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I'm not sure if E is serious or trolling, but, regardless, I feel like "Zep sucks, and Nirvana rules" is about the best five-word summary of millennials I've ever seen. This is especially true when it's partially predicated on the notion that Zep's purported suckiness is tied to the fact that it's "old people music."
No, it is a waste of money. Dropping an obscene amount of coin on a set that's effectively half useless is pretty much the epitome of wasting money. On the bright side, he can rest assured that at least half of it will end up lasting a lifetime.
Copper cookware also distributes temperature evenly, so you don't get hot spots.
You don't accept meeting invitations for meetings you're attending? That's the most idiotically passive-aggressive display of workplace bitchiness I've heard about in quite some time.
Do you like to go out and/or be social sometimes? Do you also value your alone/quiet time? You're probably thinking, "hey, MrG, that does kind of sound like me (and nearly everyone I know). Sometimes folks like to have a good time, but a little down time is nice, too. Isn't that what we typically just call 'normal?'"Au contraire, friends and neighbors, according to this handy little writeup I found on Facebook, you're a special flower who gets their own unique label....
"Hotdish" sounds like some sort of deviant behavior with a definition that can only be found on Urban Dictionary.
We have Panda Express here. I've only been once - not by choice - and I was shocked at how spectacularly bad it was. It wasn't just bad Chinese food; it was bad "food" (and I'm not the sort who is averse to the occasional trip through the drive-through).
Ha, I remember ChiChi's (and all manner of similarly poor-quality competitors)!I know. It's amazing we did so well creating faithful versions of so many varying cuisines and somehow missed Mexican severely. I don't get it either.It's not something I crave too frequently, but I really enjoy it when I'm in the mood for it.It is amazing how different it is.
I hate Tex-Mex and Americanized "Mexican" food, but I really enjoy the authentic stuff. I actually went many years thinking I didn't like the cuisine at all, and then I happened upon a legit place and went, "whoa, this stuff is delicious. Why in the world do people eat the other versions?"
New Posts  All Forums: