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my credit card (chase sapphire preferred) has like a 60 day price protection so if the price drops i can get a refund to bring the total down to the new price if i show them my receipt and the webpage. if its out of stock dunno what they would do but you could try. could also try asking mrporter. never hurts to ask! the worst they could do is say no.
what quant shop is located in boise idaho...
i got it! in 48the lining is really soft, the leather is meh cuz its distressed. wish i got the RLBL leather too ($582 omg!!!)
i bought the MMM leather from mrporter!
isnt flash the best? or you mean zergbong is the best sc2
just google yoox private room
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Why does Mr. Porter sell J. Crew anyway? Isn't this like going to a nice restaurant and having a couple of random Denny's or IHOP entrees appear in the middle of the menu? Think about why a restaurant might choose to do this, then apply the same logic to Mr. Porter. It is not a pretty picture. Their on-line magazine confirms this purpose. It's like a comic book for status seekers who don't rank. Many references to...
none of the pics work
glad to see a lot of baltimore people on this forum. im moving there in a few weeks (june 7) and need to make friends
isnt it tim hamilton...
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