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I can't see all of the birth/death dates in that picture, but it seems to me that the "consequence" implied here is relatively long life (and in Mr. Houston's case, an exceptionally long one).
Yeah, with those places, I always assume I'm going to have to go there at lunchtime if I want to have a full menu available.The CFA thing is especially brutal when you need its magical hangover-curing powers for a Sunday morning coming down.
This is because most of those places make a certain amount of everything and when it's gone, that's it. In my experience, a lot of them don't just keep odd hours, they completely shut down when the food runs out, so 11-4 could really be 11-3:15.Also, you have to remember that traditionally those hours would have covered dinnertime down here.
We make these things a hassle down here to discourage you people from moving here.
A little good news of my own that I'm not ready to talk about other than semi-anonymously: We're under contract on a house. We love everything about it, and it has a lot of things that make it a great match for our family. We also got pretty solid cash concessions from the seller. That being the case, we were willing to go somewhat easy on price. The seller came down a bit from asking, but I think everyone involved knew we weren't getting a steal on the purchase price....
Man, BC, all the best to your family. I hope your brother's recovery exceeds all expectations.
Hey, speaking of shitty drivers, the asshole who rear-ended my Jeep today blew a .267 when the cops showed up! My son was in the car with me, but neither of us have any obvious injuries (we'll see how everyone is feeling in the morning). I also don't see any major damage to the Jeep, but it was dark, cold and rainy, so I'll have to reassess in the daylight. I did detect something that felt "off" when I drove home, so I'm pretty sure it's not 100%, but it's at least...
Assuming we do indeed consider AIC grunge, BC is correct. Also, I went to a Metallica show in '94 where AIC was supposed to be the biggest opener (it was sort of a mini-festival). However, AIC bailed on the tour. At some point during Metallica's set, James said Jason had written a new song while he was naked in the dressing room and asked if we wanted to hear it. Then they mockingly played the intro to "Man in the Box." Even as an AIC fan, it was pretty funny.
I met with my tattoo artist tonight and started planning my next piece. After a bit of talking, we hit a point where it was clear we were on the same page, and he gets what I'm trying to do. I'm super stoked to see his design, and I have an appointment to get it done next month.
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