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I'm not gonna bash your love of Rush, because I understand how people like them even if I'm not a big fan, but the bolded parts are .
Your comment on the cat's status was the last thing I read on Facebook before I came here.
Everyone knows the worst song in history is "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. There's really no debate on the topic.
I wouldn't lie to you, E.
+1 to traveling, GF. Do it.She wasn't even barely mediocre. The joke I made above is verbatim what I found her doing at one point. She had to do an analysis of a budget, and I walked into her cube to find her with a paper budget report (which could have been exported to Excel) and calculator in hand. She was going through the report and keying in the values one at a time. When she came to a point where she needed, say, a total, she'd punch it all into her calculator and...
You can lead a woman who claimed advanced Excel skills on her resume to her computer, but you can't make her understand that printing raw data, hand keying it into a spreadsheet, and using a calculator to do the math (the results of which you also hand key into the spreadsheet) is doin' it wrong.
I was thinking about the promoted ex coworker thing, and I realized I'd probably bitched about her at some point when I still worked there. I searched, and found this from nearly four years ago: [[SPOILER]]
It's so infuriating. Certainly doesn't do much for the notion of merit.Even at the new job, she'll be pretty deep in the weeds. This won't be a CEO-type thing where she can delegate. It's a small team where she'll be very active.Even if it was a fit/job type thing, she hadn't been in the new position for nearly long enough to prove herself talented after how terrible she was at the old job. A few years down the line, and maybe she's shown that she's able to thrive in a...
I just found out that someone I worked with a couple of jobs ago was promoted to a major leadership role in the organization. It pisses me off because she was literally the most inept person I've ever worked with. She started a year after me and was very nearly fired after her probationary period, which is unheard of (they wound up doubling it to give her another chance). She was so bad at her job that we had to reshuffle responsibilities because she couldn't handle the...
That really, really sucks, GF. I hate it for you. I hope you find something new (and better) fast.
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