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Not even close. Every group has its awful members, but internet atheists are part of a pretty exclusive group when it comes to generally being terrible.Edit: My theory, which I'm developing as I type this, is that internet atheists are terrible because atheists are the more dogmatic end of the nonbeliever scale (with agnostics being less resolute). This means "atheist" captures the fundies of that world, so you can't compare them to Christians or Muslims generally, which...
June. It was from June.Anyhow, if you wish to parse "scandal" until it excludes multiple claims of rape and sexually-based aggression, that's your prerogative, but it's scandalous enough for me. Then again, I have no vested interest in defending a candidate so foul he's actually convinced me to consider voting against my deeply-held opposition to political aristocracy.
Please don't be redundant, Gib.
I'm not. I'm exclusively talking about Trump and pointing out the ridiculousness of the "no sex scandals about Trump" statement.
No. I'm talking about Trump and the Jane Doe lawsuit, and I didn't say anything about Epstein's island (the location of the alleged Trump rapes was Manhattan).
I assume by "no sex scandals" you mean "no sex scandals aside from the child rape (along with the aforementioned Epstein), Jill Harth, and marital rape allegations?"
It's Guns N Roses day! I know I'm supposed to be all cynical and amused by fat Axl and the reunion, but I just can't help but be anything but super stoked. GnR has been a favorite band of mine since I was a kid, and this is the first time they've toured as anything remotely resembling the "real" lineup since I was old enough to start going to concerts. I legitimately never thought this day would come. Also, some friends are passing through tomorrow on vacation, and...
I did the best to lighten the moment with a tip of my glass and a, "hey, I could say the same thing to you."Also, the bride was very pregnant at the time, if that makes the story any more amusing.I knew it was going to be tough (and that I wouldn't kill the toast), but I didn't even consider not doing it. I just tried to view it as supporting my friend, because this thing was happening with or without me.For what it's worth, before he took the plunge, he came to me looking...
FWIW, we have wood in the kitchen (hehe) to match the other floors, and I hate it. I've been told I don't really have an alternative because of my house's floor plan, but I will definitely be exploring every other possible option when we ultimately redo the floors.
That isn't the first time I've seen that trope. Are you guys getting this one in other parts of the country? I'm not exactly the pearl-clutching family values sort, and I think political ads are pretty uniformly stupid, but I have to admit it's pretty well played on Clinton's part.
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