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I cooked burgers on the grill tonight, and we made jalapeƱo-bacon-pimento cheeseburgers, which we ate with corn on the cob with sorghum butter. We had supper a little later than I'd have liked, but the boiled peanuts held everyone over. Now I'm sitting with a belly full of deliciousness and sipping a fine Kentucky bourbon. It's good night.
And Michael is alive. Bringing back dead characters is lame, but if you're going to bring anyone back on that series, Michael isn't the first choice. The first choice is Abruzzi. Always bet on Stormare.
Sorry, dude, but you're a Yankee. You might be more sympathetic to our plight than the average Yankee, but, still, Yankee.
I hope they all ended up sitting in a cluster around you and the only thing their parents could find to mitigate the shrieking was Barney on repeat at full volume.
So, I'm guessing people who won't shut the fuck up about trophy hunting all eschew leather goods, right? I mean, since we all now seem to agree it's immoral to kill God's beautiful creatures for anything but sustenance, it seems somewhat hypocritical to kill cattle just for nice shoes. And don't even get me started on cordovan...
Just doing what I can to keep the DT spirit alive.
I'm still fuming over the Skittles green apple-lime swap. That's heinous commie shit right there.
This.I can't count how many times I've said or thought, "that's not what 'karma' means" when it's used in conversation. The best is when you actually point it out to someone and they get that strange look of simultaneous incredulity and confusion.
You bet. Good luck (and let me know if you want any Atlanta advice, or to get a beer sometime).
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