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i thank the colonists every july 4, that they declared independence from great britain. i hope 240 years from today young britons will say the same of nigel farage as we americans do for our founding fathers.
i think that more of these "highly educated" folk should get a job at target/walmart/mcdonalds/grocery store for a few months, just to see what life is like on the other side.
slp has never been known for "quality," and it certainly isn't hermes.
if the prices were halved, i'd be ok with faux fur. that's some hollister level shit right there.
hillary is a predictable candidate. that's why i think she will lose. if you can predict your opponents every move, and they cannot predict yours, you have a huge advantage.
yes but he said "I doubt it would match up with anyone's knee no matter how tall you are" and while i appreciate hyperbole i also know that some people might take it the wrong way and think that the internet consensus on these items is that they are designed poorly and have significantly reduced resale value because they only fit these magical long legged creatures that already have the jeans because they walked it on the runway.just trying to provide a counter example by...
i don't get this complaint. i have the double knee slits and am 5'10'' and they line up with my knees. i would hesitate to make any generalizations about this particular item.
seems low to me--how can you be truly comfortable without a maybach and a driver, a private jet at your beck and call, and a penthouse with an ocean view?
sigh i want that intarsia soooo badly but i just bought a new phone and laptop :'(
wait wait wait wait i only make 200k but i am definitely middle class so does that mean the median person is very poor?
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