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i've always felt CP derby leather looked a little plasticky (have seen in person)... don't understand why someone wouldn't get a derby from a more traditional brand since its a classic style that's not hard to find
damn those look fresh son
had a pair of derbies from a season or two ago--i think they are not as good as marsell, but the pricepoint reflects it. i would rather pay the extra for marsell though.
can you go to jail for a nonviolent crime?
i wonder if he will ever get sued. will scamming people out of $200k+ have any impact on his life? right now i am 60% that he will eventually get fucked over and lose a bunch of his remaining assets, maybe even prison time, and 40% that nothing at all will happen. he probably squandered the money anyways not like he invested it and its now $300k.
do u dryclean?
he doesn't have anymore money. the only "help" that would actually help is if someone gave him money.
credit card chargeback
becoming more and more plausible that drew couldve overspent the money y'all paid... no desire to provide refund, no records of what was made and what wasn't, what was sent and what wasn't....
i bought one of the toj samples and thought the fit is good but otherwise it was ok, not any better construction than my polo ralph lauren bradford jacket.
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