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Aren't Cooper and Lemon both gay? That seems like it should change the SJW dynamic somehow, but I'm not sure how.
You showed up with 75% more people than your reservation stated, and then you asked your server to split the check on a 14-top? I don't know if you've decided on this year's resolution yet, but I suggest you seriously consider adding "stop shitting on people in the service industry" to the list.
"Will you rate your transaction at Amazon.com? Rate your experience with TotallyNotTheFBI"
I saw that a little while ago. I guess somewhere the universe now has the final answer to this: [[SPOILER]]Dunno, dude, he lived to be 70, his partying was legendary, and he was doing great up until very near the end. It could be argued that he's quite the opposite of a cautionary tale.
I bet that reporter was super excited to be the one who got an exclusive interview with the GSU fan in attendance.
I can get pretty pissed when I'm driving, and I'm not especially proud of the way I've sometimes reacted to other drivers' stupidity. However, it has never, ever crossed my mind to get out of the car and confront someone. That sort of behavior isn't just "perceived" as menacing; it is menacing. I'm not saying it should be met with gunfire, but it is certainly a provocative action in a situation that's already hostile.
Wait. You cut her off, got out of your car, and confronted her?Did you see her stop up ahead and think, "alright! Here's my chance to really escalate the situation?"
I thought about "The Saga Begins," but that one might be a little complex. At his age, the straightforwardness of "Yoda" works a little better than a story song like "TSB." That said, I've noticed lately that he's picking up a lot of detail from songs we listen to, so maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. Well done, H! I remember wearing that tape out in my knockoff Walkman back in elementary school.
My son has been on a huge Star Wars kick recently. It comprises the majority of his Christmas list, and the Star Wars toys he already has are pretty much all he plays with right now. Music is also a big thing in our house, and we're big on finding songs that relate to current interests. Suffice it to say, my proudest parenting moment this week came when I thought to revisit Mr. Yankovic's "Yoda" with the boy.
New Posts  All Forums: