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I moved into the new house on Friday. This would be really exciting if all of the following hadn't happened since Thursday: Thursday: - I got sick (still fighting this and have almost completely lost my voice). - My dog ran away (and is still missing). Saturday: - Found out the econobox I don't really want/need anymore and was planning to sell, but still has a note, needs a head job. Sunday: - Turned on dryer to finish the first load of our enormous post-move laundry...
I saw CS&N open for Tom Petty in '10, and CS&N were terrible. I'm not a big fan (I was there to see Petty), but I was excited to see such a legendary band. Huge letdown. Easily the most disappointing show I've ever seen.
It's hard to explain to people who don't know the guy, but it completely made sense in the context of his personality. He wasn't slumming, or trying to get some "authentic" military experience; he just didn't have any interest in being an officer. It's kind of like BP said - he was interested in being the guy who did the work, not the one who led those guys. He went in as an NCO, and he led a small group of soldiers (forgive my weak grasp of the nomenclature, but I refuse...
The worst story I've ever heard about someone joining the military and winding up unexpectedly deployed after signing up during peacetime was a good friend of mine who finished college and enlisted, turning down the opportunity to be an officer. He started boot camp just before Labor Day of 2001.
We closed on our house today. This makes me happy because that's the kind of thing that makes one happy, but it's also a little bigger for me. I'm not in a baller mansion or anything, but the house is nicer and bigger than any place I've ever lived, in a great community with exceptional schools. It really represents how far I've come in my life, and the fact that I'm providing a life for my children that wasn't available to me when I was a child. It's still just a...
For the record The Rock says it was the Sheik's.
It's hard to imagine I'd end up in a place where my bonus would be a material consideration. I don't have any interest in transitioning into a position that comes with that much risk. If something comes with a bonus, even a modest one, great, but it's not a primary concern. For me, this is about base salary and work environment.
I am, but we don't have a DB plan. There was once such a plan (there are some older folks around here who have it), but it was phased out before I got here. We do have a DC plan with a pretty generous match, but it doesn't warrant staying given the potential salary differential and fact that most employers have some form of 401k program.
To be honest, the bonus wouldn't be hugely critical to me. It's certainly something I'd consider, but I'd be happy with challenging work, legitimate opportunity to advance, and market salary. Hell, on salary alone, I could get an enormous bump just by switching industries and negotiating the median for a lateral move.
Man, I'd be happy just working at a place where they give bonuses. Funny, I actually came here to gripe that, after reflecting on it for quite some time now, I've concluded that it's probably time for me to switch industries. I've been flirting with the idea for a good while now, and I really think it has to happen. I've had nearly the exact same complaints at all of the places I work, and they all fit the stereotype of my industry to the letter. I'm not under the...
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