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"Hell No I Ain't Happy" is the song that got me into DBT. I feel ya, Z. I missed the Athens homecoming show this year because my wife was too pregnant to stand at 40 Watt for hours, and not being in Athens anymore made the logistics too tricky even if she could have done it. I've only missed one other DBT homecoming show in the last seven years, and, in that year, I saw them at the grand-reopening of the rebuilt Georgia Theater. Do you have the the new Truckers? I'm...
This type of thing is one of the biggest reasons I've hated being in an apartment for the last not-quite-a year, and why I will do just about anything not to have to live in multifamily housing again.
I agree. It's a nuanced issue. An example of when I think it's okay: During that same trip, a bigger kid completely dive-bombed my son and scared the hell out of him (hurt him a little, too, but nothing more than the normal dings of playground life that are quickly forgotten when the shock passes). I mean this kid landed slap on top of my son after hanging from one of the climbing structures. It was a complete fluke. The kid was doing what kids do, and my son managed to...
Do none of you have doctors who have heard of benzos?
Huh. I will say that NYT story was interesting to me for a different reason. When I was a kid, my mom had a few metal buckets with the Budweiser logo on them. I can't recall how much they held, and it's hard to eyeball their size based on a fuzzy memory, but I'd say for sure they weren't bigger than a quart. It's possible they were as small as a pint, but I'm betting quart. Either way, she said they were from when she and my dad would go see concerts in one of the parks in...
You gotta separate that wheat from that chaff, bro.Edina hasn't been a part of my Facebook sphere in many moons. Every now and again, he'll post something on NK's wall and ask NK to pass it along to me, but, other than that, ain't no Edina in my feed!
Most of my best FB interactions are with SFers.
That's a pretty poor way to frame his point, and it really only works if you take a rigid, rather than fluid, view of "Catholicness."Lutheranism, being a first stab at Protestantism, is absolutely going to look a lot like Catholicism to people who were raised in a modern Protestant church. I mean, Catholicism was the groundwork from which they were working, and there hadn't been much time for Protestant churches to innovate, so to speak. It's the same reason the first cars...
I knew this was impossible because Daryl is awesome.
My policy is to never judge, or think I understand, how someone is grieving. It's intensely personal, and, while it may look strange to me from the outside, I just try to recognize that people have to go through it in whatever way brings them healing. All that is to say that, yes, I get the inclination to think it's weird for people to post on Facebook (or do many of the other things folks do) when they're grieving, but, if that's what it takes to heal, go for it.
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