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You just discovered Weather Underground!?Great website for weather in general, if you're kind if a weather nerd (like me), it rules.
Yeah, I let it slide, since I'd heard good things about the movie. In retrospect, that was a poor decision.
I'm glad you've started to enjoy it!I feel much the same way about Greg House. He's who (I'm afraid) I'd be if I just stopped caring, and he's probably my all-time favorite TV protagonist. There are some others who are pretty high on my list, as well (offhand, Dexter Morgan and Hank Moody are up there), but Greg House was so much a favorite of mine that I kept watching House even after it had pretty well jumped the shark.
21 Grams It has popped on and off my radar multiple times since it came out 11 years ago, and I finally thought to put it in my Netflix queue when I thought of it this time. It was...meh.
So what's the word for Clemsoning the week after you beat Clemson via Clemsoning?
Long, hard, dark, African wood, too, and I'm gonna pound it all weekend and probably a couple nights during the week.Correct. Thank God for camera perspective trickery!
It is, and, truth be told, the the pic you saw really didn't do it justice. It looks even better in person.I'll snap one when I'm home and post up. The only one I have on my phone is from home and too personal to post on SF.
A Lewis bag is a canvas bag used to crush ice for cocktails. A mallet is, well, a mallet. You fill the Lewis bag with ice and then work it over with the mallet to crush the ice.
When I got my mallet and Lewis bag recently, I posted about it on Facebook. One of my friends asked a couple questions about the mallet, and I thought he was just curious. Turns out he's gotten into woodworking as a pretty serious hobby, and he custom made me a mallet that's far, far nicer than what I bought. It was at my door when I got home yesterday, and it was a complete surprise. He put a lot of time and thought into it, even choosing hardwoods that had a provenance...
New Posts  All Forums: