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I would like to commend that picture for doing something I would have thought impossible: Being something involving the term "man cave" that I find to be even more stupid than the term "man cave."
I wondered if I'd be hearing from you this year, my old e-friend. For someone who is two of the things I hate most in the world (Canadians and Techies), you're an alright dude. Enjoy this one, because if the last few decades are any indication, it'll be at least the 2030s until you're again able to celebrate two NATS victories in the same half decade (and about seven years before you'll celebrate another one at all).
Ah. I gotcha. I misread what Mulan meant. (Also, upon re-reading, I noticed that my comment about the jacket might have read with some snark I didn't intend. My bad if that's the case.)I'm telling you, if it's not a Glenn doll, it'll be that it was all a dream or something else absurd. I'm not certain I'll ever believe he's actually dead.Yes. Absolutely. I was thinking about this the other day. A lot of shows could really benefit from the Justified/SOA approach, where they...
I pretty much gave up on the show after last season, so much so that I very nearly didn't watch the premier. That said, I finally broke down and watched it last night, and like the direction its headed in enough to give it another episode or two. I like Negan. He's ridiculous, but he's entertaining in a way that makes me remember this is all based on a comic book. I'm also a fan of revenge stories, so I'm hoping for a fun arc with Rick looking for payback.Still, the...
I'm sorry to hear it, Inde. I hope you make it in time to say goodbye, and peace to you and your family.
As a cis male who identifies as a lover of the color pink, I'm appalled by the appropriative nature of the term "pink tax."
You saw the same thing in Florida. Everyone wants to be the last one through the door before it closes.
I agree with both of you, but, in my experience, we're very much in the minority.
Pretty much, yeah.The weird part is how it has revealed how high everyone likes to place their TVs now. This space is about four feet tall, maybe a bit more, which makes sense given we used to put our huge TVs on some sort of stand, bringing it to eye level when sitting.My plan was actually to have the cabinet expanded to accommodate a wider TV, and I'd sold MrsG on the idea until the guy I had check it out talked her into the notion that it was "too low." This was despite...
MrsG is often amused by my ability to blame all of the world's ills on Boomers and/or Millennials. So, in my defense, it's not just the young people I hate.
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