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[it doesn't make sense because you could get an evo for that money =P.
the jackets from this collection were the first things that i really lusted after when i first joined the forum 5 or so years ago. blast from the past. this was the best collection for ndg.
i feel stupid for not getting a pair during sale... sigh there is always next year
Riccardi Boston (BBS, Dsquared, Givenchy, Balmain, Julius, every cool designer brand ever... all pretty good buys though a little overpriced)Burberry on Newbury St (its considered a flagship, very large selection)Restoration Hardware on Newbury St (awesome flagship)In that vein the furniture stores in Boston are cool.
i have a decent job now, but still it when i buy something at retail and see a full size run for 50% off a couple months later. it makes me feel like i bought something overproduced/undesired, and the "lost" couple hundred bucks also hurts. just a matter of principle, not necessity (who needs these $500 sneakers hate anyways??). i don't really wear anything enough to justify the cost, it mostly gets collected and taken out when i really wanna look fly (aka not during my...
i got the wingtips with levitate soles last week at 60% off.the leather and construction sucks compared to my lobbs and edward greens, but i still like the look. i'll just wear it once or twice a month in my shoe rotation so i'm not that concerned about it wearing out too fast.
word. my company is giving everyone an iphone 5 and restricting work email to that device... gonna hate carrying around a paperweight
yeah i wouldn't wear a black suit to work/interview. never seen it done, except by those that button all the buttons on the suit jacket.
are you me? moved to boston from balti a year ago.
remember boo x sperry... and boo in general? when everyone wanted the plum overdye... went to barneys today. boo is kinda meh.
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