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I'm not saying they shouldn't expect others to read it; I'm saying there's a difference between reading it and going all creeper by getting down to tit level to stare for a while. Same logic goes for any adornment meant to draw attention or flatter - it's fine to observe it politely, but it's rude to stare or make a production of it.
That was a weird quirk of my phone's autocorrect, but it is strangely appropriate.
Dude, do you really not see how leaning into a woman woman's chest and staring is creepertastic? For the most part, I agree that people with tattoos probably ought to expect to be asked about them on occasion, and there's likely often an element of look-at-me-ness to visible ink (though probably no more than the average SFer with clothing). I don't get offended when people ask about mine, and generally welcome conversation about it, since anything I put on my body...
It's all that intertextuality, L'Inc. They're a lot harder to type than normal text messages.
A) It's "sweet tea." "Iced" is completely unnecessary.II) No. Actually, it has probably already happened, since they fry Coke all the time, but, still, no.
It's almost like you guys have never had 'nana pudding. Also, I literally just put down the new issue of Garden and Gun. It's the food issue. I only really had time to thumb through it, but I am uber excited based upon what I perused.
Due dates are useful from a medical perspective, because they can be used to create benchmarks for fetal development (i.e. "at approximately xx weeks, we should be seeing these features, and we need to monitor more closely if we don't"). However, they're basically useless from a "my baby will come on x/x/xx" perspective. Something like 95% of kids won't be born on their due date. In fact, only like 80% are born within 37-42 weeks of gestation, and there's a two-week window...
Good stuff, JG. Congrats!
On the bright side, her spectacular fail in your presence just might be a sign you've found your soulmate.
Maybe the dog was at doggy daycare all day and didn't need anymore interaction. Maybe it's mean, or just had surgery. Maybe the dog just isn't social (one of my dogs couldn't care less about other dogs), or maybe it gets super wound up around other dogs and the owner was looking for a quiet evening at home. Maybe the owner had a pot on the stove and the dog just needed a quick trip out. Maybe the owner is a misanthrope who is uncomfortable with human interaction, or maybe...
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