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I give the ingredients a piercing glance, and they come apart out of fear. But I guess that's not an option for guys who aren't even manly enough to need a pocketknife.
Business casual, but remember I don't carry it at work because it's prohibited. It's always been that way for me because of the nature of my work, so I don't know if I'd carry it even if it were an option. Given the availability of office supplies that do what my knife does, I probably wouldn't bother, but I might be inclined to throw it in my briefcase. When I'm in a suit, I generally don't carry it because it's relatively heavy and messes up the lines.
Pretty standard stuff - opening beers and packages, cutting things, prying small things, tightening screws, getting stuff un-stuck, sitting on the front porch eating Werther's while whittling and talking about the good old days, etc.I mean, I'm not saving any trains with it or anything, but I do exhibit shades of being that guy who fixes stuff with just a pocketknife.I know I'm being vague, but I honestly don't account for everything I use it for. Still, I would absolutely...
This. There are good arguments in favor of coming in sick. "I'm not dying, and missing a day would be a huge problem" is a good reason, "I'm really ill but stubborn about my need to show everyone what a gut-it-out performer I am" is a stupid reason.
It's bizarre to me that you guys think it's weird to carry a pocketknife. I've been carrying one since I was a kid, and I use it all the time. The only time I don't carry it is at work, because they're prohibited. I'm also not unique among the men I know. It's not ubiquitous, but I'd guess it's at least 50/50, if not higher on the carrying side. I get the criticism of the other EDC (what a stupid term) stuff, but I don't think a discreet knife in my pocket even really...
+1 to the others, pB. You're not a noble martyr for coming in if you're legitimately sick; you're the guy who risks getting everyone in the office sick, which is both inconsiderate to your coworkers and counterproductive for your employer.
That certainly explains why it's so hard to use and appeals to people who prefer style over substance.Seriously, though, can't they just have a tablet page and a computer page? They do it with mobile.
My experience with this kind of set-up is limited, but I never felt like it worked smoothly. Too much back-and-forth over text trying to find a time that works. The point of the establishment is supposed to be to mitigate that hassle, but that's definitely not what's happening with my pave place right now.
It really is horrible. I used to avoid it by just no longer visiting the offending sites, but that is becoming increasingly hard to do. So obnoxious.What I want to know is who prefers this format? There has to be something driving their proliferation, right?
I'm going to have to find a new place to get my hair cut, as the place I've been going is getting terribly unreliable. I make my next appointment when I pay so that I know it's taken care of and I get the spot I want. Problem is, it's getting to the point where my appointments don't mean anything to them. A few cuts ago, I showed up to my appointment and had to sit for about 40 minutes while they finished someone up. They were apologetic and gave me a discount for my...
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