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Thing I don't get: People I've seen in the Drunk Poasting thread, or talk about booze elsewhere, pontificating on their philosophical objections to other types of intoxicants.
I'm a rather big fan of pink myself, and I've never really had any sort of non-manly association with it.I think I got it from my dad. He was a big fan, as well, and, though I have many negative things to say about him, I have to admit that in his prime he was one of the baddest asses I've ever met. (When he sees me wearing pink, he likes to tell me the story about the time his professional wrestler friend told him to wear his pink shirt to a court date - for beating the...
Good luck, bros!I've had a bit of improvement on this front, as well. I reached out to the contact I met on Saturday, and she responded almost immediately saying she'd forward my resume to the recruiter for a job I like and will make sure other recruiters for my specialty have me on their radar. Plus, I found out a good friend has an in with a headhunter who recruits my skill set.
Perhaps you were referencing a different post and messed up the order of my posts, but the context of that statement points to this exchange, since "blame" and all that wasn't referenced until after the "wasting" comment, which you referred to as "a later post."
I didn't say "blame" or "wasting" in the post you're referencing, so I'm not sure why you went in that direction.Holding me, or people like me, responsible for someone like Trump winning is only legitimate if we all previously agreed that voting against is a necessary part of responsible participation in our electoral system. I don't recall making that concession, and I don't remember it being a major part of popular discourse on politics until someone realized this year's...
You've gone down this road before, but you've never defended it. How are voters like me to blame here? I have never, ever been a part of a political party, and, for very nearly the entirety of my political awareness, I have criticized them as destructive and a real danger to our political system. How am I to blame, and how am I not entitled to blame others? This isn't some collective guilt stemming from a system that has benefited me; it's a system that excludes me...
Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?
^ ThisIf this is true, why is every pro-Clinton voter I know trying to convince the world that not voting third party is a moral imperative? It seems to me that this is the first election in my voting lifetime where the parties have openly acknowledged that the decision whether or not to vote third party does matter.It's precisely this sort of glib dismissal that props up the status quo and prevents real change in our political system. Devaluing the voices of those who...
Yes, because it's now independents' job to vote against their conscience and rescue the system from the calamity the Democrats were active participants in creating.Just vote for them this time, and next time will totally be the one where they decide to deign to let people outside the "mainstream" colluders' parties have a voice.
Weird. A family with a special needs kid just moved out of my cul-de-sac this week.
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