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This was actually pretty clever, but the collective stupidity of the internet completely ruined it.
Man, I bet this whole healthcare problem could have been avoided if we'd just had some evidence that those high utilizers were typically irresponsible before we started giving them a new subsidized benefit!
I've noticed something in the new house and would be interested in some input from you guys. [[SPOILER]]
And her superpower is making the heterosexual male sex drive disappear.
Thanks for the well wishes, all. This story has a happy ending! By a surprisingly roundabout set of circumstances that involved a lot of kindness by a lot of people, we discovered that our dog was spotted by someone in the old neighborhood who has been carrying for him since he went missing. They'd actually posted a "found dog" sign, but it must have gone up after we left. That dog drives me nuts, and the truth is that my life would actually probably be easier if he'd...
If we're using Simpsons references, this dog was actually very Ralph Wiggum. A good-natured sweetheart, but dumb as a bag of hammers.
Yeah, I feel bad for the dog more than I miss him (which I know sounds weird). He is (was?) a sweet dog, and he's completely incapable of anything resembling survival as a stray. For his sake, I hope that, if the worst happened, it was quick. I'd hate to think he's out there suffering for days.Oh, and thing that pisses me off the more I think about it: One of the neighbors in my old neighborhood saw him and called animal control, but they couldn't be bothered to bring him...
Thanks, guys. I'm not optimistic that we'll ever see the dog again. I love my dogs, but I've never been the type to mourn the loss of pets, so I'm alright. But I'm worried about my son. He seems a little too okay with it, and I fear it's because he's still holding out hope the dog is coming home. We've tried to explain how unlikely that is now, but I'm not sure we're getting through to him. We'll see.
Re: The Vader thing. How does that piss you off? One of the best parts of kids that age are their incredible imaginations and sincere belief that anything is possible. My son told me recently that he's going up be a zooloninja because he loves animals and wants to help catch bad guys. What an awesome, fleeting gift for that to be your world for a few brief years.
I'm gonna go play that guac game and post a screen cap of me forwarding my coupon to HRoi, just so I can troll two SFers at the same time. It'll be sort of like when GF goes to meet-ups with a couple dudes from SF, except instead of getting passed around like a joint by SFers, I'll be trolling them.
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