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head of retail and head of iOS both leaving apple gg no re kthx 400 may be here sooner than i couldve hoped for!!! $$$$$
this. survival bias. most people don't make it to third year associate--they transfer out to something slightly more lucrative than 2nd year analyst but not as lucrative if they're bad, something more lucrative if they're good, business school if their disillusioned, etc. the people with 10+ years of experience at an ibank are either masochists or making 500k+ or 1mil+. greg smith (that lame gs guy who published the nyt oped) was making 500k at 26 and wanted to make 1mil+...
meh i work on buyside and have a 40 hour week, but sometimes i wish i was an ibanker. 120k first year, 150k second year, but by associate you are making 250k+ in your 3rd year.if you are a true finance guy (ie you spend 95% of your time thinking about money and how to make more of it) the "80 hr work week is unsustainable" is only a way for you to justify your decision to take a much lower paying jobedit: that models and bottles video was so cringeworthy
saw the microsoft surface this weekend. thought short apple was a good play, now think its a better one. riding this one all the way to $400.
while not false, you'd be surprised at how stupid most people are.
just got a pair of RL marlow wingtips and dior homme mij raws. so 2000 and late but its the first time ive been able to afford these things after lusting after them all through college!
lol sadly i think moogpunk is right.
heh ive bought tons of RL but i never got a code either. you just need to have an SA. they apply it for you in store no matter what anyways. but i agree, sort of annoying.
some short ideas--zillow (see the report on citronresearch.com) apple -- the risk/reward ratio for this company is not good. its the biggest company in the world and fairly valued at 15 p/e with annualized revenue (using 6/30/12) of 140bil. that is a lot of money. the company already has no place to go in terms of costs (with the foxconn mess they can only go up) so how many more billions of dollars of product can it really move at this point beyond what it already...
econ/math, first job was doing quant "research" for a mutual fund, now doing programming for a smaller asset manager all the people who say statistics and coding are important are right. learn sql/r/python, if not in a class, then on your own. contrary to what one poster above said, R should not be grouped with stata/sas, it is far superior and in many important ways better than python. i would learn the two simultaneously as they are similar.
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