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You sound like you're pretty salty over this.
Not so much making me happy as making me laugh: My best friend and I have a mutual friend on Facebook who can be quite irritating. She's a drama queen, and she uses purported concern for others as a way to gain attention for herself. There are no discreet shows of concern or affection for people she knows; only grand, public proclamations that let everyone know how much she cares. She also has a creepy, stalker-like tendency to constantly be the first person to comment on...
I typically do the "split the check by what you ordered" thing, mostly for the reasons Piob listed (namely, that even in larger groups, my friends tend to be coupled off). Oddly enough, the last time I remember splitting evenly was when I met up with an SFer a few years ago. I seem to recall our respective tabs being pretty similar no matter how you sliced it, but I do recall thinking he was overpaying a bit if either of us was (he was the one who suggested it).
I don't think there's ever been any question about that.
Thanks, my e-bros. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to avoid the stomach bug, and it was a lot worse for me than my daughter, but I'm on the mend. I finally got upright about an hour ago.I'm just going to assume 2017 is getting all the hassles out of the way early, and the rest of the year will be a breeze!
Friday: - Your health insurance cost is going to go up about 600% at the new job (since largely fixed after half a day of worrying by planning how we'll distribute the family between MrsG's plan and mine). - Someone in your family is going to jail! - Call uncle who is more like a father to talk about family member headed to the pokey and find out uncle's in the hospital in respiratory distress with declining renal function. - Older child comes home with a 101-plus-degree...
Thanks, bro!
Kind of in between. I'm getting out of government and the absurdity of the bureaucracy, and it's not NPO work. However, I would still consider what I'll be doing public service.
Yup. I was right. Everything is ironed out, and I'm just waiting for the letter so I can sign and make it official.It is well past time for me to leave where I am, and I negotiated a nice raise, but most of all I'm excited about the new environment. I spent a good bit of time today talking to my boss-to-be, and it sounds like they have a great thing going. I think I'm really going to enjoy the work.
I hate to revive the sleeping beast that is the fireplace conversation, but I could use some input. I was adding some beautiful hardwood to my non-cuck fireplace so I could make an astonishingly manly fire, and I noticed a hairline crack in the lower section of the insert. I'd really rather not replace the insert right now because there's a good chance we're going to redo the whole fireplace area within the next year or two, and inserts are expensive enough that I don't...
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