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Wait. Crisis averted. It appears that they do indeed have decent whiskey. The waitress is just an idiot. So, the first part of my post still holds, but at least I can pay for some whiskey.
If you throw a rehearsal dinner and make me pay for my booze, fuck you. If you throw a rehearsal dinner and make me pay for my booze and choose a venue where I can't get a decent whiskey to sip away my anger, double fuck you.
Been there, Larry. If it makes you feel any better, I suffered no ill effects from it (aside from the psychological trauma), and even went on to sire a second child.
Ah. Yeah. I see the distinction.
Good mac and cheese is a hipster thing?Congrats to the missus!
Well, then, I believe we've gotten to the bottom of your issue.
Did some Yankee tell you that? I don't even know what kind of racist "bub" would be.
The Straight Dope was unable to get to the bottom of it, so I think it's obvious the question is unanswerable.It might also be part of the continuing tribute to Old Shoe, but I'm not sure people still actually care about the 1997 war with Albania.
Another +1 to otc, aside from the part equity thing being BS. It may not be prohibitive when it comes to negotiating your salary, but it's certainly a legitimate thing for the employer to consider.
I think I speak for the crowd when I say I was 50/50 on you guys screwing around vs. being serious, but you guys are both such fucking dorks that I decided it was lame either way.
New Posts  All Forums: