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I am far from well versed enough on soccer to make that call, but the commentary I saw after the game fell uniformly somewhere between, "you don't call that at that point in the game" and "it should never have been called." That certainly makes sense to this nascent fan. Even if that was legit, diving is pervasive, even considered to be strategy, in soccer, no? I find that to be distasteful.
I know it's a tired SF trope, but what you guys are talking about it the difference between "fashion" and "style."
I've probably watched more soccer in the last couple of weeks than in my prior 35 years combined, and I've really enjoyed the whole World Cup thing. I also think it's very cool that it has become increasingly popular in the States. That said, I will never, ever become a legit soccer fan as long as diving pervades the sport. I have nothing invested in either team, but the end of that match was disgraceful.
I remembered when I got home with limes and a plan to make mojitos that I used almost all of my white rum making mojitos last night. I had enough left to make my wife a proper drink, and I decided to try making one for myself with spiced rum. I wish I'd remembered to pick up a bottle of white rum.
Explain again how that means it makes sense for Americans to stop using "soccer" as the preferred term.
That's not true, Finn. "Soccer" may not be the most popular term worldwide, but it's not exclusive to the States. Also, we already have a sport we call "football." It doesn't make sense to inject ambiguity into our lexicon just to conform to other countries' norms, especially since everyone knows what "soccer" means when used by English speakers.
I once saw a guy bring in a bunch of paperwork and put the stuff he wasn't reading on the floor. At one point he put his glasses on the floor, too.Why do they do it? Do they just have no awkwardness reflex?
Speaking of occupied stalls at work. My bathroom of choice has three stalls. Two are side-by-side, with the third about 10 feet away on the other side of the urinals. I frequently use one of the side-by-side pair for my morning constitutional. I'd say easily 75% of the time, if someone comes into the restroom to do the same while I'm there and both other stalls are open, they choose the stall next to mine instead of the one across the room. Why do they do that? What is...
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest our fair Edina will ever come to being in a woman's mouth!
Your reference to serving Diet Coke betrays your claim that you throw "rowdy parties."
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