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sigh i want this so badly
i feel like backpacks are by far the most functional bag, short of a roller bag. you can carry so much weight!!
this particular pair does have a pretty nice shade of black, the o'keeffe website documents some artisnal polishing procedure that i wonder if i couldn't do myself, so i don't know if it's worth the premium over the "felix leather derby shoes" that are presumably an identical shoe (my shoebox said "felix" on it), save for the fancy polishing that the "milo" gets. as far as i can tell, the leather doesn't seem markedly better or inferior to my black C&Js. they are goodyear...
i never understood the appeal of spending money. why not just live outdoors naked, scavenge berries, and hunt squirrels?
kopped these marsell from barneys (pic from porter tho). they are super comfy--cushioned tongue! barneys price was like 60% off so i was happy about that. they were actually in my mr. porter shopping cart the night before, and then the next morning my size was sold out, but that afternoon barneys had them! also got these okeeffe from mr porter. comes with a shoehorn, which is like a $1 accessory or something like that i'm sure, but still a nice touch. now i have a...
happy to see pretty much every designer has a pair of nice sweatpants now. my favorite budget (but still quality) option this season are the helmut lang cashmere sweatpants http://www.helmutlang.com/core-cashmere-pants/E09HM209,default,pd.html in a similar vein, john varvatos made a really cool cashmere hoodie in a dark burgundy that i like as a follow up, i do wear a suit and tie every day.
i got fat(ter), so they're dead to meon the topic of trends and stuff, i love the new luxury running sneaker trend. also love that sweatpants blew up. gonna bump my old post now.
haha too poor to live in the city... live out in the suburbs
wish i didn't need to pay car insurance and could buy geobaskets sigh
how come i wasn't invited???
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