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Well, for a legitimately well-made Cubano, you have to slide some salami between the buns before you press it, so...
I'm confused. Are you talking about the picture you posted or a well-made Cubano?
I'm pretty much in agreement with Piob. The new house came with the floor done, and when we first looked at the house I thought it was a nice touch (the whole house was repainted and such before it went on the market). However, now that we've been in it for a bit, I don't love it. We're definitely having all of the problems Piob listed, and it's not holding up especially well even in spots where we don't park.
Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I'll have to be more diligent about watering and see if that helps. It certainly stands to reason it's a water issue. The way the spot is situated, the afternoon sun may well dry it out even in non-drought conditions.I thought about that, but he was pretty specific about it being sand (or at least sand-like). Granular fertilizer is somewhat similar, but it would take an enormous amount to confuse it with a layer of sand. Taking into account...
That one's actually pretty good.
Probably this guy:
Pumpkins is weird for me. I wasn't a fan in the 90s ("Bullet with Butterfly Wings" was the only song I really liked), but my position has become more favorable over time.The grunge hierarchy is:1. AIC2. Everyone ElseEdit: Or more accurately:1a. Electric AIC1b. Acoustic AIC2. Everyone Else
I was in a similar situation recently. Marriage #1 was a spectacular mess, but this one is more promising. The contrast led to a funny moment at the reception. Despite the fact that I'm typically a solid public speaker and adept at things like toasts, my best man speech for marriage #1 wasn't great. I did the best I could with the material I had, but it's hard to praise a marriage of which you're highly skeptical to a woman you really don't like. My friend has ribbed me...
+1I was always a fan (SWIDT?).
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