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real ones are made in italy, so pretty fake.
read a lot of zizek doing high school debate. also baudrillard.these two are definitely fun to read. they are basically pop culture critics, except they use a lot of weird jargon to make their point so it sounds way more complicated than it actually is. i think welcome to the desert of the real was a fun read, but really they are all a fun read.
i bet if you challenged them they would refund you the money... at least give you a store credit, one time exception, etc. i can't imagine a retailer would have a true "final sale" if you really, really wanted to return it.
this is the weird one that turns into a bag. i don't like the buttons on the cuff
ssense seems to be 50% off all rick now
If I were trying to find a reason to absolve drew of some fault this changing measurements shit would be it
Is anyone gonna miss band of outsiders? Who still wears overdyedoxfords
lol he will finish like 50 jackets and then disappear for another two years.
i'm from boston! (well, braintree)
does myhabit ever have significant sales?
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