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Did FLMM, Matt, and AF start posting down here again without me noticing?Edit: For the record, I'm talking about when CE was great, not "great."
I will say that it had a better ending than the Negan episode.
Sick false dichotomy, bro.Unless you're a fan the of cheesy-moral-relativism school of psychology, it might be worth considering the possibility that he was just plain old evil.
Um. The guilty party is the one with the penis. Duh.Serious reply: I get the feeling the guy in this case is a scumbag who took advantage of a drunk woman in a manner I think is criminal. However, I have trouble with the furor over it because no one really knows what happened. Like Ata said, her whole claim that this had to be non-consensual seems to rest on her certainty that she's just not that kind of girl. She can't actually refute the male's claims because she has no...
An alligator once tried to eat my dog. We managed to escape.
Now I'm not in the burgling industry, so maybe I'm way off base here. However, it seems to me that any burglar who is conscientious enough to keep track of such developments would also be aware of, and deterred by, the fact that this technology means the homeowner now has a picture of said home invader.
Thanks, guys! I got the first Nest yesterday, and the two-wire thermostat is the one that needs the programmability more, so I may try to wire it this weekend if I can find the time.
I haven't listened to Rome in a long time now, because I don't listen to sports talk radio anymore, but I was a fan of his when I did. He could be obnoxious (they all are), but I enjoyed his analysis and interviews (even when he wasn't getting his ass kicked).
Assuming the wires are indeed R and W, will I get all the functionality from the Nest if I use this setup?Good to know, thanks! I'd heard their support is solid, so I may take advantage of it.I'm a little dubious of the learning function, too, especially because of the way my house is laid out in addition to the two zone thing. That said, I'm getting one for free and the other for $100 off, so I'll be into them for less than $150 total. At that price, I'm okay if Nest just...
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