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My wife is originally from Cape Town, otc. She hasn't been back in a while, but her sister was just there and there are some family friends in the area. Let me know if you'd like me to solicit some input on stuff to do/see.
My son's current preschool doesn't offer a pre-k program, so yesterday they had a little "graduation" ceremony for the kids who will be moving on to pre-k in the fall (a group that includes my son). As part of the ceremony, all the kids who will be moving on said their name, age, and what they want to be when they grow up. It was mostly pretty standard stuff - there were a few aspiring teachers, a couple cops, and a ballerina - except for my son, who declared that he...
My last girlfriend before MrsG had a lot of family in NJ, and we went up to visit once. One of her relatives ran a little sandwich shop in the city where her family lived, and they made what they called a sloppy Joe. It wasn't like any sloppy Joe I'd ever had, but it was delicious. The girl, on the other hand, had serious, deep-seated psychological issues, and those issues stole away part of my youth. Still, those sandwiches were fucking tasty.
Did you end up going? Oddly enough, despite seeing more shows than I can count in Atlanta and Athens, I've never been to a show at Eddie's Attic. I almost saw the Bottle Rockets there recently, but they played Athens the next night, and I take pretty much any excuse I can find to go to Athens.
He wasn't talking about the US of A; he was talking about New Jersey.
I'm in the process of putting together a long weekend with MrsG. It'll be the first weekend sans kids since before she got pregnant with our daughter (who is now well over a year old). Plus, a band I really want to see will be playing a show in town while we're visiting!
We have walkers, but the design of our building restricts them to a public breezeway (thank goodness).The people today we're standing in front of my door and yammering about this and that. Like I said, I really couldn't care less what they're doing stuff their time, but I don't need to be privy to whatever it is they happen to think is important at the moment.
I really don't care if you feel the need to chat idly about stupid bullshit at work - we all waste time in our own ways - but don't fucking do it directly outside my office. Bring your stupid gossip to your cubical.
2 Girls 1 World Cup
SF's greatest pedant foiled by an autocorrect capitalization. Curses!
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