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Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy!
I'm picturing a "two guys with fiddles, one fat guy in overalls plucking an upright bass, and one skinny guy tooting on a jug" type of situation here. Just give Jed, Roscoe, Dewayne, and Bo the extra weekly bottle of shine they're demanding and call it a day.
I'm guessing it's because he wants to get them more than one game of full-speed reps before they play Alabama in a couple weeks, but, yeah, it hardly seems worth the inevitable backlash they had to know it would create.
Pretty much what I (and I'd imagine most football fans) assumed would happen. Aside from the fact that it further reinforces UF's "if it ain't FSU, we would rather not play any OOC games at all" approach to scheduling, I think my favorite part of all of this is the fact that UF had three players suspended for the Idaho game who are now reinstated. It appears that, at UF, 10 seconds of time in a game that, according to the record books, didn't happen = a full game. You...
True story: Canada is the best sovereign nation on the north side of the northern border of the United States.
Is that the Supreme Court in the background? Leave it to millennials to know so little about civics that they protest to the branch of our government that is intentionally removed from the whims of voters and public opinion.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you today's winner of the internet.
Hell yeah! Nothing solves social problems quite like buckets of ice, Facebook shares, and retweets! These are solutions that didn't even exist when other generations were still young idealists.
TM is correct, at least according to what I've read; Idaho gets some portion of the payout regardless of what happens.They're supposed to decide today, so I guess we'll know soon. I'm assuming it gets canceled, because UF never misses a chance to soften its schedule, but we'll see. The more I think about it the more I think it's pretty outrageous that UF might be allowed to simply forgo playing a game. I know it's partially just the nature of college football, but, still,...
This is how it starts. At first, it's hangover posts, then, next thing you know, it's posts about your creepy, old roommate and macarons.
New Posts  All Forums: