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Nice. I did that a couple years ago. It was badass.
This sounds like a great weekend.Where are you going rafting? I want to do a trip this summer, and, given the way my travel plans are aligning, I think that's going to be easier to swing if I stay in state.
I actually saw Chris LeDoux live in like '98. It was at a small club, and Chris shook my hand from the stage. I also got a pick from his guitarist. It was a lot of fun.
I don't know about iTunes, but Amazon doesn't charge you until it ships. Also, they do that price guarantee thing on pre-orders where you get the lowest price between when you placed the order and release day. It's usually not much difference, but it's kind of amusing to get a $0.09 refund.
I'd like to pick up a bottle as part of a gift for my brother, who will be graduating from law school next week. I'm not a Scotch drinker, so I don't really know what I'm doing. He's mentioned he likes single malt, and he's specifically talked about Glenlivet and Macallan. I was thinking about picking him up a bottle of Glenlivet 18, but I came upon a bottle of Yamazaki 12 and have heard that's solid, as well. Any of you Scotch drinkers care to give a whiskey-with-an-e...
Yeah, I mean, 91.7% of the last guy's buddies were martyred. No paycheck is worth that much risk.
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