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listen to this guy. he is the king of basics.
the flaw in your argument is that you are not including the cost of maintaining a retail store and inventory at the store in your cost analysis. shipping two pairs of shoes is probably very similar to shipping one pair, and the return shipping is, lets say, $10.in return, the company does not need to maintain stock at the store, or spend money on sales staff to assist the customer. lets say an associate gets paid like $10 an hour, and a customer spends like 30 minutes of...
piobaire i looked through this thread for 10 minutes so i could find a pic of the recliners you posted they did not disappoint in their ugliness. honestly just awful. you would've done better with a poang from ikea.
http://miepo.md/sites/default/files/reports/Textile%20report.pdfMain reasons to choose MoldovaMoldova delivers fast, flexible and with highest quality levels.Labor forceLowest labor and production costs in the region (Labor: Gross ca. 220 EUR/ month,Production Cost: 0.075 EUR per-minute). This creates a competitive business environmentfor manufacturing and producing.Skilled and multilingual workforce (e.g. Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian,English, French,...
the recent mollino i bought from mr porter with a retail of $3300 was made in moldova"leather cut and treated in italy, sewn in moldova, made in moldova"the sewing looks pretty good, jacketi is pretty much skintight and no seams have popped.
ugh how am i ever gonna afford that rick shearling if it doesn't go to 80% off http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/leather-outerwear_cod59141337cn.html
its ok brah you will gain weight eventually
i got a rick down (the geo from this season) and it seems pretty interesting never seen a down jacket without baffled construction but this thing seems stuffed full of feather
can't wait for the clearout sale they have on all the permanent items after hedi leaves... gonna pick up a leather, destroyed jeans, and some jodphurs for cheep
when is thecorner gonna go to final discount?? i want that rick owens shearling... but only at 70% off
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