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Well, then, I got off light.I don't own the house I live in, but I do own a house. I'm paying less in rent than I charge in rent (and I charge substantially more than my mortgage). The house in which the tank failed is the one I live in, not the one I own, so I had the experience of having something big break in my house while I'm a homeowner, but someone else is paying to fix it for me.
I'm supposed to be back at work today after my long weekend, but I'm not. This is because I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud "thud" and the sound of running water. I thought maybe someone had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and dropped something, but, after a few minutes, I realized that the running water hadn't stopped. It didn't stop because the thud was the expansion tank falling off my water heater, and the running water was...
My mom arrived last night to watch the kids for the weekend, and I'm only working a half day today. After work, the wife and I are off for our first long weekend away from the kids in over two years. I feel a little bad for my mom because both kids woke up snotty this morning, but she's insistent that she cares more about spending time with her grandchildren than she does about runny noses. I just hope the kids aren't miserable. My son is over the moon about her visiting,...
Every single salon I can recall using gave a discount for new customers.
Isn't that kind of flirtatious stuff just par for the course with at lot of chicks who cut hair? I've encountered it more than once, and one (who was smoking hot) laid it on particularly strong.
That seriously sucks, Ed. I went through something similar years ago. I stopped short in traffic, and a truck's removable trailer hitch poked a hole in my front bumper. Dude was a clown - he called the cops and put on a show about how his back might be hurt. My insurance company basically went " Nope, we're not giving you a damned thing." I don't recall it impacting my rates or anything of that nature. I hope you have a similar experience.
Piob for the win!
I expect failure from most of these mooks, but, H, I count on you to catch my obscure TV/movie references. I am disappoint, especially because that's from one I've seen you reference repeatedly.
You're going to feel pretty bad about yourself when you run into that meter maid while they're working at a garden store to make up for their lost overtime.
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