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Black, shearling collar is detachable, measurements: 21inches p2p 17inches across at bottom (waist) 19 inch armpit to end of sleeve 22 inch length 18 inch shoulders i would say it is true to size for a 48 and slim/fitted
Retail is $2000. Lambskin bomber with 100% viscose sleeve lining, 100% cotton body lining, and light polyester filling in the quilted lining. The ribbing is a combination of 49% wool, 49% acrylic, and 2% elastane. The collar is shearling. Buttons say Burberry London on them. Very heavy duty 2-way MH8 E/P zip. Epaulets, grommets at armpits, collar that looks good flipped up with a buckle to secure it. Let me know if you have any questions, price is inclusive of shipping,...
Retail was $2500. Made in Italy with 77% virgin wool, 19% polyamide, 4% elastane; lined in 100% rayon for the body, and 50% cupro, 50% acetate for the sleeves. It has a throat clasp, like 6 buttons at the sleeves, epaulets, and a button to close the vent. It was shown on the runway in camel and green http://www.gq.com/slideshows/mens/fashionshows/F2011MEN/BPMEN/RUNWAY/00070m.jpg http://www.gq.com/slideshows/mens/fashionshows/F2011MEN/BPMEN/RUNWAY/00340m.jpg but this is...
hlf .. meh check out usna and nus if you really want shitty mlm's with imo more room to fall
yeah disappointing... the lncc code is just 30% off now
Max budget of $750, looking for something to wear a few times a year to more formal events. RLBL would be ideal, but I'm open to other options.
people have been saying this and i'm not one to jump onto the bandwagon, but it'll be a long hard slog for you given your background (grades/school). maybe you could do pwm or financial advising and work up? when i say momentum what do you think?
not my size, but these bring back memories!
head of retail and head of iOS both leaving apple gg no re kthx 400 may be here sooner than i couldve hoped for!!! $$$$$
this. survival bias. most people don't make it to third year associate--they transfer out to something slightly more lucrative than 2nd year analyst but not as lucrative if they're bad, something more lucrative if they're good, business school if their disillusioned, etc. the people with 10+ years of experience at an ibank are either masochists or making 500k+ or 1mil+. greg smith (that lame gs guy who published the nyt oped) was making 500k at 26 and wanted to make 1mil+...
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