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You're right. I shouldn't joke about such matters. I'm sure it would be a blast.
I dunno. That sounds great in theory, but I heard Cobain's voice is shot.
You'll get no outrage from me on this one, L'Inc. I liked "Hunger Strike" when it came out and probably still would if I heard it today, but I recall borrowing the CD when I was in ninth grade (pretty much the height of grunge) and thinking it sucked pretty hard. I haven't looked back since.
Do any of you guys know how to deal with grass that's having trouble in the sun? There's a section of my yard that gets direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, and it's really spotty. We're in a drought, so I thought that might be the problem, but my neighbor mentioned the other day that the prior owner had the same issue. He also said something about how the last guy used (what he thought was) sand to bring it back, and it worked. Any guesses as to what that...
Yeah, the eating out thing is a huge budget item. When MrsG and I decided we needed to rein I spending, it was the first place we looked, and simply reducing (not eliminating) frequent meals out made a big difference. It's especially true with kids. I can't even get crappy fast food for less than $20 anymore.I think your last sentence is true (and I agree with both you and Piob that there is a balance there). I certainly have my indulgences. I'm not saying we should all...
Fair point. I've always been big on knowing lyrics, but I forget that not everyone takes it as seriously as I do. MrsG is like that. Some of her "interpretations" of song lyrics are pretty .
I don't get this, either. My wife and I talk about it a lot. I see people I know make less than we do driving cars we don't consider affordable that I know cost them ridiculous amounts of money every month, and I just don't understand how they manage it.Our assumption is that they don't do things like save for retirement. We could both have pretty sweet rides if we just assumed a magical retirement fairy was going to visit our bank accounts somewhere in our mid 60s. We'd...
ITT: Piob has a revelation the rest of us had during our high school headbanger phase.
Being RC doesn't mean it wasn't a robot, and it was still an execution by police of a citizen using a tactic (and tool) of war.
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