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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Let them be. If you talk like a misogynistic asshole to your friends, you probably are a misogynistic asshole. BTW who gets drunk on a hike anyway? is the idea of climbing a hill at night and drinking a bit at the top while enjoying a great view really not as common as i thought it was? im not any more misogynistic than SF is in dt... i just joke with friends about wanting to get laid... im under the...
oh man everything turned out to be a lot more complicated... i hope i never have this much drama again. girl is 19/freshman, call her A, other guy is a junior, R, and im a senior. what follows happened in college, and not middle school. R has known A since december. they are really close when he introduces me to her around feb (R and i are friends). they like each other. the three of us start hanging out once a week or so, and i start liking her. early march i ask R if he...
long and complicated story, but he cares a lot. actaully this story is probably all too long for SF and reads like something out of middle school, except we are in college. relevant: 1. he cares a lot and has freaked out over us hooking up once, doesn't know about hte other times 2. she cares about not letting him find out a lot. basically should i be a dick and just get my revenge
so wrong, but im a dick
So another guy and I liked the same girl. I asked her out first, she said yes, we slept together a couple times. Dumps me a month after--turns out that she kinda liked the other guy all along. He continued pursuing her while we were dating and I guess she likes him more now. Kinda sad, moreso because I'm 22 and this is only my second relationship. Question is, should I tell the other guy that we slept together so he won't like her anymore? Seems awful petty but I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonEdangerousli 1. I don't care if Apple is sold out or not. I'm not in the market for one right now. 2. I could not possibly give less of a sh*t about whether you have opened it or not. See #1. 3. I could not possibly give less of a sh*t about what they sell for on eBay. 4. I'm 48 years old. Not a kid to anyone other than my father who turned 80 today. Capiche? come on no thread shitting. if you arent even...
600+tax = 650... a ~35 markup isn't bad considering that where i am you need to wait about 2-3hrs in the morning for a chance at an ipad
kinda sad that most girls are physically incapable of dressing like this, because of height and leg proportions =/
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Ok, someone else break up with their girl please. should i fabricate a breakup?
a lot of us say too much stupid stuff for a connection to even be possible i think.
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