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i dont necessarily disagree, but you have to consider why people are reading this thread. if you are really looking through sw&d waywt because you want to see really nice suits, why dont you just open up gq/esquire or browse a LV/gucci/hermes fashion show? guarantee the styling there will look "good" in your sense. but if you want to see something different then come here.
sw&d is about different, more than whats good. analogy: i like burgers a lot, but i occasionally go to a fancy restaurant and eat items with menu descriptions the longer than this post. oftentimes i find myself enjoying the fancy less than a burger, but it breaks up the monotony, and thats where i get my utility.i hate wearing suits, but i won't deny that a good suit is the sharpest a guy can look. but i would definitely not look through a thread full of guys wearing...
these are really nice--fully leather lined made in italy and very heavy sole. hiking boots! stylish ones!
these are cool guys! no one wants to wear mickey snekaers??
meh rag and bone is still good imo...not as good but not steven alan bad
Pretty soft wool felt. Lined in viscose with polyester padding so its pretty warm in the body. worn occasionally (like 20x?). from fw06 collection i believe.
wore a couple times. lots of zippers, lots of pockets. relatively lightweight cotton poplin fabric. good for spring or fall, not winter. slightly different from current iteration of the bond cargo pant but same idea.
worn twice but white is not for me. really skinny. can take measurements if there is interest. SS collection.
worn < 5 times. like new. made in italy. water resistant cotton on the outer, lined in viscose/cotton. retail ~$2000. fits kind of boxy but best for a sz 38 since the shoulders are somewhat narrow. horn buttons? SS07 collection i think. offers are welcome.
each worn anywhere from 1-10 times. wrinkled because i washed once (i dont really like the super new look). PRL stuff is all from SS09 i think, all S custom fit. retail on these was ~$90 asking $30 OBO. all of these are madras. RLBL is size S for the military/rover shirts and slightly slimmer neck 15 for the western shirts. retail on these was $300+ asking $75 OBO. the rover has very thick MOP buttons. black rover is 95% cotton, 5% elastane, while white rover is a...
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