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My great grandfather's funeral was something like two months after he died. He died in Florida, where he was living, but his funeral was held in the state where he was born, raised, and spent most of his life. I recall thinking it was odd, but I guess that was the best way to get the necessary family together and make sure he was buried with my great grandmother in their home state.
I'm with you on that, pB. I don't generally mind busy weekends, and both of the things you've had to do were probably stuff I could find to be fun, but traveling at other people's behest two weekends in a row kind of sucks. I don't like giving up control of consecutive weekends like that.
I'm not saying it was a poor choice as an excellent episode, but I don't even think it's the best Simpsons episode, so it's interesting to me that you'd pick it as TV's GOAT.
Interesting choice.
You had like 30 hours to think of this. You really could have done better than, "well, I think it's stupid that you're, like, a decent human being and stuff."
That's so awful, hopkins_student. Condolences and peace to you and your family.
I'm rolling my eyes at your incessant need to prove what an edgy millennial nihilist you are.
I know the phenomenon people are referencing with the "work wife" thing, and there is at least one "couple" I can think of that would fit it, but it's not a thing for me.Also, maybe I'm just outmoded here, but the word "wife" has value to me that goes beyond "female half of the relationship."This.
I've always thought it was for convenience (i.e. being able to go in a semi-private place when there's no bathroom), rather than not having to stop at all.Regardless, he's too young to execute such a complex maneuver without help, especially in a moving car. Plus, I'm pretty sure having a child unbuckled in a moving car, even momentarily, is now a capital offense.
Yeah, you can bring empties.We don't have a dedicated bottle, but LowerCaseG has definitely peed in bottles, and I recall doing it as a kid.The most harrowing pee stop of my life came during our recent trip through the mountains. LowerCaseG decided he had to go right then. Given the dearth of exits in the mountains, I had to pull onto the shoulder of the interstate in the driving rain to let him piss in a Gatorade bottle. I kept envisioning us getting plowed down the side...
New Posts  All Forums: