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That's great, dude! Congrats!
No arguments from me there, Ata. It all stinks to high heaven; I was just focusing on what I found to be one particularly foul piece of garbage in the pile.
This does surprise me somewhat.My issue with Ryan Adams is the same one I have with a lot of those singer-songwriter types: They're so prolific that their catalogues aren't very dense. You have to own like three albums to get a full album's worth of great tracks, but, man, are the great ones great.Todd Snider is another one like that for me.
I still think it's a tacit acknowledgement that her status is affording her special protection. Unless she's the first president ever to not have access to classified information, she'll end up getting security clearance, and losing that clearance is precisely the sort of consequence other people would face. FWIW, I understand that you're pointing out that there's a material difference between the quote I posted and criminal sanction. However, I'm kind of a purist when...
Yeah, that post was over the line, so I deleted it. (See. I admitted to deleting something. That wasn't so hard!)
"To be clear this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences."The implications of this statement are terrifying. The head of the FBI has now admitted publicly that certain people live by different rules than the rest of us.I have been strongly considering voting for Clinton in November. I don't typically vote major party, and Clinton is nowhere near a good candidate to me. However, Trump worries me...
A friend of mine did this when we were in high school, and he wound up in the hospital getting his stomach pumped because of botulism in the pie filling.He's a doctor now.
Butch is correct - neither of my thermostats currently has a C wire. I did a bunch of research and ended up just going with a programmable Honeywell without the WiFi and all that. I couldn't find a WiFi thermostat that didn't collect data that I'm not thrilled about giving out in exchange for a marginal increase in convenience. Since it doesn't need a bunch of power for bells and whistles, the one I got can run on batteries or a C wire, so I'm going to give batteries a...
More of a nation, really.
What country is the one where everyone takes everything way too seriously? I'm guessing that's the one you call home.
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