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my wife sprinkles some lavender oil on my pillow occasionally. i enjoy the smell--definitely makes me feel relaxed and i think i sleep better.
i use to get embarrassed just to see people embarrass themselves, but now i embrace it and love it.
what about the tracking number from 1 year ago? 2 years ago? does usps even keep that record? what about the orders that were shipped directly from moon leather?after two years, it kind of is.
just trying to explain why no one should feel their paypal/credit card chargeback should be successful--too much opportunity for fraud on the side of the buyer as well
i think a big problem here is that a lot of people sent payments 2 years ago and have actually GOTTEN jackets. how does paypal know you were someone that never got a jacket vs. someone who did? i was just thinking--i could file a chargeback since i sent TOJ some money at some point in time, of course, i got a jacket, but who knows.
wool or cotton astaires? i'm worried about the upkeep on wool...
aren't you married? lustful man
i coiuld've sworn i joined before you...
i am excited to see what new lie he pulls out of his pocket. tbh it takes true skill to lie as well as drew and i am envious of his ability.
What was up with that John coppidge thing and how did that resolve? Who should I contact to purchase the movie rights for this debacle?
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