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This is good stuff, Piob. I worked a fair bit with that population at my last job, and it's a challenging one. It's also one that needs an enormous amount of support it frequently doesn't get from our society.
There's not a lot of overlap between carpetbaggers and the large events I typically attend. Also we're not quite as thoroughly invaded where I live, city boy.
Fun fact regarding paying for health care: Despite forcing insurance companies to completely cover approximately 938 (my estimate) forms of female birth control, including tubal ligation, ACA does not require them to cover vasectomies.I had this revelation recently, too. Then I realized that living in the Deep South means it'll still be awhile before it's a problem.
Ed, dude, I hope things start looking up for you.
I believe this is a Fatisse, no?
And I've never seen it in the South, so it must not happen at all.Incidentally, when I searched Google for "coal rolling" and scrolled through the hits, the only state-related links I got were for Colorado, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, and Kansas. Now, I admit I just used the Google preview as my guide, and I stopped after page four, but I didn't spot any Southern states on that list.Of course, I can't prove the links that didn't include an obvious...
Too far, dude.
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your privates, E.
Yeah, like this stupidity doesn't happen anywhere but below the Mason-Dixon. GTFO of here with this shit.
I finally put together a foolproof way to get visiting Yankees to go home and stay there. When you see one, here's what you do: 1. Give 'em a big blast of smoke from the stacks on the dually. 2. Make sure they get a good look at the ol' Colt Python you keep on your hip. 3. When they're running afeared from our fair Dixie, give 'em some good blasts from the horns on the dually, just so they know you've got your eye on 'em. Extra points if it's in a tunnel, 'cause the echo...
New Posts  All Forums: