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The 6 is a good size - roughly similar to what I have now. However, the comparable model to the LG is the 6S, and I can get the LG for about $150 less because of carrier incentives. They're just too similar overall to warrant the extra cash. I really love the SE in terms of size, but I wonder if I'd tire of the small screen.
I don't get why every smartphone has to be the size of an ironing board. It's time to upgrade my phone, but I can't find anything that's as "small" as what I have now (Nexus 5), and even what I have now is bigger than what I'd prefer. I've thought about switching to the iPhone SE, because I like the size, but the battery doesn't seem to compare well to the Android phone I'm considering (LG G5). This is stupid. I just want a decent phone that doesn't require a briefcase...
Yeah, well, at least we don't listen to obscenely overrated music!RIP Nick Menza
If we deleted every SF discussion that included astonishing levels of stupidity, we'd end up deleting SF in its entirety.
So after reading on all the issues in systems without a C wire, quirks with its learning ability, and the data gathering, I've decided not to go forward with the Nests. That being the case, I'm trying to figure out what t-stats to get. I need programmability, wifi access, and power that doesn't have to leech from the system (battery is fine). The ability to add remote sensors would also be nice but isn't critical. I don't care about remote access, and I'm fine with...
I've voted in a "do over" election in the States. The referendum passed, and it turned out that the government either couldn't or wouldn't implement it, so they came back and basically said, "are you sure you want what you said you want"?Incidentally, I voted "no" the first time and "yes" the second time because it irritated me that the government was basically trying to subvert the democratic process because it didn't want to do what the people demanded. I still didn't...
It's a doggie cardigan for helicopter parents who don't have real kids.
Pretty much.They don't seem to understand that the point of democracy isn't to coddle them and make sure they get what they want.
I find it perversely refreshing to discover that British millennials are just as sheltered and self-absorbed as the ones in our Grand Experiment. They're so stereotypically insufferable that I almost thought it was an Onion article. I think the best part is the way Vox presents it so earnestly. http://www.vox.com/2016/6/24/12023548/brexit-youth-voters-wanted-britain-remain
It's one thing to know something will happen, but it can be another entirely to actually experience it. Also, what "everyone" who is politically aware knows is much different from what the average low information voter knows, and the size of the turnout pretty much guarantees there were a lot of the latter.If things stay ugly for awhile, it's not inconceivable that buyer's remorse might set in enough to open a window for Parliament to go the other way, especially if the UK...
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