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I hate playing USC. They care so much more than Georgia about this game. For them, it's Clemson, then UGA. For UGA, it's Florida, Auburn, Tech, Tennessee, and then maybe USC. Add in that SC has a talented coach who hates UGA, and just enough talent to compete, and it's always infuriating to watch as a Georgia fan.He really is just insanely good. Love watching him play.
I knew my man H would get that reference
I'm sitting in line at CFA as I write this, though I'll not be having dessert, as it always takes me a couple of months to get over the trauma of the peach milkshake window having closed.
Okay, I've resisted speaking up because you're (allegedly) a new poster who might not know the ropes yet, but enough with the CE outside of CE. Very few people here want to read it, and the ones who do know how to find it. Stop it. No exceptions, no elephants in the room, no "just this once because it's a big issue." Going forward, if you wish to continue to post on SF, your CE-related posts will be exclusively in that subforum.
H, you're making it sound like homosexuals are nomadic, if not predatory, miscreants who have some implied need to move around. You're also likening them to Muslims, or Muslims to them.
I don't mean to underestimate the impact it had on the U.S. when it happened, but I find the fact that people feel the need to pore over 9/11 every single year to be obnoxious and infuriating. Seriously, we get it. We all remember. We'll never forget. Yay America. The worst are the people who post quotes about how strong and resilient Americans are on places like Facebook. Yes, we're still mourning and getting weepy over stuff that happened 13 years ago. Very resilient.
I don't blame him. As someone who has been on the interviewer's side of the table, I can tell you I also didn't like to hear candidates saying a bunch of bullshit.
Dude, orange is easily the second-best Starburst. Lemon is pretty weak, but they can't all be orange/strawberry.
Nope. I mean, you have to brush off the little bit of residue after you take the pile of talc off, but there's no mark or anything.And E's right - it's remarkable how well it works. I was dubious of it and tried it as a last-ditch effort after dropping a big chunk of chicken wing on my then-favorite tie, and it was seriously like it never happened.
If it's an oil-based dressing, clean it as much as you cancan by dabbing, cover the spot in talc, and let it sit for a couple days. It'll draw the oil out of the fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: