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Yeah, they overhauled the car tax scheme a couple years back. Some of it made sense (no more birthday tax), but there was definitely some serious stupidity in there (charging new residents sales tax). Won't you sign up for utilities and do the lease well before you move in? That should have the service address, right? And you'd have it before you even got to Georgia. Also, there's no need to build a wait into receiving your license. You get it on the spot in...
A big game hunter turned me into a newt.
Is this the count of posts you've made declaring yourself the winner of a competition that exists only in your head?
"We all." I'm willing to bet "participates in online attacks that drive people out of business over idiotic stuff" and "pays taxes" are mutually exclusive in very nearly every case. It doesn't stand to cost the "activists" anything.
Funny, a link on Facebook to the Yelp stuff was the way I first heard about all of this insanity.He'll recover to some extent when the next big outrage event comes and takes the focus off of him, but his life will never be the same. His business is completely fucked for sure.
I don't see how your premature ejaculation issues have anything to do with my ability to win a fistfight.
By "they" I assume you mean the guides he hired who were supposed to be the experts? He's claimed he didn't know the lion was from a sanctuary. Do you have evidence otherwise?Are hunters now obligated to get a kill shot every time? Is that the standard by which we intend to judge them going forward?Also, which of these things justifies what's happening to this guy?It's actually pretty terrifying. You can lose everything simply because you provoke the ire of keyboard...
There is no symmetry here.The guy's life is being destroyed, and he's being threatened with physical harm, all because he killed a lion and a lot of noisy people think that's icky.I'm no fan of hunting purely for sport, but the reaction to what this guy did has been nothing short of insane.
If your ability to land a punch is anything like your ability to catch a joke, this won't take long at all.
Do you know what happened to the last guy I tended to pick on who went around making idiotic posts and claiming he had a lot more power than he did?
New Posts  All Forums: