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True. I always forget that they're doing this stuff for my own good.They didn't use a drone like you're describing; they sent a bomb on one of those robots they use to defuse bombs. So, similar, but not exactly the same.
Budgeting conservatively (to be very, very charitable about it) pushes back the criticism until you've already passed the point of no return, which is critical because, if the people of the host city knew the real cost up front, no one would ever consent to hosting the Olympics again.
The transition from bombing American citizens overseas to bombing them in Texas happened a lot faster than I would have anticipated.
My point, and I'm not speaking for Piob here, is that she is presumably still eligible for security clearance, which would not be an option for a rank-and-file bureaucrat who handled classified information the way she did. That is evidence she is receiving preferential treatment, and it goes to my earlier point that, while I understand that the quote from Comey's statement I used earlier did not involve legal sanction, it's clear that she is protected from any sanction....
Solidarity, my e-bro.
I cited this earlier as evidence of my "some animals are more equal than others" point, and it was completely ignored.
Lolololol. She's stupid because she's pretty. Only uggos can be smart, which sucks for them since everyone knows a woman's real value is in her appearance.
The lady who runs my daughter's daycare grows peaches. She gave me dozens of them yesterday when I picked up my daughter, and my wife sent me a text this morning saying she'd just gotten a lot more. These things are next-level delicious, and I'm now awash in them.
That's great, dude! Congrats!
No arguments from me there, Ata. It all stinks to high heaven; I was just focusing on what I found to be one particularly foul piece of garbage in the pile.
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