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It is immensely frustrating, and it keeps getting worse because he's getting to the point where he's been in his job long enough that he thinks he has the tools take make changes. The reality, however, is that he hasn't and doesn't. I have to correct my own boss multiple times a week.It's also starting to become a problem for me because it's forcing me to make calls that are above my pay grade. I don't mind making these sorts of calls. In fact, I've been told I'm...
In my experience, FM is pretty obviously a "syndrome" caused by untreated mental illness (usually anxiety or depression). Everyone I've ever met who claims to have FM pretty clearly has some issues happening upstairs that they haven't addressed. The best thing we could do to cure FM is to de-stigmatize mental illness and encourage people to seek treatment for it. So, to paraphrase Piob from earlier, it's not that people with FM aren't ill; they're just not ill in the way...
My boss is vastly under qualified. Like, he has zero background in what we do. It's so bad that people in other departments ask how we function. Anyhow, because he doesn't have the background, and because we do something that requires specialized knowledge, he has a tendency to come up with process "improvements" that cannot possibly be implemented. This time around, he recommended we adjust one of our financial processes in a manner that is expressly prohibited by the...
Exactly. Like I said, if some catastrophe hits, I understand needing some help, but I'm often shocked at what people will solicit help for. Sorry, dude, but the fact that you assumed you'd never need your health insurance and didn't prepare for the deductible isn't the rest of the world's problem to fix.The ones that really irritate me are when people ask for money so they can start a small business. Sure, I'd love to pay your way while you embark upon a pipe dream no...
I hate GoFundMe more than I hate people who abuse accommodations for things like service animals. When did it become okay, even encouraged, to be a beggar? I don't begrudge people asking for some help when they've suffered an unforeseen catastrophe, but I'm perpetually astonished at people's willingness to hit others up for cash.
"Take a trip down memory lane, you don't see no friendly faces. All the houses have been painted, and nobody knows your name."
One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong.
Of course you do. I bet you put sugar in your grits, too.
Haha. Despite stereotypes to the contrary, everybody pretty much gets along down here. I'm not saying there aren't still pockets of racism that haven't been stamped out yet, but, as you learned, people are generally a lot more concerned with outsiders than they are race.
I'd get a PhD in philosophy, make music, learn a few languages, found an NGO, and travel extensively (especially as the kids got older and could benefit from the experience).
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