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There is a saying at the race track, that if you get a single tip on a horse from a teller or a bartender you should immediately toss that horse from consideration. The idea is that by the time the information gets that far down the food chain, it's useless. OK I was on the subway the other day & noticed that several high school kids were wearing smart watches. I now consider them over as in passe, stick a fork in it it's done..
There is a very ingenious product called RING, which is a very distinctive doorbell, that calls your cell phone & allows you to see who's there & communicate with them. The commercial shows a would be burglar ringing the bell & the homeowner from the beach has a conversation with the burglar that sends the burglar looking for an empty house. Now in a perfect world, burglars would not watch TV & would be thwarted by this product. In the real world, burglars watch TV & are...
Great article One of the candidates said that he (Trump) offered him a tie before one of the debates which he declined. I think it was Mario or Cruz.
I searched the form & all of the threads on this were about 5-10 years old, when he was starting his line. Has anyone ever bought any of his stuff? They are sold on Amazon. They for the most part seem to be uninspired and either very over priced or cheap. Some of the shirts look good in photos, but why not, they are copies of classic men's shirts. The made in China ties go from $20 to $60. My guess is that I could find the same/similar made on China ties for under $10. One...
Came across this & think it's perfect for a small apartment. If you live in a studio this is brilliant.
If you want to pay MSRP then by all means do so. If you feel like spending a huge premium for going to a brick & mortar store, enjoy yourself. Should you ever buy a car be sure and pay the sticker price, because it will somehow be a better car if you do.
A grey market item & an authorized dealer item of product X are the same. The only difference is the authorized dealer sells at a much higher price. Re CS at authorized dealers if Jared is any indication I'd call it poor at best. I've bought 3 watches from Jomashop with no problems whatsoever. Authorized dealers as well as Trump love the uneducated.
Is there any cuisine that goes with?
Who knew?
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