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This is not really making me happy as much as gave me a chuckle I wanted to share, because I'm basically a 30-something juvenile. My niece is doing a fundraiser for her school. We made our standard donation to these things, which put her over her first goal. Her web page has a little thermometer that shows where she is relative to her goal(s), and when our donation bumped her over, this happened:
Absolutely not.The real account gets a TO. Just like with any other violation of forum rules, if it keeps happening, it could be grounds for banination, but that's not where it starts.
I'll never tell! Access to tools and buttons that reveal some of the amusing stuff you guys do behind the scenes is one of the best parts of being a mod. I'm not sharing that with you plebs! But, no, it wasn't Rambo.
Edit: Sometimes it's like you guys aren't even trying.
My wife watches football. She's not as knowledgeable on the mechanics of the game itself as I am, but she definitely gets into it. She once cheered so loud it made our baby cry.To be fair, over the last handful of seasons, that's actually pretty salient advice for our alma mater.
Drawing a conclusion on a woman's availability based upon the fact that she rejected GF is pretty much exactly the definition of a spurious relationship.
Hey, bitchtits, let's not forget who deleted whom on Facebook.
I wonder what other SFers think when they meet me. I mean, I'm guessing they don't hate me, since I've hung out with some of them more than once, and none of them have deleted me on Facebook or anything. But I wonder how I compare to MrG.
Gotta have dem kids, GF. We were getting money back either way, but we got a substantial boost from adding a second child to the family last year.
Is that because you started stress eating when you discovered that a bunch of students from your alma mater accidentally shut down the single most important stretch of road in Georgia?
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