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You can reject anything you want, but that doesn't make it untrue.
Speaking of recruiting, are any of my fellow Bulldogs following the Roquan Smith saga? UCLA managed to snag him out from under UGA in what was considered a shocker. He announced his choice on national TV. However, because of all the craziness surrounding the media attention, his signing and submission of his LOI was delayed. In the intervening minutes, it was leaked that the Atlanta Falcons were hiring UCLA's DC, and it was the DC that Smith specifically noted was the...
Sorry, bro, I know this is hard for you. I mean, we get Alabama and Mississippi, so I feel your pain and understand your shame. That, however, doesn't change the reality of the fact that Pennsylvania is your problem, not the Midwest's.
Nope. You don't get to do that, which is my whole point. Just because non-Philly Pennsylvania sucks to you doesn't mean you can foist it upon some other region.
They might not have the same problems, but being associated with them is still the cost of being part of a region.
No, sorry, it doesn't work that way. If we have to keep Alabama and Mississippi, you have to keep New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That's just how it goes.I think this is a cultural disconnect for you, Lasbar. In the States, rooting for your alma mater is completely normal, especially in some parts if the country. It's not at all weird for adults to follow their college's athletic teams just like they'd follow a pro team.
This is not really making me happy as much as gave me a chuckle I wanted to share, because I'm basically a 30-something juvenile. My niece is doing a fundraiser for her school. We made our standard donation to these things, which put her over her first goal. Her web page has a little thermometer that shows where she is relative to her goal(s), and when our donation bumped her over, this happened:
Absolutely not.The real account gets a TO. Just like with any other violation of forum rules, if it keeps happening, it could be grounds for banination, but that's not where it starts.
I'll never tell! Access to tools and buttons that reveal some of the amusing stuff you guys do behind the scenes is one of the best parts of being a mod. I'm not sharing that with you plebs! But, no, it wasn't Rambo.
Edit: Sometimes it's like you guys aren't even trying.
New Posts  All Forums: