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luisaviaroma outlet retail store
how times have changed... i just bought a pair of america's cup (50% off!) for $240... apparently just 3 years previous they were selling for $300 which was outrageous since they were made in vietnam. (now $480.. made in vietnam). i think the sole is thicker though. its funny, but 3 years ago i thought these pradas were the ugliest things possible but... theres just something about them that is more enduring for me than the CPs i raged over 3 years ago. conclusion after...
just found a hole in a pair of boris bidjan saberi sweatpants i bought (new, at full retail price) a few days ago... what should i do? i took the tag off but ive only lounged around the house in them and don't think i would've caused the hole. they were $1000
this is ralph lauren black label.. why don't you just get it? i have many (many) of their shirts (dress and sport, 15.5/M) and they fit like that OTR.
if 41 i would instaskop... where did you get thesee???
they very often mess up the gender of the item, well not very often but it should never happen
ewwww i bought a pair for ~400 this season and i like them. construction looks fine and it seems to be blake or blake rapid construction. outer is horsehide which i thoguht was kind of cool. only time will tell tho
no risk no reward. don't expect to make huge money if you don't take huge risks, whether its starting a company, shorting growth stocks, buying into potential value traps, or taking a job with a highly cyclical industry like banking.
just closed my zillow and zagg positions... lost a ton on zagg but i'm still bearish--i think it will tank after next earnings report. bearish on zillow too... but most bearish on intuitive surgical. check out the report on www.citronresearch.com i think macro is against that stock too--obamacare can't be good for devices like this. also january will be brutal for stocks.
70% off at the RL store--both are super comfy and soft, the first has very nice wool ribbing and is down, the second is a warm polyester and quite water resistant. both are lightweight. every fall i fall in love again with RL... also want to buy some RLBL shirts also got this watch
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