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Well, then, congrats on being the tallest midget, Bisco.
You mean Lon Gisland?
When I was in grad school, I interned at the place where I work now. I'm in a different division than I was when I was an intern, but it's the same department. My internship supervisor, who called to encourage me to apply for the job, is probably a couple/few years from retirement, and I'm well qualified to grow into that position. When they brought me back, I had a bit of an inkling that I was viewed as a potential replacement, but it was just a guess. Also, I was very...
This martyr complex is ubiquitous among teachers.I've decided that teachers get to these outrageous numbers by counting as work every moment something happens that can even remotely tie to being a teacher. It's the only way they could possibly come up with the totals they claim."I had to do math to figure out the tip at Applebee's. I teach math. That rounds up to five minutes of work.""I read a book this weekend. I teach reading. That rounds up to 12 hours of work. On the...
Everyone knows the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's rendition of that song is the only one that matters.
Popeye's > Bojangles
I figured he'd have some sort of insurance, but that's even more generous than I would have guessed. I'm glad he has it, because it's hard to imagine this won't cost him draft position.I don't think it reinforces the S&C theory. I do think it warrants asking whether he was doing too much too soon, especially given the game was pretty well put away when he got hurt, but I don't think having a RB go down with a pretty common injury for his position after a long layoff points...
Yesterday I built a rack to hold our firewood, and then I stacked about half a cord of wood on it. It is, as of this moment, still standing.
Tore his ACL.
The AJC was speculating this morning that it's season ending, but, yeah, looks like it was confirmed to be his ACL. When we were watching the game, I told my wife it looked like one, but I was hoping I'd en up being just a stupid fan talking. Guess I got this one right. Yay. Pretty much since they announced that the suspension would be four games, I've been saying that as a fan I wanted to see him come back, but as a realist I thought there was an incredibly strong...
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