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I fully expected today to be a bad loss, but that was even worse than I anticipated.I don't want to read too much into the situation four games into the Smart era, but I find it extremely disconcerting how similar this year's Georgia team's weaknesses and shortcomings are to prior seasons. It's one thing to go through some growing pains, but it's another entirely to do all the same things that got Richt fired.Think "boyishly handsome, yet somehow rugged."
I very nearly gave the Disney book a try before I picked up Double Whammy, but I'm taking the family there soon and figured it was best if I didn't risk further inflaming my natural cynicism.I bet Hiaasen was an interesting guy to talk to, if for nothing else than some cool stories about South Florida and the Everglades back in the day.
I actually first heard of Hiaasen in a Jimmy Buffett song about 20 years ago, and he was always an "I should check him out sometime" interest. I wish I'd checked him out back then, because I can't get enough of his stuff. It really is fun; his sense of humor is right up my alley. Plus, it's incredibly readable. I've just been rolling through every book. Thanks for the suggestions, FLMM. I'd actually thought about asking if you had any recs for Florida authors to check out...
Georgia looks shaky in a lot of places, and there's a lot of work to be done, but Eason is legit.
My condolences, V. Peace to you and your family.
I finally finished Grunwald's The Swamp after leaving it at my brother's earlier in the year, and now I've been on a Florida kick. More specifically, I've been on an "exploitation has ruined Florida" kick. This has led to my current guilty pleasure - a lot of Carl Hiaasen.I read Tourist Season and Native Tongue recently, and I'll probably start Double Whammy this weekend.Stiff was good, too. I might check out Grunt after my Florida kick passes.
This has to be The dorkiest fucking conversation happening on the internet right now. It's like the scene in Office Space where they had to look up money laundering in the dictionary.
My favorite was my boss who would show up 10-15 minutes late - late enough that we'd start without him - and then go back through the agenda and say, "I know you've already talked about this, but let's go over it again."
This came up in my feed when someone commented on a repost, so not technically posted by a friend, but close enough. The OP, believe it or not, isn't even the best part. You owe it to yourself to read some of the comments. https://m.facebook.com/cameronjokes/photos/a.10150160964111008.294873.64075251007/10153476387546008/
I don't mean to embarrass you guys on front of everyone, but it looks like you both forgot to switch between SF and your white nationalist forum before you posted.
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