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ugh how am i ever gonna afford that rick shearling if it doesn't go to 80% off
its ok brah you will gain weight eventually
i got a rick down (the geo from this season) and it seems pretty interesting never seen a down jacket without baffled construction but this thing seems stuffed full of feather
can't wait for the clearout sale they have on all the permanent items after hedi leaves... gonna pick up a leather, destroyed jeans, and some jodphurs for cheep
when is thecorner gonna go to final discount?? i want that rick owens shearling... but only at 70% off
nope, but i got the jacket and its pretty nice. "LN" is definitely better than LGI. not as good as the leather on the chair i'm sitting in tho..also look around this thread someone else shortened sleeves seems to be fine
maybe this is true now but they had 50% off sales in the several years following the financial crisis
you need a snowblower brah
canada is the true champ of snow
use to own but different grosgrain, can confirm is shell
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