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I'm seeing the Bottle Rockets with mine.
Just don't let 'em touch your balls.
My physical therapist goes by "Jimbo," and we spend my sessions talking about craft beer and sports, particularly Georgia Bulldogs football and basketball. He also managed to provide me vast improvement of a chronic pain issue I'd had for a decade. [[SPOILER]]
Uh, guys, the preferred nomenclature is "little person," and they don't feel the need to be identified by race any more than do people of average size.
And journalists like Ed!
Just a single?Seems like you'd want it all, but I guess you can't have it.
In the words of the great philosopher poet Jimmy Buffett, "if you ever get the chance to go to Dallas, take it from me, pass it by."
It's never worth returning a hamburger over doneness. Hamburgers, even "gourmet" ones, are still hamburgers. They're ground meat with a bunch of stuff piled on top, not a choice cut of steak. I'm willing to bet there's a strong positive correlation between likelihood of calling oneself a "foodie" and taking hamburgers seriously enough to even consider sending one back because it was sightly overcooked.
I was hoping to see Seger when he came through Atlanta recently, but ticket prices were obscene. I'm a fan, but I'm not that big a fan. I think part of the problem is that I'm accustomed to seeing smaller bands in smaller venues, which skews down what I perceive to be reasonable for concert tickets, but there aren't many bands I'd pay to see at what Seger was asking.
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