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GF's problem is obviously low T.
Jim McElwain to UF.
I hereby nominate @GreenFrog for the custom title "Low T."
I don't get these people at all. Unless I'm very close to the front, I just chill in my seat until the plane starts to empty.Sitting for 10 minutes while everyone stands awkwardly, struggles to get their bags out in the crowd, and then stands in line waiting to deplane > Dealing with all that crap for six minutes
Nope. My (sparse) use of sick leave has been BHowie-esque. Plus, when you're sick every few weeks, which I have been lately, it's pretty much impossible to miss time for every illness (at least for those of us with actual responsibilities at the office).You have a weird obsession with testosterone.Anyhow, I think it goes without saying that, if something is considered a marker for masculinity, I probably have a lot of it.The correlation between testosterone and immune...
I have a cold that started on my way back from vacation on Saturday. This means I have been sick once a month since August. With kids in the house, I'm usually good for a couple/few illnesses a year, but this is getting ridiculous (and frustrating). I'm pretty sure I've been sick more in the last few months than anyone in the house, and that includes a baby who just started group care over the summer. On the bright side, I got a lot wrapped up before I left for vacation,...
For all you Christmas music searchers:
Good stuff, GF. I'm sure offering to make it blowjob Monday and Thursday is what closed the deal. That was a shrewd move.
I had one for a year when we were in a smaller place after being in a big house. It was Public Storage, and I had no problems with it at all. I didn't get the super-cheap month because I knew I'd need it for a while, so I got a reduced month-to-month rate instead. When the time came to cancel, I just cleaned it out, told them I was done, and left. Unless there's a stipulation in there about the $1 month meaning there's a minimum, which I'm betting there's not, you're...
New Posts  All Forums: