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Also, I find it disturbing that lottery lady is being presented as a feel-good story in articles about her."Woman makes a shocking comprehensive list of very poor decisions and then literally lucks her way out of it, statistically only temporarily. Let's celebrate all she's overcome!"I provided part of that $2. I would like a proportionate cut of the jackpot.
Fair point, but it's not so much lottery intuition. She got her inspiration from a higher power. According to her, it was a gift from God, because we all know how much Jesus encouraged using your kids' welfare check to play games of chance.I've always figured the lottery demographic was more working class/working poor. I'd have thought there was a sort of "poorness floor" where there's so little liquidity that you legitimately can't put the couple bucks together to buy...
I just read an article about a Powerball winner in North Carolina. She's 26 years old, has four kids, appears to be unmarried, and recently quit her jobs at McDonald's and Walmart to look after her kids. What in the hell is an unemployed, single mother of four doing spending money on lottery tickets? I know this is venturing close to CE territory, but given my complaint is about her behavior, not the idea of the welfare state, I feel justified posting it here.
I was a bigger fan of him as host of The Daily Show than Stewart. Of course, that was a long time ago, so my taste may have changed, but I definitely preferred Kilborn.
Thanks, Piob. That's kind of what I'm thinking. Grieving doesn't end at the funeral. They also have a preferred charity in lieu of flowers. I think we'll contribute a bit to that, too, as a gesture of support.
An old friend's mother died on Sunday. It's sad because death usually is, and it means my friend's children will never really know their grandmother (they're pretty young). However, she'd been in terrible health for a few years, and she was 70, so it's not as if a young woman was taken in her prime. What pisses me off is that the funeral is Friday, and I'd like to go support my friend, but there's absolutely no way I can make it happen. I know my presence isn't critical...
Bring back Craig Kilborn!
Truly sad. I hope your friend finds peace.
It is a great one. Eminently quotable, but my favorite line might be from the conversation about grits with the witness toward the end (though there are some very, very close seconds). Alas, I never get to use it in context, since everyone knows I'm a self-respecting Southerner.Related cool story, bro:I once got a speeding ticket on a back road in bustling Jasper County Georgia (basically the middle of nowhere). I went to the county seat, Monticello, to pay my fine, and...
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