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Declares himself a "yuuge fan" of proposal made by a guy named Swift. Doesn't realize it's satire.
Solidarity, dude. I'd forgotten how poorly applicants are treated through the whole process. I hope I get a bite soon, because I'm already irritated.
Personally, if I can't find a way to rationalize tapping the C just to avoid the D, I'm probably (somewhat reluctantly) taking the Johnson.
The leaky dishwasher is a good example. It's also harder to clean up, which is a problem given the nature of what goes on in the kitchen, and it's exacerbated by the fact that I'm kind of a messy cook and have small children who are prone to spills. I feel like I spend a lot more time cleaning every time there's a spill than I would with another flooring type because I have to do stuff like clean in the grooves.Also, I worry a lot about durability. The kitchen is pretty...
I'm finally following through on my "I really, really need to find a new job" griping. I'd forgotten just how miserable job hunting is.
Don't do it, Manton. It's worse in CE now than it was when you left (and I say this as someone with such a high tolerance for appalling misbehavior that my first mod assignment was DT).
That's not bullshit.
I think dog shit smells horrible and actively avoid stepping in it, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong when I tell you it's brown.Anyhow, I stand by my statements. I don't know if any of the accusations were talking about are true, but they're enough for me not to pretend Trump is without sexual scandal.
Not what I said.They're typically unpleasant and obnoxious. That's more than enough for me not to like them.Of course it's not all of them, but they're reliably more terrible than we'd expect from a random sample of the population.
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