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I once saw a guy bring in a bunch of paperwork and put the stuff he wasn't reading on the floor. At one point he put his glasses on the floor, too.Why do they do it? Do they just have no awkwardness reflex?
Speaking of occupied stalls at work. My bathroom of choice has three stalls. Two are side-by-side, with the third about 10 feet away on the other side of the urinals. I frequently use one of the side-by-side pair for my morning constitutional. I'd say easily 75% of the time, if someone comes into the restroom to do the same while I'm there and both other stalls are open, they choose the stall next to mine instead of the one across the room. Why do they do that? What is...
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the closest our fair Edina will ever come to being in a woman's mouth!
Your reference to serving Diet Coke betrays your claim that you throw "rowdy parties."
One of the best lines from a highly underrated movie.
That's horrible, Acid. +1 to LD. There's nothing you can say to make it better; you just have to be there for him.
I've long wondered this, too, especially the ones with the rolling suitcases. I don't understand what in the world they could possibly have in there, but I've always assumed they're just incapable of organizing properly, never throw anything away, and it just builds up. I also assume they all have martyr complexes and need to make sure we all know how hard they're working.
I generally accept changes pretty well, bit I still think gmail tabs are stupid.
That's pretty rich from a guy who spends his free time talking to you.
This reminds me - I still haven't found a new moisturizer.Also, it's not hand lotion I'm trying to find. I don't have any interest in destroying guitar callouses and having the hands of a lady. My hands are soft enough as it is, what with being bourgeoisie and all.
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