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Well, that's what happens when you're the aggressive, mechanized bully who invades a peaceful, bucolic sovereign nation and ruthlessly rapes and pillages it. You owe us. Also, Texas was on our team.
$39,000,000 of which was federal money. Things that are funnier than the jokes Yankees made about us when it all went down: The fact that we got them to help pay for the very ineptitude they mocked. Thanks, guys!
"It's really stuffy in the office today, but there are popsicles in the freezer in the break room. Please help yourself. Also, they're all sugar-free, so you don't have to worry about calories."
My job requires me to occasionally work with people who do the same sort of job I used to do, and who, by virtue of the structure of the organization (not seniority, as they're technically below me on the org chart), can exercise a modicum of control over certain parts of my work. This is fine when it functions properly, but it's infuriating when they suck at their job and I'm held up by their incompetence. It's even more frustrating because I know exactly how they're...
Sincerely sorry to hear it, Ed.
The teacher whining is awful. It's not just the pay, either; it's the complaining about the hours, as if they're being put upon because they can't work only those hours the kids are in school. In my experience, if you try to point any of this out, however, their argument ends up going in circles: "A teacher's work isn't finished when the kids go home. Sometimes we have to stay for hours after school. I've been known to work from 7:30-5:00 when it's hectic. I've even...
I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Today is the baby's first day of daycare and the wife's first day back at work full time. It's been a lot less rough than I recall it being when my son first went, but I know it's still not easy for MrsG. She works full time because having both of us work is the best option for our family, not because she's passionate about her work. While that's a legitimate and reasonable justification, I know it doesn't completely take away her mom guilt, and it bothers me that she's...
Dunno. Believer or not, it seems to me that he could probably use a few Sundays in a pew, especially if he could catch a sermon about, say, honesty.
My former boss once told me the story of a direct report he had who faked cancer. The best part of the story was that this was a state employee, and state HR policy made it pretty much impossible to fire the person when the ruse was uncovered.
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