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Chrome -> Firefox -> IE on my PC Chrome -> Safari -> Firefox on my Mac Big fan of chrome, although I keep trying to get back into Opera I just cant do it lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Wear what you like and feel comfortable in, and don't try to impress anyone. Oh that's a given. Well I'll try to impress the wife a lil lol.
lols, i was leary of this trip as well but I figured you only live once it won't kill me to try something once. Thanks TK I kind of figured that. Just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Plus I gotta recommend something for the wife too.
I'm surprising my wife with a road trip to Stratford, ON for a little vacation in October (9th - 11th). We will be attending a couple of plays (I don't know which ones yet) so I'm wondering what to wear. Never been to Stratford, ON nor have I been to any sort of Shakespeare festival. Looks like all of the plays are in pretty swanky theatres so I'm wondering do I go sort of business casual think slacks button up shirt, or should i throw a blazer in the bag? Really kind of...
Really don't use it for personal use, but for following what's happening with my major work stuff (vmware, and powershell), as well as my local news (freep, and mlive.com) it's really quite useful. Now for personal stuff IM me or call, don't try to get me on twitter.
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick You mean Miss-terious? Hey as long as it fits right? right! lol that was a great episode.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan +1. while i hate the Pats, losing Tom Brady for a whole season sucks for the league. -Jeff I don't know about sucking for the whole league, but you never want to see someone get hurt. Maybe now the Lions will pull off some victories! Oh wait ...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T see I'd still rate Rampage, Machida, Henderson, Wanderlei, still Chuck, and arguably now Franklin as outclassing him. One good overhand right doesn't suddenly change my opinion of him. +1 Never could understand how one punch makes you a #1 contender. I wouldn't throw Franklin up there yet. Instead of Rashad v Forrest much rather see Rashad v Wanderlei and the winner of that gets Forrest (who in my opinion is...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T sooo.....is it too early to come in with the spoliers? LOL I think everyone has already either read the spoilers, or had someone call them. I'm still waiting for the high quality torrent to show up
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer UFC just promotes the whole "idiot tough guy bar fight crowd". I can see WHY so many people love it, because the people who love it are the morons who go out, get hammered at bars, and start fights with the first guy that bumps into them on the way to the bathroom. Do you have any idea how many bar fights across North America are started every time there is a UFC event? The whole culture just promotes violence. Why...
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