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For the record The Rock says it was the Sheik's.
It's hard to imagine I'd end up in a place where my bonus would be a material consideration. I don't have any interest in transitioning into a position that comes with that much risk. If something comes with a bonus, even a modest one, great, but it's not a primary concern. For me, this is about base salary and work environment.
I am, but we don't have a DB plan. There was once such a plan (there are some older folks around here who have it), but it was phased out before I got here. We do have a DC plan with a pretty generous match, but it doesn't warrant staying given the potential salary differential and fact that most employers have some form of 401k program.
To be honest, the bonus wouldn't be hugely critical to me. It's certainly something I'd consider, but I'd be happy with challenging work, legitimate opportunity to advance, and market salary. Hell, on salary alone, I could get an enormous bump just by switching industries and negotiating the median for a lateral move.
Man, I'd be happy just working at a place where they give bonuses. Funny, I actually came here to gripe that, after reflecting on it for quite some time now, I've concluded that it's probably time for me to switch industries. I've been flirting with the idea for a good while now, and I really think it has to happen. I've had nearly the exact same complaints at all of the places I work, and they all fit the stereotype of my industry to the letter. I'm not under the...
I didn't even finish the last season. The whole [[SPOILER]] really taxed my ability to suspend disbelief, and the show never got good enough again to get me over how ridiculous I found that whole thing to be. In fact, it just kept getting weaker and weaker, and at some point in season three I gave up. It wasn't even really a conscious decision; I just stopped caring enough about the story to be sure to get through the whole season.
GF, MrsG got one in the last year or so for the same reason. I don't know what you mean when you ask if it's worth it to get the custom-molded one from the dentist, because I didn't realize there was an alternative, but she has been happy with hers. It helped a lot with pain she had from grinding. It's also not especially clunky or anything (think Invisalign). In fact, aside from a bit of a lisp, I almost can't tell she's wearing it if she puts it in and we end up talking...
Ed, I'm surprised no one here has mentioned it yet, but I read on a forum that you can get a really good smoker at Costco. I think it's called "Treager." Don't let people's online complaining about them bother you; some folks just like to obsess and nitpick.
They weren't.Also, please note that my response here means you failed twice in one post.
Just remember: When you get hauled in on a bench warrant, make sure you tell the other guys on the bench that you created a nuisance. No one will be impressed if you only mention the part about littering.
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