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i got my evo as soon as i got my first raisestill waiting on the $$ for a gt-r
saw a bunch of $$$ ralph lauren home collection drinkware at my local homegoods/tjmaxxneedless to say, kopped.
Writing this while sitting in a grand repost. Nothing special about it from a comfort/ergonomics standpoint--stressless is far better and I venture that even the piobaire chair is more comfortable. This is a design object. I will say the fabric is very nice though.
stock fell 30% in january and its bleeding money.
"passport"?i think thats the name of the rick owens petrol blue color
can someone please tell me if the grand repo is comfy???
i vaguely recall sitting in a grand repos at DWR... need to try it again to see if it is as good as stressless. certainly willing to pay a couple thousand more for its superior looks if the comfort is equivalent.
couple pairs of jeans, might get the flannels and a leatheri have arenas and will probably get the race runners
so true i stopped buying midrange designers because they are too affordable for regular people. only rick owens now though if his clothes keep on having great sales i will need to go to CCP or something.
listen to this guy. he is the king of basics.
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