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You'd never have to worry if her "number" was right.
I was gonna argue with you about how I'm not anywhere near middle age yet, but it's really late (like 10:30), I'm comfy on the sofa, and I'm pretty tired.
This thread, which covers a B&S issue at length, might be informative:http://www.styleforum.net/t/64932/fs-attolini-pink-cashmere-unlined-tieKidding aside, I don't believe there's an ongoing B&S advice thread, but I know there have been threads started over B&S issues. Those might be instructive if you can track one down.
I think the critical statement in this post is "you handle it." It has long been the policy at SF that management doesn't involve itself in disputes between buyers and sellers.
Nope. I'm not thrilled about some of the stuff that comes with aging, like my body starting to break down, but, for the most part, I'm not at all worried about getting older. I'm looking forward to the experiences that come with each phase of life - watching my kids grow, for example - and I wouldn't give that up in exchange for holding static and preserving my youth.
It's not my favorite thing, especially when they drag out, but being on this side of the process has been interesting.I'm also pretty invested in it because I'm the one who will work most closely with, and possibly supervise, the new hire. I'll also be delegating duties to the new person, which lets me pick and choose what I want to do, so I have a pretty specific candidate type in mind.Shut up, dude. I have other skills, too!
I've been fighting some kind of bug all week (no GRID). I was feeling a little off Sunday, and the first couple days of the week, I felt like hell. Then I was feeling pretty good on Wednesday, but I've felt shitty the last couple days. I'm super fatigued and achy. Now, on top of the fact that I only have today to shake whatever this is before the weekend, I have to spend about half my day today on an interview panel. I'm actually enjoying being an interviewer, but the last...
Yes, I also did the standard stuff we do when there's a suspected spammer. It's almost like I've done this before! Thanks for forwarding, pB. Looks like it has been taken care of.
Then forward it from your trash folder.
Forward it to me, pB, and I'll deal with it.
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