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I know it's yet another reason The South > everywhere else. I also know that, in terms of regional cokes, it's nowhere near the top.
A determined enough enemy can do a lot of damage even when they're outmatched, and these spammers are determined. I spamminated one guy yesterday who had 278 posts, and they post fast.Regardless, get over it. Everyone gets that it's annoying, but whining about it repeatedly isn't going to change anything. All the mods are doing their best to kill it, but it's not going to be perfect. I know it's frustrating to pay so much for access to the site only to be slightly...
Might have to try this. Love me some poutine.
I wouldn't know how to try a Manwich even if I wanted to, given we don't have a Kohl's in my area.
I'd guess the biggest difference is that a euphemism is specifically intended to sound nicer than the word/phrase it replaces, and an idiom doesn't have that qualification.
Georgia just got robbed.Nah. I've watched enough of these Georgia games to know it didn't feel right after that score. I'm impressed that Georgia didn't fold, but it was over.Gurley has durability questions. If he can stay healthy, I think he'll get a first-round look, but he's got to show he can play a full season.
This game's over. Georgia isn't coming back from two scores down on the road against SC. So fucking aggravating.
I hate playing USC. They care so much more than Georgia about this game. For them, it's Clemson, then UGA. For UGA, it's Florida, Auburn, Tech, Tennessee, and then maybe USC. Add in that SC has a talented coach who hates UGA, and just enough talent to compete, and it's always infuriating to watch as a Georgia fan.He really is just insanely good. Love watching him play.
I knew my man H would get that reference
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