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heh he often posts some great deals so block at your own risk
hmm in the texas heat i use to always run shirtless..though drenched cotton is good because it helps cool you down. it dries really quickly in heat like that anyways.
i have never desired to drink champagne while eating fried chicken... no one needs to do anything and this venture will fail.
agree. more demand these days so those brands don't need to provide the same value they use to do make the same profits.
how do you make this kind of money living in san antonio??
fwiw the barneys in boston sells out of sizes
tried buying some rick leathers off myhabit, the retail price claimed on the website was ~$3000, but when the jackets came (fw13 and ss14, btw) the price tags on the jackets themselves were $2400 and $2500, and they were made in moldova (website said italy), so they were unsurprisingly (given the actual price) the glass ice lamb or whatever. pretty disappointing
you won't get them for a discount, if that's what you are asking
i wonder how many years before everyone gets their jackets. 5? 10?
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