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Someone has written a program called The springs1 Translator. I entered the original post into the translator and received 1.!1!!!!11 ASK IF ******YOU****** ******HAVE***** been there BEFORE??!!!?! (Especially IF ******YOU******** ******HAVE,****** it's irritating AND a TIME waster). 2.!!1!1!! Make comments about what *****YOU****** ORDER whether good or BAD, by basically putting their opinion into what *****YOU****** are ORDERING.!!111 IT'S not ****YOU******** business...
Take it. What have you got to lose & you'll make your relative happy. Not sure it's the same but you might Goggle Rodex of London.
I can't believe they are turning down $2.3 billion. I'd take that money and be across the border by 5pm.
Life doesn't occur in a vacuum. Look around and see what other people are wearing and ask "is a sweater and tie appropriate?". There are some schools where you'd be under dressed and others where you'd be inviting a shiv. Try and find a balance.
I've been wondering how they would handle the new commercials and got to say I'm somewhat impressed. Watching the commercials about halfway through I think "I should check that place out" and then realize they're talking about Men's Warehouse and think " never mind". My point is the new commercials are you able to spark a slight interest in their store (at least with me) where previously I dismissed it out of hand.
Much in what you say. I suppose each are undesirable medical conditions. Given the choice though, I'd have to lean towards being a speed freak than being obese. If nothing else I'd have greater mobility.
In a similar vein, there was a woman in my old building who was about 100 pounds overweight and she had this $2000 racing bike. Every few days I'd witnessed her huffing and puffing to get the bike off the elevator and then she'd ride around the block ( if that ). Over the space of about three years she never seem to lose any weight or get in any better condition. Every time I saw her I thought I had the thought "WTF do you need a $2000 bike to go through this pretense of...
What you might have seen is Falun Gong, an exercise & philosophical discipline that has been banned for some inexplicable reason in Mainland China. It probably was Tai Chi, but I have so few opportunities to bring up my knowledge of Falun Gong, that I use ever opportunity to share it. Carry on.
The reason for the above ground pools is that Chicago unlike California has only a small window of time to use a pool. For many people it just doesn't make good economic sense to invest in a cement pool when you are only going to be using it for a month or so out of the year. The above ground pool only costs a few hundred as opposed to several thousand for the cement pool. IMO the same argument can be made about boats and motorcycles but that doesn't seem to stop some...
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