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Tell them what they want to hear "While I like working at Acme Asbestos company, when I heard of the great opportunity open at Richmond Slave Auctions, I couldn't resist applying for this fine career opportunity".
If you are Jewish and find her comments offensive and creating a hostile work environment, then document the comments and actions and complain to HR & the EEOC. Make some money out of it. If your not Jewish and she just talks that way, you will likely hear much worse in your career/life. If she's a decent boss in other respects, learn to ignore it. If you find her a bitch and want to hurt her, see my first comment.
Sorry for bringing up an old thread but as the Apple watch has just been released, feel it deserves some discussion. It really doesn't do anything that your smart phone does. It just does it smaller. I really don't want to try & read an article on something the size of a half dollar. I don't need to check my email every 5 minutes. The warranty (at least on the Apple) is weak. It seems to cover anything that happens at midnight on Feb 29th. There is also a built in...
I've been tossing around the idea of a Glock 26 but upon reading this I think I'll wait for this to hit the market. The price of used 26's is probably going to drop dramatically.
Thanks very much, will give it a shot right now.
Hi, I've lost 50+ lbs and need to replace much of my wardrobe. I live in Chicago and at some point winter will arrive and I need some wool slacks that will face up to sub 0 weather. I've looker at a couple of local store and the pickins were slim and (to my mind) overpriced ($75). BTW, I've already purchased long underwear. Anyone have any thoughts on Mil Surplus or other slacks that would fit the bill? Thanks in advance.
Saw a photo of the MOTO 360 yesterday and for a smart watch, I kind of like it. It looks like a watch. It's going on sale in the UK in a month or so for $275. The only reservation I have about smart watches is the same reservation I have about cell phones and laptops/tablets. They tend to become outdated every year or so whereas a watch tends be good for years or sometimes even generations. I'm curious but undecided.
Moderator, if this is inappropriate please delete. If this belongs in another section, please reposition it. thanks. I just bought my second sport coat on Ebay from quickeaution in less then a month and am VERY impressed.
Given that they were all on sale last week for $20 each, I don't think there is much question about their quality. You can't buy a decent leather band for $20, let alone a watch! Probably good enough for a job interview or parole hearing and don't have a watch. If you like them and need a watch, wait for them to go on sale again and begin saving for a real watch.
Just got an email regarding a JOS A Banks sale, As these sales are very rare, I skimmed the ad and discovered that JOS A Banks actually " makes " watches. They have 12 models, all priced at $125 and on sale this weekend for $20 each. The ads says they are for "executives and the soon to be executives". There is a bit of fine print that states these are not returnable and any problems should be reported to a third party. This doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. On the...
New Posts  All Forums: