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This motherfucker is fucking alpha as fuck. I'm fucking glad I don't have to try to sell in his fucking market.
We have them around here, and they generally work well in the right context. They seem to function very well at small, low-speed intersections that would otherwise be a four-way stop. There's one in particular that I drive frequently, and I've actually noticed an impressive lack of stupidity. The biggest roundabout failure I've ever seen was when I was still in Florida, and they decided to put a huge one at an intersection near the beach. Some brilliant transportation...
I'm completely serious. Other than the fact that a cop can give you a ticket if you don't stop completely at a stop sign, what's the difference between a stop sign and a yield sign?
Stop signs are stupid; they should all be yield signs.
So, I'd given up on this because the position closed some time ago, and I hadn't heard anything.Then I got a call earlier today asking to set up an interview.
You guys are aware that you're not required to watch the show, right? I feel like there's been some miscommunication here, but watching this, or any, show is completely optional. Also, I would like to note the tremendous irony in criticizing the decision-making skills of fictional characters while giving up 45-60 minutes of your life watching a show for which you have nothing but contempt.
So, fellow Dawgs, what's the feeling on our esteemed head coach? I'm a huge Richt fan, and I want very badly for him to be The Guy, but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait. The complete faceplants in big games are bad enough, but I'm more worried about the big picture. We've been the close-but-almost kids for half a decade now (more, really). At what point have we given him enough time to get over the hump? Have we already? If not, could this season get bad enough for...
Oh, Chubb, no...
Dunno. It would be kind of nice to look like we came prepared for something in this game.While I don't love seeing a big run ripped off against our defense, I think it's unfair to put a whole lot of blame on them for the way the game turned. The D was playing well until it started to get ground down because the offense couldn't keep it off the field.The offense, on the other hand, is an unmitigated disaster. We literally have no one who can pay quarterback right now. This...
The most infuriating part about this bullshit is how completely unsurprising it is.
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