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If I were trying to find a reason to absolve drew of some fault this changing measurements shit would be it
Is anyone gonna miss band of outsiders? Who still wears overdyedoxfords
lol he will finish like 50 jackets and then disappear for another two years.
i'm from boston! (well, braintree)
does myhabit ever have significant sales?
the margiela model looks pretty tall. i don't think it would look like that on someone less tall.
crane or nantasket beach. south boston has a nice beach if you don't want to head out of the city. .
what do you guys think about sandals with (thin) leather soles? i got a pair of marsells and they are comfortable enough, but i am worried that the sole will wear out quickly...
what do you guys think about golden goose? i am considering buying a pair of white lowtops near the end of the season--every retailer seems to have an absurd amount of stock so i hope they will go to 60 (70??)% off.
drew is lazy lol bet those are shoved into some closet somewhere collecting dust
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