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Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me to see him gone this week. It's obvious the guy is done, and I'm not sure there's any benefit in keeping him around.
I really think steaks are the worst thing to screw up. They're expensive, and not something we eat frequently, so we tend to really be looking forward to the meal. It's so deflating when they don't come out like you'd hoped.I use a thermometer for a lot of things (you were involved in my FB post about meat thermometers, right?), but I don't see a need for it with steaks. This was, by all accounts, a fluke. I can generally nail the doneness without piercing it and risking...
Man, Florida SUCKS.
I picked up a couple of really nice steaks to grill for dinner tonight, and I completely screwed them up. I'm not even 100% sure what went wrong. They cooked randomly (which makes me think they were cold in spots when I put them on), and I overcooked them trying to get them to the right doneness. I'm usually great at grilling steak, too. I'd been looking forward to them all day. What a disappointment.
It would have been nice to see the defense keep its foot on the floor through the second half, but I'll take it. Man, if Gurley does play again this season, Georgia could be scary.
It's tasty.
Equal parts candy corn and salted peanuts FTW.But how does it stay cold with no ice in the glass?
Bitches, he wasn't talking to you, so fuck off.
Hmmm. Maybe it's so that we don't have to stand in line, then.
I stand up to piss, and I find men's rooms disgusting. I don't blame women for not wanting to share with us.
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