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With two kids in the house a dishwasher is critical. It's no exaggeration to say we run it every day. Given the volume of dishes, I have no trouble believing it's more efficient, and the time savings are enormous.
This is correct. Also, the Metatron.
I can understand the hygiene concerns when it's not my tub and I don't know how it has been maintained, but keeping it clean really isn't that challenging once you get into a routine.I don't think I'd be quite this resolute, but I would sorely miss it if I didn't have it, which is saying something given I was ambivalent on keeping it less than a year ago.
We have a security system, but I've never felt inclined to have it set up. I do lock the doors to the house, but I often forget to lock my car, which I park on the driveway. I don't think I'd buy in an area that made me feel like I need round-the-clock surveillance. Maybe when I was younger and had no kids, but not anymore.I will say I like the door chime for all the exterior doors, but that's just because I don't trust my toddler not to make a break for it.I have...
Just wait until you need a counter-depth refrigerator. You get all of the stupidity idfnl talks about at a 20% premium because it's smaller!
No, that's exactly what it is. If they say there's a 10% chance of rain, that means if the exact same forecast conditions existed 10 times on that day in the area it covers, it would be expected to rain once.
You're still kind of talking about two different issues, though. With yours, given the time of day it happened, it was just a missed forecast. They probably don't update it because it's either based on the official forecast or because going over the original forecast temp doesn't mean you adjust to whatever the temp is at that moment. So, for example, if the forecast high is 50, and you hit 51 before the warmest part of the day, the adjusted forecast isn't actually 51...
Also, speaking of quirks of meteorology and apps, my app told me the high yesterday was 43 and the low was 48. This is because "high" and "low" really mean "expected temperature at what is typically the warmest part of the day" and "expected temperature at what is typically the coolest part of the day," and we had a front push through overnight/today after a chilly day yesterday, but it still made for a funny-looking forecast.
This is the correct answer. The number in the forecast is just that - a forecast. That won't change even if it's incorrect. Some apps, including mine, will update the forecast throughout the day it dial it in, but, if that hasn't happened yet, the forecast number shouldn't change just because the actual temperature exceeds it.It's similar to the reason you can check your phone during a thunderstorm and see a 10% chance of rain - you just happened to fall in the 10% of...
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