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Just watched the most recent episode. It was indeed excellent. The one before it was solid, too. Maybe the reboot is finally hitting its stride. And, yeah, I like the fact that Archer is back to being a badass. It's one thing to tinker with the characters, but making Archer completely inept was just a terrible idea.
Yes, them being underage is the reason you can't bang attractive women.
What is it about this thread that randomly attracts new posters? Does it show up first if you Google, "I'm considering a career in a pyramid scheme?" Either way, I would like to thank you guys for bumping it every so often. I always remember to read the post by the used-car salesman, and it gives me a chuckle. The one by the Farmers recruiter is pretty solid, too.
Well, plagiarism is, by definition, a failure to cite properly, but it was definitely more than just improper citations. I don't want to keep beating on it, because I think it's relatively insignificant when compared to the good he accomplished, but simply calling it "improperly cited" understates the reality. It's not like he made a mistake in attribution; he flat-out lifted without attribution. It was severe enough that the panel that researched it placed a permanent...
He also plagiarized parts of his dissertation, which is kind of a bigger deal than cribbing a speech.I was talking about MLK.Also, the criticisms about LBJ are not without merit, but the man did know how to order a pair of pants.
Yup. A plagiarist, too. Everyone, even the greatest among us, has their flaws.
Bourbon with a splash of Ale 8 is making me very happy.
Agreed. I was kind of on the fence on whether or not Kristofferson should be a definite, but I agree Coe and Shaver probably don't qualify in the same way as the other guys.
You're forgetting Merle Haggard, Munch. Kris Kristofferson, David Allan Coe, and Billy Joe Shaver are still alive, too. They're all around the same age as those classic guys, but I don't know if they'd be the type you'd put on a list of "classic" artists. During a bunch of time wasting on YouTube not too long ago, I found a video from a show that Waylon Jennings did with Nelson, Kristofferson, and some other guys, including Faron Young. He and Willie Nelson talked about...
This.What songs are they listing? I mean, it would have to be a pretty short "best of" list to exclude "Girls, Girls Girls."Also, should any of you fine gents decide to visit the ATL and wish to partake in enjoying the gyrations of nekkid ladies, we can rock in Atlanta at Tattletales.
New Posts  All Forums: