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Kirby Smart is always the first name that comes up in these conversations, though I'm not sure UF could stomach giving another UGA-alum DC a shot.
Hokies, I am disappoint.
Hey, @js4design, are y'all gonna beat up on the Bees today, or what?
Then it is incumbent upon me to point out that you, sir, are a liar!
Are you the groom?
True story: I was vice president of the grad school's version of SGA when I was at UGA, and I was part of an event designed to welcome new grad students. Afterwards, we went to lunch with some new students, one of whom was a Barner who insisted that Auburn is special because their fans and alumni are the nicest in college football, and that they're like a family. Her argument was backed up with things like, "whenever an Auburn fan sees someone in an AU shirt or...
I read an interview with him the other day, and he mentioned that the people who generally come up to him and tell him what huge fans they are don't tend to be fans of country music. He obviously transcends genre in a lot of ways, especially on Metamodern Sounds. I'm really curious to see what the crowd is going to be like when I see him.And, yeah, no question about the shades of Waylon. Shooter Jennings on Sturgill Simpson:
The last dentist I had was terrible. I only saw him a couple times, and it was always a miserable experience. I moved recently, and had to find a new one. Today was my first appointment with the new doc. When I walked back to the exam room, Skynyrd was playing over the office speakers. He had a flat screen in every exam room with Apple TV loaded with movies. I got my teeth cleaned while enjoying the classic film Uncle Buck. It was a tough choice between that and Top...
New Posts  All Forums: