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Diagnosed and replaced a bad PCV valve on my wife's car. Is there any other car repair that offers as much improvement relative to time/cash investment as a PCV valve? Now I'm enjoying a lunch of sandwiches made with leftover smoked pork loin and from-scratch biscuits from the big supper I made Friday night.
You have clearly never had a proper cathead biscuit.
I can't believe I have to say this, but we don't post links to sexually-provocative pictures of underage girls. Do. Not. Make. Me. Repeat. Myself.
I feel no such guilt for Meyer. He's a weaselly whiner who ran a dirty program at Florida and got a pass because of the collective boner for St. Tebow. I do sincerely hate it for the kids, both Miller and the other players, but Meyer can suck it.
I hate it for Miller, but if I got to choose a coach for the honor of watching his NC chances evaporate before the season even started...
In the interest of not having two concurrent college football threads for this season, I'm locking this one.
My cursory research says her stuff, at least some of it, is considered industrial. Is this true? Might check her out if it is.
A similar thing happened to me, except the message was from a half brother I hadn't seen or heard from in 20 years. Almost missed my chance to talk to him again because of it.
He wasn't banned. He was given a time out, two weeks IIRC, and never came back.
You're a better man than I, Doc. I would have picked up the phone and tried to get it back to its owner, but when the boyfriend started with the attitude, I'd have told him I'd have the GF call back when her mouth wasn't full, hung up, turned off the phone, and put it back where I found it.
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