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there is a thread just for customs discussion
lol i couldn't imagine something like that ever selling out... ......
not sure about western families--my white friends don't get anything from their parents.the asians get cars/watches/down payment for their sick condo dt/etc
what is this leather code LN??
total crapshoot--my oki ni order from a few weeks ago was marked as sale price.
ugh when is mr porter gonna go to 80% off so i can clean up???
i really like the second one lol...
wondering if i should kop https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/rick_owens/funnel-collar-leather-jacket/565352?ppv=2 when this next season there are so many leathers retailing in the low $2k range is this like some sort of amazing lamb, or should i get what looks like grained calf from ss16 eg https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/rick_owens/slim-fit-grained-leather-biker-jacket/636069?ppv=2 or...
+1... 50% off rlbl at current sale prices would be... just too low
lol you need far less than $5mm to be comfortable in retirement... i think maybe $2mm would be enough. 5% real return = $100k spending money a year
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