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You should respond with vague, yet sightly argumentative, replies. "Look, I'm not saying they can or they can't. I'm just saying you have to consider the market when you talk about price." "I don't think $3,000 is outrageous, but you need to keep your expectations in check. How long can you wait to sell?"
You guys are idiots. Everyone knows Ed went to GSU. He's a huge Eagles fan!
I'm seeing the Bottle Rockets with mine.
Just don't let 'em touch your balls.
My physical therapist goes by "Jimbo," and we spend my sessions talking about craft beer and sports, particularly Georgia Bulldogs football and basketball. He also managed to provide me vast improvement of a chronic pain issue I'd had for a decade. [[SPOILER]]
Uh, guys, the preferred nomenclature is "little person," and they don't feel the need to be identified by race any more than do people of average size.
And journalists like Ed!
Just a single?Seems like you'd want it all, but I guess you can't have it.
In the words of the great philosopher poet Jimmy Buffett, "if you ever get the chance to go to Dallas, take it from me, pass it by."
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