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Did you end up going? Oddly enough, despite seeing more shows than I can count in Atlanta and Athens, I've never been to a show at Eddie's Attic. I almost saw the Bottle Rockets there recently, but they played Athens the next night, and I take pretty much any excuse I can find to go to Athens.
He wasn't talking about the US of A; he was talking about New Jersey.
I'm in the process of putting together a long weekend with MrsG. It'll be the first weekend sans kids since before she got pregnant with our daughter (who is now well over a year old). Plus, a band I really want to see will be playing a show in town while we're visiting!
We have walkers, but the design of our building restricts them to a public breezeway (thank goodness).The people today we're standing in front of my door and yammering about this and that. Like I said, I really couldn't care less what they're doing stuff their time, but I don't need to be privy to whatever it is they happen to think is important at the moment.
I really don't care if you feel the need to chat idly about stupid bullshit at work - we all waste time in our own ways - but don't fucking do it directly outside my office. Bring your stupid gossip to your cubical.
2 Girls 1 World Cup
SF's greatest pedant foiled by an autocorrect capitalization. Curses!
Is this your way of telling us that posting on SF doesn't bring you pleasure?
I have a t-shirt with Y'all on the front in the same font and style as the popular Yale shirts. That's all I got.
I have never understood how a person accidentally shoots themselves. Why do you have your finger on the trigger of a gun you're not planning to shoot? And, more importantly, why is the gun pointed at any part of your body at any time?
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