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Maybe it's just the threads in which I encounter him, I don't recall having encountered quite this level of under-his-skin-ness with GF.Listen to LD, GF, for he speaks the truth.I think it's weird how you said "continue debating," as I never started. Note that my first post on this explicitly stated that I didn't wish to argue, which is why, you know, I haven't been arguing with you.I really have no dog in this fight, and, given that my involvement is entirely predicated...
Why in the world do you care so much about this? I mean, I'm willing to get worked up over some dumb shit, so I kind of get it, but damn, dude.As I said above, I'm not interested in arguing about your fandom, and I certainly don't have enough invested in this to spend a bunch of my time articulating something simply because you demanded it of me. If you don't think you're a bandwagon/fair weather fan, that really seems like it ought to be enough.
Thank you for this. Nothing can compensate for what I went through last night, but damned if you haven't provided some excellent salve for the wound.
I don't recall posting an argument at all, so I'm not sure how you've measured its quantity of shit. I'm not really all that interested in arguing about it. And, anyhow, as H said above, if you don't understand why it's incredibly suspect that, upon deciding as a grown man that you like sports, you decided to become a fan of a team at the peak of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history, there's really not much to be said. I guess you either get why this behavior...
This is good stuff, Doc. Cheers to both of you on the reconciliation.
Wait. GF has been a Patriots fan for a year?
You heard, "deflated balls," and thought, "hell yeah! That's the team for me," didn't you?
I'm one of those sports guys who typically can't stand fairweather fans, but, despite the fact that it's driven in large part by such fans, I have to admit that the local excitement over the Falcons' upcoming appearance in the Super Bowl is pretty cool. People are really into it - Falcons stuff everywhere, people randomly saying "Rise Up" to each other when they see Falcons gear, etc. It's really a lot of fun. I just hope they win!
I was a huge KoRn fan, and I discovered them pretty early, like '95 when they were nobodies. It was good music for scaring the other kids when I was in high school. They put a new one out late last year, and it's supposed to be a return to their old form. I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I was impressed by what I have heard. Also, speaking of 90s metal, we bought tickets yesterday to see Sevendust do a homecoming show for the 20th anniversary of their first...
I was a fan of the LB back in the day. I still think "$3 Bill Y'all" was an excellent representation of numetal before the genre got bloated and ridiculous, but I admit that in retrospect I don't exactly feel proud of having liked them. I look back on them like I imagine 80s kids look back on Winger. That said, Wed Borland was one hell of a guitarist, and it's too bad he wasn't in a band that could really take advantage of his skills.
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