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Wait. You cut her off, got out of your car, and confronted her?Did you see her stop up ahead and think, "alright! Here's my chance to really escalate the situation?"
I thought about "The Saga Begins," but that one might be a little complex. At his age, the straightforwardness of "Yoda" works a little better than a story song like "TSB." That said, I've noticed lately that he's picking up a lot of detail from songs we listen to, so maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. Well done, H! I remember wearing that tape out in my knockoff Walkman back in elementary school.
My son has been on a huge Star Wars kick recently. It comprises the majority of his Christmas list, and the Star Wars toys he already has are pretty much all he plays with right now. Music is also a big thing in our house, and we're big on finding songs that relate to current interests. Suffice it to say, my proudest parenting moment this week came when I thought to revisit Mr. Yankovic's "Yoda" with the boy.
Exactly. If you want to do it all the hard way so you can say "I never touched that bottle of water in my pack, and the satellite phone was never turned on," that's great, and I get it. However, eschewing even basic preparedness just to say you did it is McCandless-level foolhardiness and extremely dangerous.
Thing I don't get: A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about how proud she was of her husband because he did some five-day survival thing. Being the outdoorsy sort, I'm down with this, at least conceptually. The part I don't get is how spectacularly irresponsible he was on his adventure. He and some friends went into Death Valley with almost no gear (just what he could fit in a pack), no communications equipment, and only a vague idea as to location. Oh, and...
I think you accidentally quoted the wrong post in your reply, Piob, so I went ahead and fixed it for you.
KMFDM, you bunch of philistines.
Fellow Dawgs rejoice - the AJC is reporting that Boom has taken the USC job.
That liveSF of Maury was the most enjoyable thing I've seen on the internet all day, H.
New Posts  All Forums: