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Did they start throwing up the same night you had dinner together? If so, you're probably good, since food poisoning typically takes more than a few hours to incubate.
So what is the procedure for sizing butt plugs?I didn't realize it was possible to have your hot beef administered any other way, but I hope getting filled up with man juice, rather than slathering it all over yourself, helps satisfy whatever it is that seems to be lacking in your life.
Just put a brand new record on my turntable and discovered that it's warped. I bought it on Amazon, so it's just a matter of swapping it out (the replacement will be here Monday), but still a bummer.
I know y'all wanted that 808. Can you feel that B-A-S-S bass?
You do realize that a lot (probably most) of us listen to an enormous variety of music, right? We don't all have one or two genres we prefer to the exclusion of all others, so, even for those of us who might talk about or prefer other types of music, hip hop isn't exactly foreign to us. Sometimes people don't like particular artists that are parts of genres they otherwise enjoy.And the "you guys are just old, of course you don't like the music of the younger generation" is...
This has to be the most improbable three-member agreement in SF history, but, yeah, +1 to all of this.
I'm about two episodes behind, but, yeah, I've enjoyed the hell out of it so far. Definitely doing a good job of going out on top.There are other reasons it's been good, too.
He's also doing a solid job of playing a henchman on Justified this season, and he was great on ER.
Hey, you know all you have to do to be reinstated in the MrG Facebook friends list is send a request.I like the way you think!I would love to do the BWCA, but I don't have the time for that much travel that doesn't involve the wife and kids. I'm hoping it's something I can consider down the line, maybe when the kids are bigger and the whole family can make the trip. The trip I'm hoping to do in the fall is about 3.5 hours away, so it's manageable for a long weekend, which...
I recently read an article about a canoe camping trip that looked awesome, and I posted it on Facebook with a comment saying I really want to do the trip if someone is interested. I honestly didn't expect a anyone to respond, but I've actually had quite a few friends tell me they'd like go. This makes me super happy, because I would love to make it happen, but I need at least one other person to come for the trip to be feasible. More interested parties makes it more...
New Posts  All Forums: