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"I am Jack's cold sweat." "I am Jack's wasted life." "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise." "I am Jack's smirking revenge."
I'm betting there are others you don't realize are references, especially if you didn't know "d'oh" was one.It's like a cow's opinion.
I'm not gonna lie to you, my e-bro; it was excellent. The leftover ribs made for a tasty lunch this afternoon, too.
I took my son on a hike earlier, and now I'm relaxing for a few minutes while my BBQ sauce simmers, the ribs/corn/sweet potatoes cook, and the fresh-squeezed lemonade chills. My Sunday afternoon game is strong.
Also, this makes me wish I were text bros with some of you wine guys. I'd like to get the missus something pretty exceptional, but my ability to pick a bottle is limited to "pretty good." I needs halp!
It crossed my mind, but it doesn't usually work like that. You "book" well in advance with good sitters (we had the sitter lined up more than a week before the dinner reservation), and you generally meet them before you decide to let them watch your kids. This one, for example, was highly recommended by a friend, and we met her a couple weeks before the first time she watched the kids.It's all surprisingly complicated.Don't worry, bro, the job is still yours, but I learned...
My kids are both still young, not even elementary school aged. There are some parents at preschool we get along with well, but it's not the same sort of social setup as when they're in real school.It is. Her primary job is a "real" job (she's some sort of medical assistant), so I get it from a purely rational perspective for her. I don't think she'll net much more cash working vs. babysitting, and she's taking a risk given the word-of-mouth nature of babysitting, but I see...
Cousin can't do it. Done. See you at 6:00.But I'm marking the liquor bottles.How in the hell do you think we found the one who bailed? I need solutions, H, not retread ideas.
Thanks, dudes. We're currently waiting to see if my cousin can help us out. She's sat for us before and is awesome with the kids, but requesting a 20-something to give up Saturday night on short notice is really asking a lot. I'm not too optimistic. I told MrsG that, if all else fails, we were set to spend a pretty handsome sum on dinner tonight, so we can use the money we'll save on that and the babysitter on some pretty excellent wine and booze to celebrate with at...
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