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That's good, but I'm pretty sure this will forever be my favorite Muschamp moment:
I'm gonna miss his insanity.
Athletes do indeed follow different rules.
I took an Ambien last night and stayed up a little too long. For some reason, during a conversation with MrsG about new kitchen stuff we bought, my hypnotic-addled mind thought I should see what a raw garlic clove tastes like. Even after my night and morning dental routines, a night of sleep, a can of Coke, and half a Nalgene of water, I can still taste garlic!
UGA released a statement that said it has filed for Gurley's reinstatement. That says to me that UGA thinks it has a complete understanding of what went down, and they think two games is going to be enough. Can you imagine the rageface Muschamp must have made when he realized he'll probably be facing a rested, angry Gurley on 11/1?
Why you gotta assume everyone in Georgia is racist? He's pretty skinny. Maybe they thought he'd be lean and flavorless. Plus, he'd dry out easily during cooking.I loved that scene, by the way. Delightfully twisted.
Seriously, Lefty, get over it. This isn't the "shit on TWD" thread. I have no problem with criticism of the show's weaknesses, but the constant complaining is tiresome. No one is under any illusion that you enjoy the show or find it well written; you can quit going on about it.
He should have just smiled, looked into the camera, and started driving without saying a word. Then, about 25 seconds in, he should have again looked at the camera and gone, "alright alright alriiiiight" before the commercial cut to black like the last episode of The Sopranos. I'd buy that car.
Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me to see him gone this week. It's obvious the guy is done, and I'm not sure there's any benefit in keeping him around.
I really think steaks are the worst thing to screw up. They're expensive, and not something we eat frequently, so we tend to really be looking forward to the meal. It's so deflating when they don't come out like you'd hoped.I use a thermometer for a lot of things (you were involved in my FB post about meat thermometers, right?), but I don't see a need for it with steaks. This was, by all accounts, a fluke. I can generally nail the doneness without piercing it and risking...
New Posts  All Forums: