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do u dryclean?
he doesn't have anymore money. the only "help" that would actually help is if someone gave him money.
credit card chargeback
becoming more and more plausible that drew couldve overspent the money y'all paid... no desire to provide refund, no records of what was made and what wasn't, what was sent and what wasn't....
i bought one of the toj samples and thought the fit is good but otherwise it was ok, not any better construction than my polo ralph lauren bradford jacket.
i doubt this guy created a company...
over under on next round of drops from porter or ssense tmrw? i have a feeling...
my wife sprinkles some lavender oil on my pillow occasionally. i enjoy the smell--definitely makes me feel relaxed and i think i sleep better.
i use to get embarrassed just to see people embarrass themselves, but now i embrace it and love it.
what about the tracking number from 1 year ago? 2 years ago? does usps even keep that record? what about the orders that were shipped directly from moon leather?after two years, it kind of is.
New Posts  All Forums: