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The build-up was cool conceptually, but they could have gotten to the same point with a much tighter episode. There was no reason it had to take as long as it did. I mean, my wife fell asleep at some point after the 60-minute mark and woke up just before the Negan scene, and there was no need for me to even pause to catch her up. Everything she missed had already happened multiple times before she fell asleep. So, yeah, decent idea, poor execution.
I finally got around to watching it last night. The episode was way too long (when did TV/movie producers all decide long runtime = quality?), but I actually really enjoyed the Negan scene. Characters like that remind me that I'm watching a zombie show based on a comic, and he was fun to watch. I also thought the way they dragged out the psychological pain was clever, and the first-person beating was awesome (though I admit the blood was a little silly). That all said,...
So I should do this so I can be at best, what, the Penultimate Dude?I ain't no fucking beta, bro.
I like kale, but I'm certain none of you pinko Whole Foods types have any idea how to prepare it properly (hint: if you didn't instantly think "ham hock," you're already wrong).
I've been going to weddings frequently for almost 15 years, and it seems like the crapping on the guests has gotten worse as time has gone on.Early on, it was all Saturday afternoon weddings in traditional settings, but now it's destination, Sunday, etc. I'm not entirely certain why it's worse, but it has been.I still assert that the most inconsiderate wedding I've ever attended was in Athens, GA during a home football game.I hate to break it to you, but this is only...
This was actually pretty clever, but the collective stupidity of the internet completely ruined it.
Man, I bet this whole healthcare problem could have been avoided if we'd just had some evidence that those high utilizers were typically irresponsible before we started giving them a new subsidized benefit!
I've noticed something in the new house and would be interested in some input from you guys. [[SPOILER]]
And her superpower is making the heterosexual male sex drive disappear.
Thanks for the well wishes, all. This story has a happy ending! By a surprisingly roundabout set of circumstances that involved a lot of kindness by a lot of people, we discovered that our dog was spotted by someone in the old neighborhood who has been carrying for him since he went missing. They'd actually posted a "found dog" sign, but it must have gone up after we left. That dog drives me nuts, and the truth is that my life would actually probably be easier if he'd...
New Posts  All Forums: