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each worn anywhere from 1-10 times. wrinkled because i washed once (i dont really like the super new look). PRL stuff is all from SS09 i think, all S custom fit. retail on these was ~$90 asking $30 OBO. all of these are madras. RLBL is size S for the military/rover shirts and slightly slimmer neck 15 for the western shirts. retail on these was $300+ asking $75 OBO. the rover has very thick MOP buttons. black rover is 95% cotton, 5% elastane, while white rover is a...
All from FW08, worn less than 5-10 times each... probably like 5 hours total? brown was retail $200+, asking 50 -> 40 OBO red and black sold
Mickey is US9.5. worn less than 5 times . retail $180 since they are kind of collectors items? not really sure. offers welcome.
Worn < 10 times, retail was ~$800 i believe. Brown with olive suede detailing. fits a bit big, very heavy duty. vibram sole. good condition but sort of scuffed. made in italy.
fits like US8. fully leather lined, vibram sole. worn $1000.
Same jacket as in this photo (if it doesnt load its the last look from fw06). Offers more than welcome! fits like 38R (I'm 38R/M in RLB). Hard to measure due to thickness. Shoulders are sort of narrow and its quite slim. Pretty good condition. Never got it dirty and all the hardware works but it is a 6 year old jacket. The interior shearling looks spotless but the outer could probably use a cleaning. Retailed for 3750.
I have the same one! The leather is actually literally distressed. Would not dye it since the leather is already damaged.
yo if any of you guys ever get of the officer's coat hit me up (S or M)
meh $10 by paypal... ask for a refund and if he doesn't give it then file a paypal dispute and you are done.
my credit card (chase sapphire preferred) has like a 60 day price protection so if the price drops i can get a refund to bring the total down to the new price if i show them my receipt and the webpage. if its out of stock dunno what they would do but you could try. could also try asking mrporter. never hurts to ask! the worst they could do is say no.
New Posts  All Forums: