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I just did a preliminary run through my taxes, and it looks like we're getting back a fat refund. We had a lot of financial changes in 2014, so I wasn't sure how things would shake out. I extrapolated out as best I could using last year's number beforehand, and I had a number in my head that I thought was probably reasonable. It turns out I'm getting triple what I'd guessed!
Making me happy today: We made brunch at home, and now I'm sitting with a belly full of biscuits (with sorghum, natch), grits, over-easy eggs, and bacon. I'm washing it all down with an Ale-8.
If you heard him speaking Spanish with your eyes closed, you'd think he was 100% Hispanic (learning from a native speaker means his accent is perfect). Open your eyes, and he's 100% white (he's majority Irish with other European sprinkled in, and he looks it).Honestly, I'm so, so grateful we found a place to send our kids that teaches them a second language. I assume all households where both parents work has some guilt, or internal debate, over whether the cost-benefit...
I finished Into the Wild tonight and figured I might as well keep feeding my outdoors kick, so I just bought The Golden Spruce. I'm very excited to get it started.
There's a little Mexican restaurant not too far from my house that we visit every couple weeks or so. It's ultra authentic, and I'm not exaggerating when I say we're the only white people who ever go there. The waitress always remembers us, and my wife confirmed with a friend whose Mexican husband eats there that gringos don't generally eat there. Before we went in tonight, we told my son that he can speak Spanish there and they'll understand him (he's bilingual). He said...
Oddly enough, I was never hugely into Dire Straits, which I feel is kind of weird given how much I love Knopfler's solo stuff. I mean, there are certainly DS songs I know and love, and, as a guitarist, there was always an acknowledgment that Knoplfer was a guitar god, but I was never a DS fan. A number of years back, however, a friend gave me a bunch of Knopfler's solo stuff, and I've been a huge fan of his ever since.All the Roadrunning with Emmylou Harris is an absolute...
Mark Knopfler is playing the ATL this fall, and it's on a Saturday. I think it's clear Mr. Knopfler is trying to tell me he wants me to attend, and I intend to comply.
Yes. They exist just for things like this - acute, simple, straightforward issues that are easy to treat. In fact, I got antibiotics from one when I had strep last year.
But why are you going to an ENT doc? It's strep throat; find a Walgreens/CVS/Kroger with a clinic, and be done with it. There's no need to go to an expensive specialist when it's something a doc-in-a-box can diagnose in five minutes with a simple swab test.
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