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I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Today is the baby's first day of daycare and the wife's first day back at work full time. It's been a lot less rough than I recall it being when my son first went, but I know it's still not easy for MrsG. She works full time because having both of us work is the best option for our family, not because she's passionate about her work. While that's a legitimate and reasonable justification, I know it doesn't completely take away her mom guilt, and it bothers me that she's...
Dunno. Believer or not, it seems to me that he could probably use a few Sundays in a pew, especially if he could catch a sermon about, say, honesty.
My former boss once told me the story of a direct report he had who faked cancer. The best part of the story was that this was a state employee, and state HR policy made it pretty much impossible to fire the person when the ruse was uncovered.
Did no one ever teach you guys to get everything on writing? The last couple places I've rented have had checklists for move in/out, and my property manager does the same for my rental property. You don't leave after the inspection until everyone agrees on condition of the place.
This could be a good sign for you. Candidate selection is a supervisory-type responsibility.Plus, from a practical perspective, you can help find someone you like.
That is not what I expected to read about when I saw "my wife has this friend, who is french (grew up affluent and privileged in Paris), and they have a weird relationship" come up in the happy thread.
Wow. Just...wow...
I used to prefer waxed floss, but then my dentist gave me some unwaxed stuff he likes, and now I don't think I could go back to not having the "squerk" noise unwaxed floss makes when your teeth are clean.So you're saying you find the feel of having something thrusting in and out of your mouth comforting?
ESPNThey had one of their normal guys (can't remember his name) along with a bunch of soccer experts. The experts all thought it was pretty bogus, though one of them did say something along the lines of "it's a lame call, but you can't do anything in that situation that gives another player a chance to dive," which I thought was delightfully and illustrative of how dumb the whole practice of diving is in the first place.Also, I am not swayed in the least by the notion of...
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