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I think we'll definitely know by the end of the first how the game will play out. I'd bet five bucks I can call the outcome and the final spread within three points by the start of the second.It would if I couldn't remember wins by Ray Goff and Ron Zook.
I'm so nervous about the game today. It sets up like one of those Cocktail Parties where the lesser team completely spoils the favored team's season. This rivalry is littered with that on both sides, and I hope this isn't another installment. Florida is playing with a de facto lame duck coach during possibly its worst season in my lifetime with a freshman quarterback making his first-ever start, and I'm still worried they'll upset a far superior Georgia team that's on a...
Sorry to hear it, Indesertum. I hope you find peace. Mourn in whatever manner is right for you.
I reminded my son when we set out that he needed to remember his manners, and he said "thank you" at every single house without having to be prompted. He even got extra candy at one house because he was so well mannered. It was really kind, actually. The lady of the house gave all the kids candy, and my son said "thank you." The man of the house heard my son, beckoned him back, and told him he was getting extra candy for being polite.Not sure if that's an indictment or...
I just read this and thought about this thread. It can't possibly be that there are cultural differences that tend to influence the way men interact with women. It has to be that the whities were just edited out.Reason 1,036,539,192 we're incapable of having a real dialogue about race in this country.
That sounds like pure misery.
The ticks were awful this spring. I think everyone in the family found at least one, including the baby, and my wife wound up on antibiotics for a tick-borne illness.Also, the worst place I ever found a tick was my nads. I think I invented a new yoga pose trying to get it off.They make a gadget for everything, though I've never had any real trouble using tweezers to do the job.
I just watched it, and, yeah, it's a little bizarre that everyone seems to want to completely gloss over the socioeconomic context. I saw one comment string where a guy tried to bring it up. He said something along the lines of, "I'm from NY, and it's just a part of the culture here. Most women don't object to it." It took four posts for him to be compared to a rapist.
The video with the woman who walked around the city recording all the catcalls she received has been making the rounds on my Facebook recently. I haven't watched the video, so I can't comment on its content. However, I have observed a strong negative correlation between women commenting with stories about how they're constantly harassed by privileged men who've been bred by the patriarchy to view women as sex objects and attractiveness. It appears we are in the midst of...
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