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question: the jcrew 484 cut fits me perfectly. however, i'm not interested in purchasing denim from jcrew. the taper is perfect for me and so are the roomier thighs. does anyone have a recommendation for a raw denim the most similar to the 484 fit? anything over $250 would be out of my price range. thank you
thighs in my new cures havent stretched barely at all after a year. waist stretched like crazy
will you guys post the pictures of the petit standards? for some reason superfuture has been giving me trouble recently
will you be getting any petit standards?
we need pictures of the petit standards!!!
I love everything about my APC new cures. where can i get a jean thats right in between the new standard and new cure? obviously doesnt have to be APC, and i know their new petit standard is supposed to be the answer but i have yet to find a fit pic of these. thanks a lot. i'm 5'11 160 and am currently rocking a 31 in new cures if that helps.
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