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buy a sony if you are in japan... just imported a pair of sony speakers that cost $10k in US but were like $3400 in japan
I went to the store a few weeks ago and they seem to be doing pretty well. They have different prices in every region, and are planning to open a five story flagship in Montreal. If you think about it even though the USD prices are low, they are still getting a pretty decent price in CAD, which is their basis. I predict one more outstanding sales season (even better than this one) for Canadian retailers before we correct.
can anyone comment on how the gimp hoodie fits in relation to the jason hoodie, and how they fit in relation to a less expensive alternative, e.g. reigning champ? which one should i get???
add to that-- post about clothing online
guys it doesn't affect the retailer at all, (i think) it comes out of the insurance company's pocket, but if not then it comes out of citibank's actually emails me often telling me to set up an alert, all you do is on their website enter in the item you bought and the price you bought it for, and they automatically track it for you and if their website finds a lower price then citi refunds you.i don't feel bad at all taking advantage of every perk offered by my...
no, i think citi contracts out with a third party insurance provider (as do chase and discover--just filed PP with the latter and am awaiting a response). all three had me contact a different third party to file the claim; discover is probably the most convenient since they allow you to submit the screenshot of the advertisement online.
chase sucks they require same size, just filed a price protection a few weeks ago and was denied.i used citi rewind last year, and iirc correctly they did not require the same size to be available. did it on a pair of geobaskets and rick owens pants... difference was ~$150 for each item.
well one of the links doesn't work, but judging from the link itself one of them is womens??
elaborate plz last year i was poor and did not follow styleforum
sizing on rick owens adidas? i have a 41 in island dunks and geobaskets, should i just get a 41 in these?
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