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This has to be The dorkiest fucking conversation happening on the internet right now. It's like the scene in Office Space where they had to look up money laundering in the dictionary.
My favorite was my boss who would show up 10-15 minutes late - late enough that we'd start without him - and then go back through the agenda and say, "I know you've already talked about this, but let's go over it again."
This came up in my feed when someone commented on a repost, so not technically posted by a friend, but close enough. The OP, believe it or not, isn't even the best part. You owe it to yourself to read some of the comments. https://m.facebook.com/cameronjokes/photos/a.10150160964111008.294873.64075251007/10153476387546008/
I don't mean to embarrass you guys on front of everyone, but it looks like you both forgot to switch between SF and your white nationalist forum before you posted.
No way the media latches onto it and makes it a big deal. It'll be more "cling to guns and religion" than "binders of women."
Two packs of smokes and a book of stamps.
Good grief, GF. Stop being that kid who wants everybody to think he knows about everything.
FYI: I know the buds probably fit in your nostrils, but you're supposed to put them in your ears.
This is the only Godsmack anyone should care about.
I've gotten these before. Hearing back months later, when no reasonable person would think there's still a chance, is somehow more insulting than never hearing anything.Solidarity on the job search, Ed. It's one of life's great miseries. I say whichever of us finds something new first ought to buy the other a beer.
New Posts  All Forums: