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I'm certain the cost is exactly what it is. It's scheduled from 5:15-11:00 on Sunday. That has to be the cheapest possible day while still technically holding it on a weekend. They didn't even have the decency to schedule it during the day, so it basically requires taking Monday off if I want to have a good time.My belief on this is that if you can't afford the venue on a day and time that isn't utterly ridiculous, you can't afford the venue.They did note that the...
I think I've complained about this, or something similar, before, but it's fresh so I'm going to do it again. When did it become acceptable to schedule weddings at times that are completely inconsiderate to guests? And when did we start excluding children? I just got a save the date for a wedding on a Sunday, and it's says specifically that no children are allowed. So not only do you want me to go through the hassle of a wedding on a Sunday, you want me to find a sitter...
I have a good friend who used to be late to stuff because he'd get caught up taking a poop. Seriously, this was years ago, back before I had a real job, and I was night owl. He worked at a restaurant, and he'd call a bit before he was to leave work to see if I wanted to grab a few beers. We'd plan to meet at, say, 10:00, and he'd show up at the bar at 10:40 going, "sorry I"m late, man; I got caught up taking a poop." Eventually, I just started meeting at his house. He'd...
Congrats, GF! I hope the new gig is the equivalent of this:
Arresting them is ridiculous, but I also don't feel bad for them. The problem, as I know you're aware, isn't just at high schools. Hell, even at my brother's law school graduation there were people cheering like you'd expect drunken rednecks to do at a college football game (and these people weren't drunk or rednecks). One group near us cheered so loud and sharply that it startled a couple babies sitting in the area and made them cry.In a similar vein, the president of the...
Yeah, it's so weird how I related an anecdote that made sense in the context of both the thread and the post to which I was replying. It's almost like it was intentional.
My great grandfather's funeral was something like two months after he died. He died in Florida, where he was living, but his funeral was held in the state where he was born, raised, and spent most of his life. I recall thinking it was odd, but I guess that was the best way to get the necessary family together and make sure he was buried with my great grandmother in their home state.
I'm with you on that, pB. I don't generally mind busy weekends, and both of the things you've had to do were probably stuff I could find to be fun, but traveling at other people's behest two weekends in a row kind of sucks. I don't like giving up control of consecutive weekends like that.
I'm not saying it was a poor choice as an excellent episode, but I don't even think it's the best Simpsons episode, so it's interesting to me that you'd pick it as TV's GOAT.
Interesting choice.
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