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i am excited to see what new lie he pulls out of his pocket. tbh it takes true skill to lie as well as drew and i am envious of his ability.
What was up with that John coppidge thing and how did that resolve? Who should I contact to purchase the movie rights for this debacle?
i always thought drew was independently wealthy from how he talked. selling leather jackets is not the path to the lifestyle he seemed to be living. not surprised by this.
you need to add some lowtops to your collection. i second lanvin, maybe a captoe. you should also get a running style designer sneaker. also some more colorful stuff--think dsquared, dolce gabbana, valentino. maybe some sneakers from traditional luxury brands like louis vuitton, bottega veneta, salvatore ferragamo, and dior homme. finally some distressed beaters from a brand like golden goose or john varvatos, a little more rocker casual. pretty good start to your...
Woot finally got geobaskets and an unstable tee from ssense... Maybe I'll get a Rick leather too later this season??
sigh all i want are rick geobaskets, prisoner sweats, and a level T. maybe a hoodie? unfortunately looks like its not gonna make first cut
and the ssense site is down. i don't get it why can't they anticipate??
sigh i want this so badly
i feel like backpacks are by far the most functional bag, short of a roller bag. you can carry so much weight!!
this particular pair does have a pretty nice shade of black, the o'keeffe website documents some artisnal polishing procedure that i wonder if i couldn't do myself, so i don't know if it's worth the premium over the "felix leather derby shoes" that are presumably an identical shoe (my shoebox said "felix" on it), save for the fancy polishing that the "milo" gets. as far as i can tell, the leather doesn't seem markedly better or inferior to my black C&Js. they are goodyear...
New Posts  All Forums: