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The leaky dishwasher is a good example. It's also harder to clean up, which is a problem given the nature of what goes on in the kitchen, and it's exacerbated by the fact that I'm kind of a messy cook and have small children who are prone to spills. I feel like I spend a lot more time cleaning every time there's a spill than I would with another flooring type because I have to do stuff like clean in the grooves.Also, I worry a lot about durability. The kitchen is pretty...
I'm finally following through on my "I really, really need to find a new job" griping. I'd forgotten just how miserable job hunting is.
Don't do it, Manton. It's worse in CE now than it was when you left (and I say this as someone with such a high tolerance for appalling misbehavior that my first mod assignment was DT).
That's not bullshit.
I think dog shit smells horrible and actively avoid stepping in it, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong when I tell you it's brown.Anyhow, I stand by my statements. I don't know if any of the accusations were talking about are true, but they're enough for me not to pretend Trump is without sexual scandal.
Not what I said.They're typically unpleasant and obnoxious. That's more than enough for me not to like them.Of course it's not all of them, but they're reliably more terrible than we'd expect from a random sample of the population.
Not even close. Every group has its awful members, but internet atheists are part of a pretty exclusive group when it comes to generally being terrible.Edit: My theory, which I'm developing as I type this, is that internet atheists are terrible because atheists are the more dogmatic end of the nonbeliever scale (with agnostics being less resolute). This means "atheist" captures the fundies of that world, so you can't compare them to Christians or Muslims generally, which...
June. It was from June.Anyhow, if you wish to parse "scandal" until it excludes multiple claims of rape and sexually-based aggression, that's your prerogative, but it's scandalous enough for me. Then again, I have no vested interest in defending a candidate so foul he's actually convinced me to consider voting against my deeply-held opposition to political aristocracy.
Please don't be redundant, Gib.
I'm not. I'm exclusively talking about Trump and pointing out the ridiculousness of the "no sex scandals about Trump" statement.
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