst sober.
I'm a great fan of a ham and cheese sandwich, but this, on a muffin is something so much better than that.
Split English muffin Lightly toasted in toaster Spread with extra virgin olive oil Put under grill for two mins. Ginger and honey smoked ham on top both sides of muffin, back under grill Slice of Gruyere halved and on top of both sides of muffin, back under grill A dollop of Cardini's Caesar dressing Sprinkle liberally with Maldon salt and black pepper NB - grill above = grill (english), broiler (american) I don't understand why it tastes so good!
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I think that roti is the generic term that a person (at least a north indian) would refer to "breads" - if you want a basket of mixed bread, you ask for some "roti". in addition, in places where you have indian emmigrants, they refer to their breads as "roti" - so there is caribian roti and guyanian roti, variations on roti - these differ from phrantas which are shallow fried, and sometimes stuffed. in many places...
Quote: Originally Posted by juniper Also good value at the same price, and widely available... I think a case in point here is that cheaper wines from the big houses (Latour, Jadot etc.) are exemplary.
Different waters do taste different to me, but the concept of one being premium and the other not is totally alien. Water from Fiji tastes different to water from Evian sur les bains, but one being better than the other? That's just personal preference.
(Louis Jadot, 2007) What a wine for 8GBP! Just sipping it in my newly bought Riedel Vinum Chabis glass alongside a gruyere and ham crepe.
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