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True! And tattoos! And I still go to a lot of concerts (the vast majority of which don't involve Jimmy Buffett)!
I'm actually okay with perceived banality. There aren't many alternatives for married men with kids that don't involve being really shitty at one or both of those things.I'm probably substantially less lame than you give me credit for being, but, even if I max out the lameness ceiling for my station in life, I'm still a suburban dad with an 8-5.So, basically, tallest midget.
Hmmm...40-something...It was Conne, wasn't it? He sold us out in exchange for contact information for your forum-members' exes. Single older women are his kryptonite. That bastard.
What's with the "I got rid of my horrible ex, and now I can be the wild man I was destined to be" posts lately? Did someone mention SF on a forum for aging d-bags with malfunctioning crazy-woman radar?
Interesting. I've been fortunate, then, because I honestly don't recall a bad experience with runners. It does bear noting that it might be because my experience with them may be limited by the fact that trail running isn't as much of a thing where I hike. I mean, there are runners, but it's not pervasive. My son and I went for a hike Saturday on a combined equestrian/hiking trail, and we saw more people on horses than runners. And, yeah, the dogs. The worst part is that...
I've never had a problem with the runners. I just let them by with a nod. I've definitely never had any complaints about noise.Also, everyone knows the worst people to share a hiking trail with are the idiots who let their dogs run all over the trails off-leash.
My wife has friends in from out of state, and they're staying about 45 minutes away. The plan has always been to go see them NYE at a party at a mutual friend's house. A 1.5-hour round trip on amateur night with kids in tow after working all day isn't exactly my definition of a great NYE, but I went along with it because I know MrsG wants to see her friends. Well, it's now 12/30, and we can't even get a straight answer on whether the party is happening. It's possible that...
This is verifiably untrue.The most recent data I could find with a quick Google-fu is from 2010, and it showed that 68 football programs turned a profit. I didn't tally up how many football coaches are in that graphic, but I think we can all agree it's fewer than 68.Edit: I also found a ranking of the most profitable football and basketball programs from 2011, and they stopped counting at 100. The 100th entry was WVU's basketball program, which returned a $2,634,928 profit...
Meh. The fact that we're debating a topic of social importance doesn't automatically mean the conversation needs to be shipped off to CE. We can't expect every debate that flows naturally from the forum to suddenly teleport to one subforum. As long as the conversation remains cordial, there's no harm in it happening here.
Well, it is what we're valuing.It might look unsavory to many people, especially those who aren't sports fans, but the notion that big-time athletics somehow fundamentally undermines academia doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. This isn't a zero-sum question - you can have both a large athletic association and a vibrant intellectual community on campus. This isn't to say collegiate athletics is perfect, but it provides real benefits, and I'm not compelled to condemn the...
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