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True story: Canada is the best sovereign nation on the north side of the northern border of the United States.
Is that the Supreme Court in the background? Leave it to millennials to know so little about civics that they protest to the branch of our government that is intentionally removed from the whims of voters and public opinion.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you today's winner of the internet.
Hell yeah! Nothing solves social problems quite like buckets of ice, Facebook shares, and retweets! These are solutions that didn't even exist when other generations were still young idealists.
TM is correct, at least according to what I've read; Idaho gets some portion of the payout regardless of what happens.They're supposed to decide today, so I guess we'll know soon. I'm assuming it gets canceled, because UF never misses a chance to soften its schedule, but we'll see. The more I think about it the more I think it's pretty outrageous that UF might be allowed to simply forgo playing a game. I know it's partially just the nature of college football, but, still,...
This is how it starts. At first, it's hangover posts, then, next thing you know, it's posts about your creepy, old roommate and macarons.
Don't work yourself up over it, pB. To me, it makes more sense that she's really coming home to you out of love and a need for comfort, since she can only get that by actually visiting. If she cheated, or has similarly bad news, she could just tell you that through whatever means you guys communicate and then use her little bit of time away from work to, you know, take advantage of her newfound freedom.
Early waking is also a symptom of depression. I wonder if there's some sort of more general association with waking up and mental distress.
Interesting. I do the same thing. In fact, I did it last week. Woke up for some reason, and wound up in this weird existential crisis spiral. I just assume it's because that's generally the only time of day I have anymore where I'm not busy or distracted. Ambien doesn't always help for me, because it starts to wear off before it's time to wake, so there's a window in there where I can wake up before I really need to be up.
Not to continue the hot-weather pissing contest, but, perhaps ironically, it's been extra gross here, too. I spent about six hours out in it on Saturday for the game, and I was pretty much drenched in sweat the whole time. It was so humid that the sweat doesn't evaporate, and it was made worse by being crammed at the bottom of a stadium filled with 90k+ people. Sunday was the same, though maybe not quite as humid, and I spent a bunch of time in it, as well.It was so hot...
New Posts  All Forums: