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Had a conference call on this this morning. We'll be going with the solution I presented at the beginning of all of this.Also, I had the opportunity to explain to the manager of the other department why her solution wouldn't work, as it was in direct conflict with the laws governing the item.Like a bawse.
Thing that's pissing me off: About a week ago, I caught an error in an item my department is working on with another department. The solution, as I see it, could be one of a couple options, both of which are pretty simple (and I'd know because I used to do their job). However, which solution we use is not my call, it's theirs, so I reached out to my contact in the other department. I knew there was a deadline coming, so I made sure to give them more than enough time. Lo...
Well played, sir.
Next time you run out of Ambien, I suggest figuring out that app and giving the The Wire a try. You'll be sawing logs in no time.
I don't know much about basketball, but that analogy only holds if the Heat were one of the top teams ever to play the sport and the Spurs were completely overrated, incredibly boring, and followed by fans who insisted that, in order to get to the part of it game that's actually worth watching, you just had to slog through an interminable first quarter.
Huh. And here I was thinking it's the explosive diarrhea.
I just found out Sturgill Simpson is playing Atlanta the day before MrsG and I are seeing Mark Knopfler. Looks like I'm going back-to-back Friday/Saturday shows! I may have even talked MrsG into coming to both if we can find a sitter for both nights!
The flux capacitor on my Delorean broke while I was showing my kids prehistoric lands during the afternoon, and I spent my Saturday night fending off dinosaurs instead of attending a saucy puppet show with Bender and Fry.Oh, I'm sorry, is this not the thread where we tell outrageous, obvious lies?
Thanks for the kind words, dude! And thanks for the well wishes. If it's the right opportunity, it'll work out. There's still a lot of space between here and there, but it's an intriguing possibility.
New Posts  All Forums: