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link? what brand?
damn son nicee
anddd as soon as the jackets start coming the sizing questions start what is it about a leather jacket that requires it to fit down to the half inch?
Is officine creative any good? It's cheaper than marsell but what's the difference? Is it bad that I prefer marsell solely because it costs more than OC; even though I can't tell a difference I just feel that there might be one so prefer marsell
when did cruvoir become a real thing? i remember when cody leeder was trying to organize julius and geller buys as egocomplex on superfuture... whole thing seemed kinda sketch
when i saw that jeb bush made $29mm, my first thought was "think of all the rick owens he could buy"
how much ?? i
oops realized it wasnt obvious that i was talking about myself--as an asian in boston i can dress as shittily as i want and people still treat me pretty well haha. car dealers to fine dining to shopping to buying houses... its cuz all the tu hao in the region buying mad shit
huh? are you saying CP doesn't fit true to size? it fits the same as my lanvins, balenciagas, and rick owens..
as long as you are asian in boston, doesn't matter how you are dressed people assume you are ready to buy stupid shit.
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