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He's also doing a solid job of playing a henchman on Justified this season, and he was great on ER.
Hey, you know all you have to do to be reinstated in the MrG Facebook friends list is send a request.I like the way you think!I would love to do the BWCA, but I don't have the time for that much travel that doesn't involve the wife and kids. I'm hoping it's something I can consider down the line, maybe when the kids are bigger and the whole family can make the trip. The trip I'm hoping to do in the fall is about 3.5 hours away, so it's manageable for a long weekend, which...
I recently read an article about a canoe camping trip that looked awesome, and I posted it on Facebook with a comment saying I really want to do the trip if someone is interested. I honestly didn't expect a anyone to respond, but I've actually had quite a few friends tell me they'd like go. This makes me super happy, because I would love to make it happen, but I need at least one other person to come for the trip to be feasible. More interested parties makes it more...
I bought a new waterproof jacket at REI a couple weekends ago. It was on a pretty nice markdown when I bought it ($70 off). I happened to be looking at their website today, and I noticed they'd marked it down again, by almost $50. The website says they price adjust within 14 days, so I called to see if they'd do it for the jacket (I wasn't sure if they would, since it was already marked down when I bought it). They said it was no problem at all and will be crediting the...
I have always found the Barrett Pink Floyd to be pretty meh. I know people love to show off their fandom by pretending the Barrett stuff is somehow "real" Pink Floyd, but I honestly don't see how that stuff holds a candle to much of their later stuff. Even the Gilmour records are far better than the stuff with Barrett on it.Did he find out you were using Napster?
It's also why Jason Newsted might as well have just stayed home."We used to have the greatest bassist in metal history, but he died and we're stuck with you. So, uh, you can like play along and stuff, but we're gonna turn you down so low no one would believe you're actually on the record."
I can't say I always took the Megadeth side, but it was neck-and-neck. I also listened to Megadeth for a lot longer than Metallica, and Megadeth had far, far better releases during my teenage metal heydays. On a similar topic - I finally put a new needle on my record player, and I'm listening to the The Sinister Urge picture disc MrsG got me for Christmas. This is making me happy.
This might be the most profoundly overrated album in history, certainly in metal history. It was their weakest album until Load.Master of Puppets is where it's at.I'm not sure if you're serious, but I've long thought Megadeth has aged better overall than Metallica.
They're worth checking out if you like CFA, if for nothing else than the kitsch value. I'm not certain how many of them there are, but I know of two. There's one in Hapeville near the ATL airport (this is actually the first CFA), and there's one on 85 northeast of the Perimeter.
Uh, I'm an American, and if that's wrong, I don't want to be right. You some kind of communist or something?
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