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So, will they get the death penalty? Penn State was ostensibly close, and the Baylor case seems to have an extensive institutional involvement element that mostly wasn't there with PSU.
No, it's "unsweet," because it's "sweet" tea, not "sweetened" tea.
I had a mild cold last week, and with it came a little bit of fluid I could hear sloshing around in my ear. The cold is now long gone, but my ear hasn't completely cleared up. For some reason, earlier this evening my ear got all pressure-filled and muffled, and my tinnitus started screaming. It's better than it was a little while ago, but it's still really irritating. I wish my stupid ear would just pop and be done with it already.
It's definitely "sweet tea" here in Georgia, and it has been my entire life. My father's generation also calls it sweet tea, and they're all born-and-raised-in-the-country Georgians (for reference, my dad's about 10 years younger than you).That said, I suspect "tea" and "sweet tea" were probably more interchangeable, or synonymous, back in the day than they might be now, especially in the more urban parts of our fair Dixie. I'd guess you'd be much more likely to hear...
I've got a conference downtown, so I'm giving the commuter bus a try today. Two open seats left, one in each row. Black dude sitting in front of me on the aisle, me doing the same, both hoping the chubby white lady doesn't decide she wants the open seat next to us. Why are old white ladies so racist!?
Don't let them upset you. You have just as much of a right to be in that men's room as they do!
Imagine how long the lines would be if the TSA were forced to reliably catch security issues!
This is me sometime this year once things have settled in with the new house and we upgrade the missus' car.We're almost certainly going Odyssey.
This is definitely legit advice. It was actually my tack in the early weeks and months after he became my supervisor. I became his go-to guy on a lot of things, and he tended to heed my advice. He did the same thing with some other people in our group on subject matter that isn't my specialty. He also acknowledged at that point that he wasn't sure if he was going to just try to play the manager role and let us do our thing or actually learn the work.The problem is that...
It is immensely frustrating, and it keeps getting worse because he's getting to the point where he's been in his job long enough that he thinks he has the tools take make changes. The reality, however, is that he hasn't and doesn't. I have to correct my own boss multiple times a week.It's also starting to become a problem for me because it's forcing me to make calls that are above my pay grade. I don't mind making these sorts of calls. In fact, I've been told I'm...
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