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I did a quick Google/Wiki-fu on climate data for Atlanta and NYC.The average high for June in NYC is 79 degrees, which is the monthly average for May in Atlanta. In September, it's 75 for NYC, which is only a couple degrees warmer than Atlanta's monthly average for October. This means that by your metric, Atlanta summers are six months long.A handful of other observations, since I've already started down this rabbit hole:Atlanta's average high for June is warmer than that...
So now it's time spent outside in sum, and not just the hot subway platforms, that makes NYC summers comparable to those in the South?Bracketing for a moment that you're moving the goalposts here, do you honestly think the average New Yorker spends more time in hotter weather than the average Southerner? Great, you guys walk farther in it every day, for that, what, month it's hot? Thing is, you have far fewer hot days, and your hot days aren't as hot on average. Even if...
It was five degrees one morning this past winter when I left for work. On that day, the temperature never broke 20*, and we had quite a few other days that were similarly cold. Now I know what it's like to live through northeastern winters. I made it through those days without wearing a heavy overcoat, so I see no reason for people in NYC to wear them, either.
I don't care what liquor it is, since I'm almost certainly not going to become a regular consumer of it. I just want to stop paying the popularity premium on bourbon.
I hope there is. For those of us who drank bourbon before it became popular (and will continue to do so after its moment has passed), it would be great if another liquor would replace bourbon as the booze of the moment so prices will stop inflating.
You should have. You'd probably be less ornery if you weren't so hot.
No. I see no privilege in being a Yankee.I'm assuming you were at Ft. Benning? Were shorts really an option? And a year as a long-term visitor is different than living somewhere.Agree on this. Cargo shorts are really only appropriate for activities where one needs their practicality.Three weeks? So, basically, about 13 fewer weeks than a single Georgia summer?Standing on a hot subway platform
I'm sure it's practical to avoid shorts up north, but try living someplace where you have long, super-hot summers and then get back to me about categorically dismissing shorts for anything but sports.
Spoiler alert: Nobody's giving you thumbs-ups, Ed.WRT not being able to see others', it's probably because you're not letting the page load entirely before clicking the thumb.
Well the British are known for being a bit more proper and refined than those of us from the Colonies.
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