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My wife and I were talking about this during our Thanksgiving road trip, specifically people's tendency to hit the brakes on the interstate when simply allowing the car to slow itself down would do. Her theory is that manual transmissions tend to slow more when you take your foot off the gas than automatics, and, due to the pervasiveness of automatic transmissions, a large proportion of modern drivers, maybe even most, have never driven a manual transmission. That being...
I'm currently listening to "Theatre of the Soul." Haven't missed a word yet. Edit: Now I'm going through the songs individually and previewing them. I really do know the vast majority of the lyrics, and, despite a couple of low points, this truly was a solid mainstream rock record. It's kind of too bad it was recorded by Poison.
I'm a bit young to have really gotten into hair metal during its heyday, but I loved that album when I was a nascent consumer of popular rock, and still really enjoy it. No lie.I had it on cassette when I was a kid, and I bought the CD in the bargain bin a few years later. It ultimately made it to my iPod. I don't listen to it very frequently, but I can still remember every word to nearly all of the songs (and enjoy it in a non-ironic way) when I think to put it on.
This isn't quite that extensive, but it's the first work I'll have that can't be covered with a t-shirt. That's being the case, it's a symbolic step as much as a major tattoo.I go back and forth on what the end goal will be for my tattoos. Tomorrow is to plan, and maybe start, two. One is very simple and will probably take about 30 minutes, but the second might require some design and more time. I have a third I know I'll get after that, but I don't know beyond those...
Left arm.Right arm.
Definitely get married. Lifetime commitments are best when they're made to someone with whom you share almost nothing in common, especially when they're made out of fear and guilt. I see literally nothing about your situation that should cause misgivings.
Wearing my sleeves rolled up at work for what is probably the last time ever, for tomorrow is the day I see my tattoo artist!
GF's problem is obviously low T.
Jim McElwain to UF.
I hereby nominate @GreenFrog for the custom title "Low T."
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