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You think that's the annoying part of having kids?Bless your heart...
My son doesn't generally have sticky hands, but that's because MrsG and I don't find wiping his hands after he eats to be an insurmountable obstacle.Also, having kids affords me the opportunity to hear awesome mispronunciations like "a squishious cajun."
That really sucks, Eric. Hate to hear it. It's especially rough because, yeah, there's no way to compromise. For what it's worth, I've met a lot of people who decided not to have children for whatever reason and really, really regretted it. That's not to say the regret is ubiquitous. but it does seem to be super deep among the people who feel it. Also, I was pretty ambivalent on kids, and I don't really see myself as a natural-born father. However, I'm very, very glad I...
Kirby Smart is always the first name that comes up in these conversations, though I'm not sure UF could stomach giving another UGA-alum DC a shot.
Hokies, I am disappoint.
Hey, @js4design, are y'all gonna beat up on the Bees today, or what?
Then it is incumbent upon me to point out that you, sir, are a liar!
Are you the groom?
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