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ill buy the NM card for 20% off
i want to be a chinese alpha male ...
this jacket looks way cooler what is it?
didn't put brand because then you guys would judge the shit out of it lol.its prada on sale.i seriously considered WM, but it was about $100 more and wasn't my ideal color and fit sort of oversize. that its pertex is somewhat cool though.
i got a gore tex performance shell jacket but can't decide if i should keep it or return it given the price--it was $820 i wanted a stylish jacket that is waterproof and durable. the fit on this is pretty good (my mirror is too small). thoughts?
the stuff in the outlets is. the new coop stuff is not bad, though its lame ass brand to tell people you own.
well the zipper pulls look like the dior ones from kva, but thats about it.
i read a seekingalpha (i know, i know) article about ARR that seemed relatively well-researched basically saying that management blows. former shareholder, but definitely will not be getting in after the latest round of share sales.
oob error--does this mean you guys are using randomforest? why not boosted trees
i dont necessarily disagree, but you have to consider why people are reading this thread. if you are really looking through sw&d waywt because you want to see really nice suits, why dont you just open up gq/esquire or browse a LV/gucci/hermes fashion show? guarantee the styling there will look "good" in your sense. but if you want to see something different then come here.
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