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I want so badly to engage in my traditional trolling of Ed, but I just can't help but be happy for him. Plus, picking on him the day after GSU won a game and he got the girl just feels wrong. It would be like cussing Halley's Comet as it passed by Earth.
You guys have the match all wrong here. Mr. Booth doth protest too much, methinks.
This has been making the rounds on my Facebook recently. UGA has been killing it with the hype videos over the last couple seasons.
I've been to NYC in the winter, so I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to speak as an expert on the topic.
I know, right? I mean, I had to sit in the five-degree cold last winter and wait for the heater in my car to warm up, and I did it without an overcoat. Just man up and deal with it, you pussies.
I don't understand why you guys need overcoats. It gets cold here, too, and I don't even own one.
That's what you get for pursuing your MPA at Upper Northwestern New York State Agricultural College.
That's just wasteful. Do you have any idea how rare Fruit Loops are in Africa? I think I'm going to take the ice bucket challenge, only I'm going to use a rocks glass full of whiskey and dump it in my mouth. Then I'm gonna take the $90 I saved and buy a nice bourbon.
My sister in law recorded an ice bucket video with my niece, who is older than my son, and then tagged my wife and me, challenging my son to do the same. I'm not fucking dumping ice water on my three-year-old, and I'm certainly not going to do it so I can make a video and show all of Facebook his discomfort. Who was Lou Gehrig's biggest rival? I'm going to go donate $100 to whatever disease killed them.
I dunno, but I bet they spend half of every meeting reminding you that they're the chillest guys in the room.
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