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The laces on my red wing 213 weren't all that great. So I bought some flat sport laces for them in brown. Its hard to tell the colour of the laces that originally come with the boot. Kind of 2 tone, black and brown.
So boot oil or mink oil make the boot water resistant but don't condition? Im assuming mink oil will preserve the life of the leather though and keep the leather nice looking?So I may buy mink oil someday I think and use the conditioner on top of the mink oil.
I wanted mink oil but the shop I went to had sold out. Instead he recommended red wing all natural leather conditioner. which is pine pitch, mink oil and beeswax. Does that sound as good as mink oil and has it water repelling properties like Mink.I just want my expensive boots to last.
I absolutely love it.
Yes if they got that much caustics and solvents probably best to throw away. But if you had a neoprene sole your soles might be still ok.
My RW have a neoprene sole though, which ive been made aware is very durable. A RW 213 wearer in a earlier post on this thread described his boots as indestructible.......what he means by that im not too sure, but its music to my ears.
These are them. I think rubber soles. Its the back of the heel that has really worn fast and I think I can go to local cobbler and he can maybe put a durable heel on that looks similar and is in keeping looks wise.http://www.toddscostumes.com/costumes/movie-costumes-indiana-jones-costume/indiana-jones-clothing/indiana-jones-boots/I think the heels and sole on my RW 213 will last for a long time though for surre.
I see, but Red wings are quite expensive, so couldn't you replace the sole? How many pairs have you owned over the years?Ive just bought a pair and feel quite guilty it is the most expensive boot ive ever bought so I plan to make them last many years. Im thinking 20 years at least.
Thanks for info. Sorry to sound naïve again. Is it the heel or sole that wears. Ive only worn a pair of boots for 4 times and the outside edge of the heel is weariing away.
Welcome.Im sorry to sound naïve but a pair of red wings only lasting a year? There is a saying that you get what you pay for and that's why red wings should last a lifetime, that's what the red wing sales person said to me anyway.How do you wear your boots that they only last a year? Afterall I only walk in mine and don't kicka ball with them or run. I suppose I don't wear boots everyday which will help.
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