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I don't kayak on subway platforms.
I paddled four miles today in the cold, and it was delightful. According the the dash in the car, it was 31*F when I put in, and I was perfectly geared for it. Now the kids are in bed, I have a fire going, and I shall libate.
Impossible. NYC has the worst weather in the entire world regardless of the season, especially on subway platforms. We established this months ago, please try to keep up.
Unlike many of my southern brethren, I'm loving the cold weather. Had a nice fire and a cup of Kentucky coffee last night, and I'll probably do the same tonight. It's supposed to stay pretty cold through the weekend, too, so I'm thinking I'll do a nice cold-weather paddle on Saturday. The river should be completely empty.
I've seen Ed's car. I have no doubt that it probably once had a heater, but it also probably once had paint and straight sheet metal, too.
Georgia hired Brian Schottenheimer to replace Mike Bobo as OC. The consensus seems to be that this is a good thing, but I'd be lying if I'm not a little nervous about bringing in another NFL coordinator. Here's hoping he doesn't turn out to be another Grantham, whose greatest weakness was supposedly the fact that he couldn't break down him schemes in the manner required to teach college-level players. One big upside for UGA is that his NFL experience should be a huge...
Whatever, dude, I look good in brown, and I don't care for farming.
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