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Is this your way of telling us that posting on SF doesn't bring you pleasure?
I have a t-shirt with Y'all on the front in the same font and style as the popular Yale shirts. That's all I got.
I have never understood how a person accidentally shoots themselves. Why do you have your finger on the trigger of a gun you're not planning to shoot? And, more importantly, why is the gun pointed at any part of your body at any time?
I just want to bring a moderator's perspective to the Maybach controversy. We here at SF take our claims regarding luxury items very, very seriously, and we simply cannot risk having members tarnish our brand by attempting to pass off inferior goods as authentic. However, as big-time ballers ourselves, we also understand the need for security through misdirection. The above all being the case, I have decided to launch an official investigation into member Link and...
What started as watching with amusement as my 20-year-old, redneck-ass cousin had an argument on Facebook with her boyfriend has, based upon the posts from another (decent, reasonable) cousin who interjected, led to the discovery that redneck-ass cousin is likely carrying her redneck-ass boyfriend's child. Now, on top of enjoying the drama from afar, I'm getting the added amusement of watching decent, reasonable cousin dress them both down for airing their drama on...
It is good to see JayJay again, and I have to say I'm inclined to agree with him. GF, take this with however many grains of salt you wish, as I'm not in the corporate world, and thus there may be things I'm missing. However, it's hard for me to see why a single, not-that-long unemployed, young guy, who has enough liquidity to live comfortably without a job for a good stretch of time, would take a job on which he's lukewarm in a city that doesn't really appeal to him....
Also, Spy vs. Spy.
I know the French are, uh, freer with their sexuality than we repressed Americans, but I still find it strange that the guy brought a gimp to lunch.
My favorite part of the whole thing was when Manton told Metro he was going to be in NYC and challenged him to a fistfight.
New Posts  All Forums: