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My dad actually makes really good French fries. He really doesn't do anything special, either, so I'm not sure why they're so good. It's basically just cut fresh and fry, with a lot of salt. Also, since no one has identified the sweet potato as the best potato, you're all wrong.
You can have my Fahrenheit when you pry from my cold (i.e. less than 98.6-degree body temperature), dead hands.
This is the best post made on SF in at least a week.
It actually brings me physical pain to type these words, but Ed's correct and you guys could not be more wrong. Also, pissing me off: I'm working late tonight. I truly don't mind doing this, especially because I don't exactly have a grueling work schedule. However, what does piss me off is that I'm working late because there's a major deadline tomorrow for a project I'm splitting with a (senior) coworker. I actually wrapped my part of it earlier today, and I noticed that...
Are those fans common? We have one, too. It's working fine (albeit noisily), but I've actually been thinking about taking it out. We had somebody come out the clean the dryer vent shortly after we moved in, and they mentioned those fans not being up to code. My cursory research on the topic seems to confirm that, and the consensus appears to be that they cause more accumulation/fire risk than they prevent.
Hey, bro, the world's largest religion's second-largest division exists because some dude nailed his homework to a door; I'm pretty sure we could, like, save the world if we all raise awareness with our Facebook walls.
Yeah, the comps are going up give you trouble. When we bought our house, the dearth of comps actually worked in our favor. The appraiser had to go pretty far back to find enough to do the appraisal, which, in our market, meant missing a fair bit of value growth. It was great for us because it put the seller in a bind, but it certainly wasn't what they wanted (which is where you are now). That said, you can appeal an appraisal, so you could always make your case regarding...
A Facebook friend of mine was recently tagged in a post by his girlfriend. It was one of these "we help so many people, and they all just abandon us in our times of need, so we're cutting off contact with all of you selfish 'friends' who don't value our awesomeness" posts. The first comment was some dude saying, "I loaned you guys $60 over a year ago so you could move, you have yet to pay me back, and you're dodging my calls/texts."
The very idea of it is just idiotic, and it's indicative of everything that's wrong with millennials and the way our society treats them."These kids are a bunch of entitled assholes who think the whole world should accommodate them. Hey! I have an idea! Instead of expecting them to adhere to a very simple rule of etiquette everyone else in the world has no trouble following, let's just let them ruin everyone else's experience so these precious snowflakes aren't momentarily...
Ed isn't a Braves fan. He probably has some story he uses to explain this away despite its obvious inconsistency with his professed love of the ATL, but it's really just because we all decided we didn't want him. And we're rebuilding! Or something.
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