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+1... 50% off rlbl at current sale prices would be... just too low
lol you need far less than $5mm to be comfortable in retirement... i think maybe $2mm would be enough. 5% real return = $100k spending money a year
i am gonna have as much rick as you one day.. hopefully
is thsi still true about rick? i remember reading this a few years ago, but i recently started buying his stuff and its all really really nice.. even the drkshdw line.
i couldn't make it through that video it was so lame
what is like the brand with the best fabric/construction?? brunello cucinelli? dior? rick owens??
you didn't list sizegood price i bought mine for like ~$1000 much earlier in the season. sort of a mistake since it was so warm that i didn't start wearing it till now.great coat.
guess the fit changes every season i got a jason and it is definitely tighter and shorter than the gimp i tried on
JUST GET ALL THE CREDIT CARDS it doesn't really affect your credit that much income is the #1 factor when credit is concerned
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