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That really, really sucks, GF. I hate it for you. I hope you find something new (and better) fast.
I like root beer fine, but I'm not a huge fan or anything. However, I had some local Kentucky root beer in the gift shop at the Buffalo Trace distillery this weekend that was next-level good. My friend, who is a huge fan of all things Kentucky, insisted my wife and I try it after we said we were thirsty while waiting for the tour. I didn't realize root beer could be super delicious, but there you go. Also, I'm writing this post while enjoying a tasty Ale-8 I brought back...
I just finished it, and, yeah, that was fantastic.
@UnFacconable, to answer your thumb question, there are a bunch of credits with kids that you get regardless of whether you itemize, but, no, I don't itemize. This is mostly because we don't own our primary home. We moved a bit in the last few years, and we're renting until we're sure this is it for a long while. Oddly enough, we do get some tax benefits from a home we own, but that's in the form on on-paper losses on our rental property.I do not think this means what you...
I think we've already established that what GF is very similar to what my refund increased due to having a second child last year. So, basically, he's subsidizing me.Thanks, GF! I bought some really cool stuff with it and socked away a good bit for a rainy day. I think my favorite purchase with it was the Mark Knopfler tickets I dropped a couple hundo of it on. I'll be thinking of you while I'm there.(Not)
Should we anticipate another set of posts about how you went and got filled up with man juice in an attempt to compensate for yet another hormone of which I naturally have more than you?
Thanks, Piob.There was, I have been told no barfage at school today, and it sounds like yesterday's fireworks were a one-time thing for the sick kid. My son actually kept talking about what the sick kid had eaten last night. I thought it was just something he knew from being there with her, but maybe he was trying to explain that she'd reacted poorly to something she ate.So, uh, here's hoping some little girl has a chronic digestive issue and not an acute, harmless,...
My wife was informed upon picking my kids up yesterday that another kid went home with a stomach bug. According to my son, who gave us a rundown of what happened, the sick girl threw up while they are all gathered together at the table. Now I'm pretty much counting the hours until someone in my home starts barfing, which is just extra awesome given my daughter's birthday party is scheduled for Saturday, and we have a whole bunch of family slated to arrive over the next...
So they're pretty much a perfect representation of the average person?
I don't. The premise looks interesting, and I'm a Don Cheadle fan, but I've never given it a go.Thanks, Piob.And, yeah, it's pretty shitty. I can't even begin to understand this type of stuff, so I just use it of stuff as guidance on what not to do as a parent.Yeah, the stories about my family, mostly my dad, have that effect on people.
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