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She left Ethan at the altar. Duh. Try to keep up, you washed-up charlatan.
Hey, don't drag Georgia into this. No state bats 1.000, and you're just going to have to forgive us for Ed.
When I was in my 20s my doctor at the time was going over the age-appropriate screenings I'd need in the future. When she got to the age where I'd need a prostate exam, she reassured me that she was an excellent doctor to have, given her "skinny fingers." I've long since moved away, but, as I inch closer to that certain age, it is something I keep in mind as I choose my physicians.
Yeah, that was pretty terrible. I could have tolerated the horrendous acting if the hospital survivors had introduced an interesting new storyline about how some groups have survived, but recycling the "ends justify the means" plotline yet again was just insulting.
Yes. It's so that they can give their kids "unique" names.For example, my daughter's name is spelled A-N-T-H-O-7-N-Y, but we pronounce it "Jane" because the "7" is (obviously) silent.
Oh, man, that was a nasty injury to the Ole Miss kid. What a horrible way for Auburn to win, and then one of their players was strutting around when they announced the ruling on fumble. Fuck them.
The playoff is going to be utter anarchy. One hypothetical: - Arkansas, which Georgia drilled at home, beats MSU, which doesn't lose again (or MSU loses somewhere else). - Georgia wins out, including Auburn, and Auburn doesn't lose any other games. - Missouri loses another conference game. - Georgia makes the SECCG and wins it against MSU. If I have this all straight, which I might not, you'd have every SEC team with at least two losses, and a champion that lost to two...
Even bracketing the Gurley thing, I still don't think this was as certain as people thought. Florida, especially Muschamp, needed this win badly. This has become The Game for UF. Plus, Georgia was ultra thin at RB. Chubb is a beast, no question, but Douglas backing him up isn't the same as a true #2 RB. I know Georgia had beaten up on people with that tandem, but Florida's defense is the best Georgia had seen all season. Also, people seemed to forget that Florida has just...
Thanks, dude.I've thought about this, too. It's a really tough question, because I'm a big, big Richt fan, but I can't really argue with the reality of the fact that I honestly don't recall a season in which coming out flat and getting beat on hasn't lost us at least one game.It also seems like there's always something that comes up that doesn't happen to other teams. This year it's Gurley. Last year it was the outrageous spate of injuries. There's always a reason Georgia...
Good grief. Now these assholes are fawning over Muschamp and talking about Florida winning the SEC.Yeah. I've watched enough of these to know how it can go.
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