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Man, I grill a mean steak.
It makes me vomit in my mouth a little to type this, but Ed's right. The data are skewed because USC has been relatively not terrible recently under Spurrier, but, as a program, they're not "a hell of a lot better" than Vandy.
He definitely lives in a place with an exceedingly high concentration of both groups.
50% of the people who ruined the state of Florida.
I was just a little older than those kids when my parents split up (my brother was right around their age), and this describes my dad to the letter, so I've been there. Your SIL is doing the right thing. It'll be hard for awhile, but everyone will be much better off.To describe the apparent dissonance in declaring kids better off in a broken home, I often fall back on a line from a Jason Isbell song: "I could say you made me go through life the hard way, but it might have...
I don't know what to tell you, Piob. I guess your quaint Canadian rebellion doesn't have the same gravity as good ol' American guerilla warfare.Ha. That's a solid comparison.One might even say that any young poster who might take a notion to trying to replicate my approach could put themselves at risk of being SF's Matt Bevilacqua.
Those decisions are made way above my level, but you new blood guys are a bunch of pussies compared to when I got deputized.In my day, we had panache. We had chutzpah. We had an ethos.For example, you know how I got modified? Civil disobedience. I started a thread with nothing but cuss words in the title, created a sock puppet (without a proxy), and used my sock to participate in the coordinated trolling of another member. A couple days later, I was granted all sorts of...
Thing I don't get: People I've seen in the Drunk Poasting thread, or talk about booze elsewhere, pontificating on their philosophical objections to other types of intoxicants.
I'm a rather big fan of pink myself, and I've never really had any sort of non-manly association with it.I think I got it from my dad. He was a big fan, as well, and, though I have many negative things to say about him, I have to admit that in his prime he was one of the baddest asses I've ever met. (When he sees me wearing pink, he likes to tell me the story about the time his professional wrestler friend told him to wear his pink shirt to a court date - for beating the...
Good luck, bros!I've had a bit of improvement on this front, as well. I reached out to the contact I met on Saturday, and she responded almost immediately saying she'd forward my resume to the recruiter for a job I like and will make sure other recruiters for my specialty have me on their radar. Plus, I found out a good friend has an in with a headhunter who recruits my skill set.
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