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I was hoping to see Seger when he came through Atlanta recently, but ticket prices were obscene. I'm a fan, but I'm not that big a fan. I think part of the problem is that I'm accustomed to seeing smaller bands in smaller venues, which skews down what I perceive to be reasonable for concert tickets, but there aren't many bands I'd pay to see at what Seger was asking.
"Foodie" is one of the worst half dozen or so words in the English language. Oddly enough, it's also a pretty useful metric for the degree to which I should trust someone's taste, cooking, etc. Nine times out of 10 "foodies" aren't going to take you to a terrible restaurant, or cook a bad meal, but it's also not going to be nearly as good as they spend the evening telling you it is.
Just got home from getting my latest tattoo (I was supposed to get it in January but had to reschedule). It looks badass.
Are you really that turned on by handling H's pants?
Not gonna lie - you do have excellent hair.
Yeah, for a while I thought the small lot thing was new, but I guess it's not. I don't have a point of reference, really, because I didn't live in a single-family house for decades. However, it dawned on me when I started thinking of friends' parents' houses from when I was a kid. Most of these are people I'd consider UMC and pretty affluent, and they all had houses that sat on lots that were tiny relative to the footprint of the house.I really have no use for all that...
I'd gladly take this, though you can have the hookers.In my perfect scenario, I'd have a house on a bunch of acreage in the mountains, and, as my kids grow up and start their families, I'd just break them off handfuls of acres and gift them the land on which to build their family home.Basically, my legacy to them is the land, but they have to still be responsible enough to have the means to build and maintain the home.
We'll be buying what I hope is our "forever" house in the next couple of years, so we've started really paying attention to the housing market in our area. In our price range, one option is going to be the McMansions, and the two things that strike me about them, at least in our price range, are the enormous square footage seemingly just for the sake of being big and the way the houses take up like 75% of the lots. The former just seems wasteful to me, but the latter is a...
Every time I hear this song, I think of Piob's stories about his union kin.
I don't doubt for a second that NYC feels worse than the South.I wore my peacoat into the office and carried my suit coat. I figure I'll just bring both everywhere and throw on my suit coat when I need it.Yeah, all joking aside, no heat would suck.
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