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Dunno. It would be kind of nice to look like we came prepared for something in this game.While I don't love seeing a big run ripped off against our defense, I think it's unfair to put a whole lot of blame on them for the way the game turned. The D was playing well until it started to get ground down because the offense couldn't keep it off the field.The offense, on the other hand, is an unmitigated disaster. We literally have no one who can pay quarterback right now. This...
The most infuriating part about this bullshit is how completely unsurprising it is.
Also, work thing that's pissing me off that isn't the stuff above: There's a woman in my office who is notoriously hard to work with. She's seriously awful. Her position is an RCH above admin assistant, but, because she's so awful, she is able to basically brow beat people into what she wants regardless of whether it's correct. The other day, I had to give some input on an item she was working on, and I pointed out something that I knew would be an issue when it hit our...
Yeah, I'm going to start looking in earnest. I'm a little reluctant because I really wanted to spend more time here than I have, but I at least need to be prepared if things don't improve.I do like yogurt.This actually sounds interesting to me, but I'm not sure I'm an attractive candidate to anyone in that world.
I feel like you didn't actually look at Alabama's depth chart before you made that post.
It's going to be a mess. A glorious mess.I'm super nervous, but this could be an enormous win for Georgia. I've seen it called the most important game of Richt's career, and I think that's at least somewhat accurate. UGA needs to turn the corner on the collapses in big games, which have become a hallmark of the latter part of Richt's tenure. There's a lot of talk about UGA sort of renewing its fire through stuff like the new coordinators (especially Pruitt), and it's time...
Good for Yogi. She's annoying, and spraying him was completely unnecessary.
Ugh. Work is turning into a shit show. We recently had some pretty big transition at the top, and new leadership doesn't seem to be particularly adept at managing the personnel side of things. Lots of people are leaving, yet no one seems to see any reason to fill open positions, so all that work is falling to those of us who are still here. I have no problem with this in the short term. Turnover happens, and you can't always fill spots as quickly as you'd like. I get...
I had some dental work done today - crown prep and replacing an old filling - and now my mouth is killing me. The teeth hurt, the joint of my jaw hurts (all the work was in the far back of my mouth), even my ear hurts. Ugh. I read an article last year about how they regrew damaged teeth in a lab with lasers. When the hell am I going to get my laser teeth?
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