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If your ability to land a punch is anything like your ability to catch a joke, this won't take long at all.
Do you know what happened to the last guy I tended to pick on who went around making idiotic posts and claiming he had a lot more power than he did?
I don't want to pull mod rank here, but will fucking ban you if you ever say anything like this again.
Even if the pill is preferable to a Red Bull, that's not the comparison being made here.
If we're talking purely about their fuel-like ability, I'm actually inclined to agree*.*Full disclosure: I'm not a big coffee drinker, like maybe once a month, although the recent introduction of a bean grinder and French press to my home has been revelatory for my understanding of how tasty coffee can be.
Wishing death on a human being is totally a symmetrical response to unsavory, yet legal, behavior involving killing animals. Totally.
Please stop infringing on my religious freedom.
Could also have something to do with the toilet-clogging dumps.
Sorry, pal, you need at least two master's degrees to talk to me like that!+1
So, it turns out the Hulkster is a big giant racist.I didn't realize my childhood would be shat upon today, but there you go.
New Posts  All Forums: