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Purchase it, keep the receipt, and wear it around the house to see how it feels. Depending on the price, and how many perfect afternoons you have to wear it, it could easily become a special jacket that serves you for a decade. Worse case you return it in a month.
Why not buy the Rugby and have it adjusted by a local tailor?
A simple but useful article, especially since they bring in thought from a wide range of tailor shops. I really like P. Johnson's site - very fun use of photos......I need to learn from them!
I'm not buying any passes, and will be there just for the beginning of SXSW interactive looking to meet-up with tech and style peeps. I have 5 tech events planned - but no style - too bad, thought someone would know of something.
I just finished making one, and having looked over quite a few vintage pieces I can tell you that if Burberry hasn't cut their quality in the last decade they are an acceptable value at retail, but a great deal if you can find them on sale and an absolute steal if you find one thrifting. BR is a quarter of the price for a reason - it's called cheap construction and materials. I copied mine of an original WWI piece minus the D rings and in a navy blue color - my...
Should the title of this thread have been "Good TB Style Blogs"?
Another option is to upgrade the buttons, going slightly larger. But making the hole 10-20% smaller will work as well.
Solid advice and great blog - thank you sir! Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch I've written quite a bit on natural leather belt care and assessment on my blog, so I'd recommend having a read if this is your first time playing around with natural leather. If your jeans are relatively new, and has a denim which bleeds heavily, then I'd recommend holding off using your natural belt until the denim settles down and stops bleeding so much. Usually...
Post a photo and you'll get a much better reply - in colors though I find most men can wear almost anything if they are confident in it.....I stress the almost though
Do you mean a custom designed lining fabric?
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