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how come i wasn't invited???
i tried on a nigel cut this past weekend and aside from the differences between the anthony you noted (softer shoulder, lower rise), the pants are also slimmer.
i feel like, tons of SF members were in college when CPs retailed for $325 and went on sale for like now that we all make money all this shit is so expensive , even then $250 today is easier on the wallet for me than $150 was in collegewhere did all the poor people go?
2013: kopped like 4-5 rlbl shirts, couple rlbl pants, and two rlbl jackets... and a ton of pure shit. seriously wasted like 2k on shit i will never wear again. don't even want to think about it. 2014: so far i kopped a pair of lanvins (the suede with patent captoe) and two pairs of SLP jeans. i'd like to buy another 5-6 RLBL shirts, and 1-2 more pants. i wanna get the perfect sweatshirt, and get another nice hoodie (dsquared? balmain? dolce & gabbana?). also wanna kop...
i remember this
really depends on his race... african american? no problem. if he is an asian american male i would not skip the columbia and booths of the world even with an 800 gmat and the most badass work experience in the world, because there are gonna be 100 kids just like you.
not true bro. i care, for one.
Hi, Just got a pair of these in http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/sneakers_cod44607294kf.html brand new from TheCorner... embarassed that I don't know how to size Nike's but they are about half a size too small. Wore them around the living room for 10minutes then took them off. Will return but they are sold out pretty much everywhere in this size so if someone wants them I can ship it ot you for 120+shipping+Paypal.
sorry to burst your bubble but the discounts have gotten this deep every season since 2008 (when i started buying RL)...i stopped by the boston store and the selection was a little disappointing, and the prices really weren't that good compared to previous years thanks to a pretty drastic inflation of the original retail price, e.g. RLBL shirts going from $325 -> $350 and now a ridiculous $395. $120 after all discounts is not bad for a shirt like that but the sizing was...
is the final markdown 60% off marked price or 40% off? i can't remember...
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