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It really does have an oddly skeevy quality to it.I think it's because it's about the only developmental stage for which popular culture has accepted a cutesy name, and it's typically only applied to girls (and often in contexts that acknowledge some sort of nascent sexuality).
We have them around here, and they generally work well in the right context. They seem to function very well at small, low-speed intersections that would otherwise be a four-way stop. There's one in particular that I drive frequently, and I've actually noticed an impressive lack of stupidity. The biggest roundabout failure I've ever seen was when I was still in Florida, and they decided to put a huge one at an intersection near the beach. Some brilliant transportation...
I'm completely serious. Other than the fact that a cop can give you a ticket if you don't stop completely at a stop sign, what's the difference between a stop sign and a yield sign?
Stop signs are stupid; they should all be yield signs.
Speaking of grits, I picked some up from a local mill recently, and my reality has forever been altered.I was at a festival, and the mill had a table, so I figured I'd burn the last of my cash and see if there's any difference between "good" grits and the stuff I've always eaten. It was revelatory. I've always been a man who loves his grits, but these are next-level delicious. I don't know what it is I've been eating all my life, but I do know that I'll never again be able...
Not what I was saying, actually. Not at all.Anyhow, none of this changes the fact that hedging something in a joke doesn't mean it transcends its own inherent stupidity, but this whole conversation has become stupid unto itself, so I'm going to bow out.
I don't think anyone here is outraged, but thank you for the most unintentionally meta post I'll read all day.
They also don't intrinsically excuse stupidity.
Well, I mean, I didn't know where it came from, but it's obviously intended as satire. The problem is that it doesn't work, and, because it doesn't work, it doesn't make a valid point.
New Posts  All Forums: