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True or not, Ed doesn't really need to worry about that, anyway. Academic prestige doesn't typically impact the perceived quality of degrees held by front-running sidewalk alumni.
I was recently contacted about a job opportunity, and, after reflecting on it, I had to decline. I'm pretty disappointed, because the job really looked cool, but it was the wrong place and time.
I just couldn't resist engaging his stupidity.Yeah, I'm curious to see the outcome of the Tech-ND game. I can't decide which way I want that one to go. They're both so terrible.I don't disagree they're both bad. I disagree that there is any utility in comparing UGA-Vandy and Tech-Tulane.And your first tirade was in response to a single sentence, so spare me the "spending so much time" stuff.I'm not glibly rejecting anything. I simply know when the stats are of limited...
No, no, no, you're entirely correct. It's completely irrelevant where the games were played (UGA on the road, Tech at home). It also doesn't matter that Tech runs an offense that Tulane has probably seen exactly one other time (last year when they played Tech), whereas Vandy sees UGA every single season. Oh, and we should totally ignore the fact that, in addition to being desperate for a conference win, Vandy is known for giving Georgia fits, especially in Nashville....
The Georgia game is the only one that matters to Spurrier, so I certainly don't view it as a given win for UGA, but there is nothing to suggest SC has anything near what it takes to "smoke" anyone.Also, your UGA-Vandy-Tulane-Tech comparison is the stupidest thing I've read all day, so congratulations on that.
I'm glad you've found something new to do when GF hangs his meatballs in front of you. Your relationship is never going to make it if you don't spice things up a bit.
That is indeed a fine thread you've got there.A real patriot would have served doughnuts. Their colors obviously run.
I would like to pause and take a moment to remember 8:45 a.m. on this day 14 short years ago, the minute before we turned into a bunch of fascism-supporting, melodramatic, can't-move-on, "never forget," superficial "patriots." Thank you for your time. You are now free to continue on with your glib remembrances, tacit support of despicable foreign policy, and obvious need to feign philosophical depth through needlessly-public displays of "shared" mourning. Before you...
Well, for what it's worth, it does sound like he's getting fucked.
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