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I'd just make a new knife while I was there! Duh!
I looked at Benchmade, too. It's super nice, but I preferred the Leek.I admit that I was splitting hairs at this point, but one of the reasons I liked the Leek over some others was because it's all steel, which is much more reflective. I figured it would be way easier to find than something darker if I dropped it out in the woods.
I know, right? How they've gotten through eight movies now without ever explaining why there are no Jedi scion is beyond me! I mean, what could possibly go wrong if an incredibly powerful Jedi fell in love and had kids?
Yeah, based on the bit of exposure I've had to them, I'm a big fan of the Leek. It's the perfect balance of size and function, and I love the assisted opening. One of my biggest gripes about using my old knife was needing two hands to open it. Plus, they're simple, yet nice, looking. I was actually pretty certain from the start that I'd go with it, but, since I carried my last knife for so long, I wanted to look around a bit to be sure. I saw nothing but positive reviews...
Awesome. Thanks for the thoughts!
I consulted with, and the model I chose is considered the equivalent of burning delivered wood in your fireplace. Not quite as manly as splitting your own, but well out of cuck territory.Bro, I already carry a data-connected transceiver device with offline LED flashlight capabilities.Do you even EDC?I went with the Kershaw Leek. A friend has one, and I've admired it a few times. I like the idea of something with more than a blade - the knife I'm...
I think we've been through this before, but I don't get knife/EDC people. I carry a pocketknife. I have, at this point, carried one for decades. It is not a status symbol; it is a tool. The one I've been carrying for about 10 years has finally given out on me, so I'm looking for a new one. All I wanted was some reviews, but what I mostly found was people who take themselves way too seriously pretending they're going to use their 3" blade for self defense. I just want to...
Well, you definitely got me to Google. Then I made the mistake of reading his Wikipedia page, which reminded me how wackadoo Mustaine is.
This is a hoax, but that didn't stop me from being all until I googled it. Not cool, pB. You need to check the Google before you go around declaring metal icons dead.
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