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Riccardi Boston (BBS, Dsquared, Givenchy, Balmain, Julius, every cool designer brand ever... all pretty good buys though a little overpriced)Burberry on Newbury St (its considered a flagship, very large selection)Restoration Hardware on Newbury St (awesome flagship)In that vein the furniture stores in Boston are cool.
i have a decent job now, but still it when i buy something at retail and see a full size run for 50% off a couple months later. it makes me feel like i bought something overproduced/undesired, and the "lost" couple hundred bucks also hurts. just a matter of principle, not necessity (who needs these $500 sneakers hate anyways??). i don't really wear anything enough to justify the cost, it mostly gets collected and taken out when i really wanna look fly (aka not during my...
i got the wingtips with levitate soles last week at 60% off.the leather and construction sucks compared to my lobbs and edward greens, but i still like the look. i'll just wear it once or twice a month in my shoe rotation so i'm not that concerned about it wearing out too fast.
word. my company is giving everyone an iphone 5 and restricting work email to that device... gonna hate carrying around a paperweight
yeah i wouldn't wear a black suit to work/interview. never seen it done, except by those that button all the buttons on the suit jacket.
are you me? moved to boston from balti a year ago.
remember boo x sperry... and boo in general? when everyone wanted the plum overdye... went to barneys today. boo is kinda meh.
nothing wrong with dsquared... they are fun and the construction is outstanding. the company that makes stuff for them also does margiela, viktor and rolf, marc jacobs, and vivienne westwood. top notch stuff.
finamore is a high end shirt maker... i put it with like truzzi and lorenzini and all of the other OEM italian shirt makers so the "quality" is there. if you like it i say go for it. i bought a white jil sander shirt that i really like. its just a white shirt but it definitely looks more expensive than other white shirts ive bought. dont let the haters get you down.
kopped a pair of ferragamo flip flops and sneakers... loving the brand lately
New Posts  All Forums: