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It's weird watching Auburn play from behind. They're completely not built for it, and it looks strange when they try to play the type of football it takes to get back in this sort of game.
The Georgia game started out aggravating, but now it's a lot of fun to watch. Feeling pretty good about it.
I'm sure that was the first time anyone in Seattle had ever heard those nuggets of comedic brilliance.
Things that happen at the airport if you are traveling with a woman who would prefer not to run her breast milk through the scanner: Pat down for mama and standing with your baby and preschooler while everything you brought gets rifled through in the middle of security. Remember when we were all debating whether the terrorists had won? Watch some GED she beast grope your wife while Fat Bastard swipes your four-year-old's Mickey Mouse backpack for explosives, all because...
I would also like to know the answer to this question.
Bad nightmares are their own special sort of disturbing. I had a really unsettling one last night, and it kept me awake for a good while.
No way, bro. I mean, not all of it.
I am sorely tempted, but it feels wrong to give them the same gift as my SF SS.
Oh, FFS, you have your rehearsal dinner at a nice seafood restaurant, and the only option I have for food is the chicken and ribs combo!? Again, fuck you.
Wait. Crisis averted. It appears that they do indeed have decent whiskey. The waitress is just an idiot. So, the first part of my post still holds, but at least I can pay for some whiskey.
New Posts  All Forums: