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I think you accidentally quoted the wrong post in your reply, Piob, so I went ahead and fixed it for you.
KMFDM, you bunch of philistines.
Fellow Dawgs rejoice - the AJC is reporting that Boom has taken the USC job.
That liveSF of Maury was the most enjoyable thing I've seen on the internet all day, H.
It's definitely real. I lived in Florida for more years than I care to admit, and we used to joke about those signs.
Oh, that's the worst part? Funny, I thought it was, you know, ALL THE FUCKING DEAD PEOPLE.
A good friend of mine is part owner of a business that sells meat to restaurants. He was telling me recently about a product they call "super pork," which is made by somehow injecting extra fat into cuts of pork. Suffice it to say, I've already requested some of his juicy meat to put in my mouth.
Because you don't fire someone like Richt and then hire someone with zero HC experience. I don't agree with canning Richt in the first place, but by getting rid of him, you're signaling that your metric for success is championships (since that's the only thing he didn't deliver reliably). If you're a team that perceives itself that way, you don't go after the guy who is completely unproven; you go after the closest thing you can find to a guaranteed upgrade. As far as...
New Posts  All Forums: