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+1Meyer is a petulant penis, and that has been apparent for quite a while. The first signs I recall were when he got bent out of shape and whined about UGA celebrating in the end zone in 2007, but it became glaringly obvious when, as part of his payback during the 2008 game, he called two timeouts while leading by 39 points with less than a minute left in the game.Sportsmanship is as much about being a gracious winner as it is about not being a sore loser. Meyer is...
It does suck, GF, but, no, there will be no confrontation. There's no way that would end well. I'm well regarded around here, and my boss has mentioned how much he is impressed by my ability to handle stress. Even if someone is convinced I screwed up (I didn't), this isn't going to undermine the prevailing positive opinion of me, and a confrontation, even a low-key one would do more harm to my reputation than good. I replied to the email yesterday and copied everyone. In...
Administrative assistant
Part of my job requires me to review financial information for various projects my organization undertakes. It's a simple process - the project manager decides how much a project phase will cost, they give me some documentation, I check to make sure they have the money and fix it if they don't, and I pass along the approval to an AA who gets things going. Our fiscal year changed at the new year, and Finance has been dragging its feet on getting financial info like budgets...
If you're really going for hyper accuracy, which is fine, you should be noting that the link between prostate cancer and zinc was found in people who use zinc as a daily supplement in high doses. What we're talking about here is infrequent use.
I used to use the Zicam lozenges. I know its effectiveness is controversial, but I'm in the camp who feels my colds aren't as severe when I hit them with zinc. Could be coincidence, could be placebo effect, but there's evidence that says it works. The evidence, combined with the fact that I hate being sick, means I'm willing to accept a bit of delusion if it makes me feel any better. I say I "used" to use the lozenges because at some point I switched to zinc tablets. They...
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the valedictorian of the 2015 class of The In Stitches School of Buying Stuff Online.
I think "shitty" is too strong. It was...fine. Nothing spectacular, but it was a reasonable way to end the story.
If idiots like that had existed in 1950, Sam Phillips would have been shouted out of business and 60 (and counting) years of rock music would have never existed. Rock music exists because white Sun Records acts appropriated and misused black music to create rock 'n' roll.
I give the ingredients a piercing glance, and they come apart out of fear. But I guess that's not an option for guys who aren't even manly enough to need a pocketknife.
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