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No, I should have done no such thing. Parenthood is worth it to me, even if it is often exhausting and frustrating.Oh, and since we're apparently telling other members what they should be doing, I'll go ahead and let you know that implying I ought to have taken steps to prevent the birth of my children is something you should avoid doing from now on.
I feel asleep around 11. Baby woke up less than two hours later and cried for an hour before MrsG decided to bring her downstairs (presumably so I could sleep, since I had to be at work). While heading downstairs, crying baby woke other child, and I spent half an hour getting him back to sleep. Got back to bed only to have older child appear in my bedroom less than an hour later trying to convince me to let him sleep in my bed. Finally got him back in his bed and fell...
FYI, Shauna, Arav isn't the only one who finds your spate of posts, threads, and necrobumps to be a bit odd. -G
These are indeed next-level Jesusy.My grandmother, a good Southern Baptist, died three years ago June, and her eulogy was given by her minister. He talked for probably 20 minutes, and I'm pretty sure 15 of it was preaching. It was seriously like being at a Sunday service.
Interesting. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense in context. Does that mean everyone in the building has to live at whatever temperature the boiler operator picks? I'm used to that at work, but I'm thinking more of residential buildings. Do apartments not have individual t-stats?
Is this really a thing? What is the intent of such fascism?
Nah, water doesn't come out when you open it because there's not that much water in there in the first place. Part of the efficiency is the fact that it doesn't fill the drum with water like a top loader does. When you pause the load, it takes a moment for the door to unlock, and, by the time that happens, what little water is in there has settled to the bottom.They're gentler on clothes because they tumble, rather than oscillate and twist your clothes up like a top loader...
You can definitely open them mid cycle. I can't recall how it worked with the first one we owned, but the one we have now has a pause button designed for just that feature. As for why, they're much more efficient, for one. They use a lot less water and detergent than top-load washers. However, more importantly to the SF crowd is that they're dramatically gentler on clothes. We've had two front-load washers over the last 7.5 years, and my clothes seriously do not wear...
Hey, guys, have you ever wondered why we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!1!!
That's good to hear. I'm excited about the slubby denim. I liked the crisp, clean look of the other pair, but I think I'll prefer the character of the slub. The return/exchange policy is definitely reassuring, but here's hoping I won't have to take advantage of it!
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