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When I saw you reappear in CE, I was waiting for this. I recall exchanging good-natured-trash-talk PMs during the season that followed the last Tech win. That was half a decade ago. You should probably make very sure you enjoy the next 11 or so months.
Everyone gets one of these:
If the goal is to help with college, I would look at a 529. It's deductible from your state income taxes in most states, and the gains are tax-free so long as you use it for qualifying expenses. You can set it up to auto debit, so it has that, as well. In terms of risk, it's not guaranteed to net positive returns, but you can pick your strategy, so you can mitigate it almost entirely.
Holy shit. Are you intentionally this terrible? Your posts are like what would happen if Why and Fang created a sock and agreed they should go out of their way to make it worse than the sum of its parts.
He knows what the problem is, so there is no reason to believe this isn't an earnest plan to fix the issue. Plus, I was celebrating the fact that I was able to convince him an issue he wanted to ignore really needed to be addressed properly, and I did it without causing acrimony with the people who can make my living arrangement a living hell.Politely explaining to someone why they're wrong, and then getting your way, is an excellent skill to possess for those of us who...
Landlord will be over with his fireplace guy first thing Monday morning to get it fixed.I rule.
Clearly, you are suffering from low T(insel).
Sounds to me like SF dodged a bullet on this one.
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