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are you me? moved to boston from balti a year ago.
remember boo x sperry... and boo in general? when everyone wanted the plum overdye... went to barneys today. boo is kinda meh.
nothing wrong with dsquared... they are fun and the construction is outstanding. the company that makes stuff for them also does margiela, viktor and rolf, marc jacobs, and vivienne westwood. top notch stuff.
finamore is a high end shirt maker... i put it with like truzzi and lorenzini and all of the other OEM italian shirt makers so the "quality" is there. if you like it i say go for it. i bought a white jil sander shirt that i really like. its just a white shirt but it definitely looks more expensive than other white shirts ive bought. dont let the haters get you down.
kopped a pair of ferragamo flip flops and sneakers... loving the brand lately
luisaviaroma outlet retail store
how times have changed... i just bought a pair of america's cup (50% off!) for $240... apparently just 3 years previous they were selling for $300 which was outrageous since they were made in vietnam. (now $480.. made in vietnam). i think the sole is thicker though. its funny, but 3 years ago i thought these pradas were the ugliest things possible but... theres just something about them that is more enduring for me than the CPs i raged over 3 years ago. conclusion after...
just found a hole in a pair of boris bidjan saberi sweatpants i bought (new, at full retail price) a few days ago... what should i do? i took the tag off but ive only lounged around the house in them and don't think i would've caused the hole. they were $1000
this is ralph lauren black label.. why don't you just get it? i have many (many) of their shirts (dress and sport, 15.5/M) and they fit like that OTR.
if 41 i would instaskop... where did you get thesee???
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