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I'm setting the over/under on the number of times someone says "bless your heart" to you each day at a dozen.
Haha. You would go full-on paranoid schizo in Asheville. I consider the friendliness in Athens to be pretty much baseline for the South, which is probably friendlier than most other regions, but Asheville was next level. I'm not sure why it was that way, but it was refreshing.
The friendliest city I've ever visited was Asheville, NC. It was pretty crazy how nice everyone was.It was also like a destination for Athens, GA expats. I met someone who'd lived in Athens nearly every place I went.
Ha. I was in the paper at our graduate alma mater about the health plan, as well. I was actually a part of the first class they required to carry insurance, and they called out of the blue one day shortly after the start of my first semester to interview me about it.I also did a lot of work on it at higher levels later on in my time there, and it was a really bizarre tug of war between the students and the adminstration. Both sides tended to be idiots.
Well, then, I got off light.I don't own the house I live in, but I do own a house. I'm paying less in rent than I charge in rent (and I charge substantially more than my mortgage). The house in which the tank failed is the one I live in, not the one I own, so I had the experience of having something big break in my house while I'm a homeowner, but someone else is paying to fix it for me.
I'm supposed to be back at work today after my long weekend, but I'm not. This is because I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud "thud" and the sound of running water. I thought maybe someone had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and dropped something, but, after a few minutes, I realized that the running water hadn't stopped. It didn't stop because the thud was the expansion tank falling off my water heater, and the running water was...
My mom arrived last night to watch the kids for the weekend, and I'm only working a half day today. After work, the wife and I are off for our first long weekend away from the kids in over two years. I feel a little bad for my mom because both kids woke up snotty this morning, but she's insistent that she cares more about spending time with her grandchildren than she does about runny noses. I just hope the kids aren't miserable. My son is over the moon about her visiting,...
Every single salon I can recall using gave a discount for new customers.
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