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Pretty much.They don't seem to understand that the point of democracy isn't to coddle them and make sure they get what they want.
I find it perversely refreshing to discover that British millennials are just as sheltered and self-absorbed as the ones in our Grand Experiment. They're so stereotypically insufferable that I almost thought it was an Onion article. I think the best part is the way Vox presents it so earnestly. http://www.vox.com/2016/6/24/12023548/brexit-youth-voters-wanted-britain-remain
It's one thing to know something will happen, but it can be another entirely to actually experience it. Also, what "everyone" who is politically aware knows is much different from what the average low information voter knows, and the size of the turnout pretty much guarantees there were a lot of the latter.If things stay ugly for awhile, it's not inconceivable that buyer's remorse might set in enough to open a window for Parliament to go the other way, especially if the UK...
So, the referendum is, apparently, not legally binding, which means Parliament isn't necessarily required to actually initiate an exit from the EU. The couple quotes from the article I linked below implied that Parliament would follow the will of the people, but it was written 10 days ago. I wonder if things have changed now that Parliament's members have seen the preliminary damage. http://www.businessinsider.com/green-eu-referendum-not-legally-binding-brexit-2016-6
Please give Mouse all of the hell he deserves.The problem isn't for the kids who are old enough to ignore it; it's for the youngest kids who don't need to be taught that there are bad guys out there who want to shoot them all in the name of protecting them from a risk that is so small it's basically nonexistent.We are training children to live in fear, and government schools are by far the biggest offenders, at least from an institutional perspective. This seems like just...
Am I only one starting to see the picture of the girl standing on a toilet for (it's claimed) an active-shooter drill? This is starting to make the rounds on my Facebook, and it's invariably supplemented with a melodramatic post about how guns are making our children unsafe. In a related question, am I the only one who thinks the psychological damage we're doing to small children by teaching them to be afraid all the time is far more of a concern than the 1:2,500,000...
I didn't realize yours wasn't a response to mine! I just thought you typed really fast!
Also, to bring this thread back around to hating on Ticketmaster for a moment. I got a whole bunch of vouchers from the settlement, and they finally released shows where they'll work. There are actually some surprisingly decent ones on the list, but, of course, the codes don't actually work because we're still talking about Ticketmaster here.
If we're talking purely about unpleasantness, I'm afraid you've made a distinction without a difference, my man.
I'm pretty sure a Fatwah was issued at some point that declared listening to Radiohead and fasting to be equivalents in terms of discomfort, and the faithful are therefore only expected to engage in one at a time.
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