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the margiela model looks pretty tall. i don't think it would look like that on someone less tall.
crane or nantasket beach. south boston has a nice beach if you don't want to head out of the city. .
what do you guys think about sandals with (thin) leather soles? i got a pair of marsells and they are comfortable enough, but i am worried that the sole will wear out quickly...
what do you guys think about golden goose? i am considering buying a pair of white lowtops near the end of the season--every retailer seems to have an absurd amount of stock so i hope they will go to 60 (70??)% off.
drew is lazy lol bet those are shoved into some closet somewhere collecting dust
2 years from now--ORDER IN SUPPLY PATTERNING DAY 730
i've always felt CP derby leather looked a little plasticky (have seen in person)... don't understand why someone wouldn't get a derby from a more traditional brand since its a classic style that's not hard to find
damn those look fresh son
had a pair of derbies from a season or two ago--i think they are not as good as marsell, but the pricepoint reflects it. i would rather pay the extra for marsell though.
can you go to jail for a nonviolent crime?
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