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It's seriously miserable, and the fact that this is a result of ineptitude in the new management, rather than the job being intrinsically terrible, actually makes it worse.Haha. According to my wife, you've seen 50% of my emotions already today. I'm either happy or angry.It does feel good to vent, though.Yeah, I hate yelling. There was too much of it in my house when I was a kid, and I do my best to minimize it as a parent. For a long time, I thought we'd actually end up...
It has rained every day for weeks now. It's insane. Everything is just perpetually dank. My poor son hasn't had a soccer game or practice in literally weeks, because God forbid we let everyone's precious snowflake get muddy. That would be too much fun! Speaking of my son, I got short with him this morning. He was misbehaving and needed to be corrected, but I was already frustrated with this morning and let that annoyance push me to be harsher than was warranted. I always...
If it's a single packet, no*. If it's a big bag and I'm already pouring out a serving, yes.*In this case, I do separate out the green apple, but not the other flavors.Thank you, HRoi. At least someone up in here gets it!You probably got some green apple in there, which is why they seemed bad.Sour Skittles are good, but they're not superior to the original.
I think the bigger issue here is why they're not getting to all of you.
But I have it on good authority that it is where green apple Skittles come from.
If you eat green apple Skittles when you see them in the package marked "original," you need to seriously reconsider your life choices.
Green apple Skittles in the "original" bag. It's like I'm getting 20% fewer Skittles than I was before they changed it.
UGA is now saying it's all rumors, and Pruitt is still there and working. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/status-quo-for-jeremy-pruitt-and-the-uga-coaching-staff
I agree it's insane to blame him, and I think losing him could be a disaster. But, yeah, your edit is correct - all of the rumors focus on his behavior, not his coaching ability.
Lots of rumors flying around right now about Pruitt being out at UGA, effective immediately. Things might be about to get very ugly for my beloved Dawgs.
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