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Thanks! We got it worked out. It took another trip to the store, but it's not the end of the world. I'm now the owner of six glasses!
No, but, come to think of it, there also don't seem to be a lot of waitresses at better restaurants. I would say I've had male servers the vast majority of the time at fine dining (no ranch) restaurants and most of the time at places that fall between crappy "casual" chain restaurants and fine dining.
Bought some new crystal wine glasses last night. Opened the box to discover one glass was missing.
This. I'd never mowed a lawn when we bought our house just after I turned 31. It was awful. MrsG and I agreed that, when we moved out of that house, we would sell off our landscaping equipment and never do it again. Now I smile on Saturdays when I'm heading out to do fun stuff and my neighbors are out in the Georgia heat toiling away on their lawns (just like I did this morning).I suspect we'll soon do the same for housecleaning.
I'm currently wearing cargo shorts. I feel so naughty.
You kids today. No sense of history.
You sound like the kind of guy who doesn't even put chow chow on his black-eyed peas.
I know it's not as good as fried chicken, collards, cornbread, and sweet tea.
Good grief, Ed. Show a little class.And I don't know where you've heard that getting married turns guys into you, but it's not true.
New Posts  All Forums: