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MrsG is often amused by my ability to blame all of the world's ills on Boomers and/or Millennials. So, in my defense, it's not just the young people I hate.
I was taught that when you do something like this, you give a friendly wave, and it's all good. You screwed up, someone pointed it out, and you acknowledged it, and nobody was worse for the wear.That's not what the special snowflake under-30s you initially referenced were taught, so having their stupidity pointed out is an affront to which they respond defensively.
We actually have a really cool little cut-out in the corner living room that was designed for a TV, and it would be no big deal to design a nice door that would make it completely inconspicuous when closed. It's a really clever design, actually. Unfortunately, the house is about a decade older than mass adoption of thin, widescreen TVs, so the cabinet is about 18" deeper and 6" narrower than it needs to be.
I like laugh at people who get all wound up in situations where they're either overreacting or in the wrong, and I make sure they see it. I like to give the really irate ones a little shudder (like Kevin Pollack in the "fucko" scene in The Usual Suspects) to let them know how intimidated I am by their badassery.I'm probably going to end up murdered by some overcompensating redneck in a 1987 F-250, but it has been fun while it lasted.This is the correct answer.
I don't usually celebrate the arrival of more carpetbaggers to our fair Dixie, but I'll make an exception in your case, BC. Congrats!
That's definitely sweet, but it won't haul the wife, kids, and/or camping gear.I modded my Jeep with a mind toward using its abilities to get me cool places, rather than muddin' with the rednecks, so I'm probably not the best person to ask that question. That said, the stuff I've done has exposed me to that world a good bit (and I'm related to a good number of people who are into that stuff), and I've found the guys who do that work typically put it to use one way or...
Jeeps are still going to be far superior on tighter, muddier trails. That said, I have a Jeep in the garage as my play car, and I'm 90% certain that when I replace my DD within the next year or so it'll be a Subaru Outback. It's about the perfect car for where I am in life, and there aren't too many places I want to go that the Outback couldn't handle.
We've been trying to figure out concealment, as well. The prior owner did the above-the-fireplace thing, but I hate that idea. The best I've seen is to basically build a box that opens and then somehow finish that in a manner that would make it somewhat inconspicuous. If we can find a cover we like, we actually have a great spot to do something like that. I'm thinking we could put the TV on a moveable mount, which would let us put the cover in a place that makes sense...
Poor officiating encumbered Georgia, and poor coaching doomed it. There were some flashes of brilliance - I continue to believe Eason is going to be exceptional - but Georgia completely gave away what was about to be a special game.
Because I like it. There are practical matters - two people use the room, and we have a large bedroom set, so the extra space is convenient. But mostly it's just nice to have something that feels like a little bit of luxury and sanctuary in a busy, noisy house.
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