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every news source i read said that rubio crushed trump in that debate.i watched the debate myself and thought trump did pretty well. of course i am not a professional political pundit, just a regular average joe voter.
i gotta say, that slp thread is over the top. that said, i have a pair of knee rips i got for cheap on sale from ssense, and hope that hedi retires so i can sell them for profit$.
in a way, i'm envious of your problem. i wear a suit everyday to the office and wear my designer clothes like... when i go out for dinner once a week and on the weekends.. if i go out. i have a couple pairs of jeans so even if the quality was really so bad, it would take years before it showed up for me.
well, justin bieber is most responsible for popularizing the drop-crotch, and he is short.
the eames is a pretty good chair... have sat on it many times and it is quite comfortable. i have not sat in the new "taller" version, but the original is best for someone 5'9'' or shorter. i am 5' 10'' and the original is just a little short
i got my evo as soon as i got my first raisestill waiting on the $$ for a gt-r
saw a bunch of $$$ ralph lauren home collection drinkware at my local homegoods/tjmaxxneedless to say, kopped.
Writing this while sitting in a grand repost. Nothing special about it from a comfort/ergonomics standpoint--stressless is far better and I venture that even the piobaire chair is more comfortable. This is a design object. I will say the fabric is very nice though.
stock fell 30% in january and its bleeding money.
"passport"?i think thats the name of the rick owens petrol blue color
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