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Does this actually bother you?I've never understood why people hate on a band just because the band starts to see (increased) success.
I was a few episodes behind, but I finally caught up today. I like Boon, and it's pretty clear that they're setting up a juxtapositional showdown between him and Raylan. The army guys were cool, but Boon is interesting, too. I think the churn in characters is supposed to show us how Markham sees the people he uses as disposable.
I'd hire OTC for the position of "the guy who makes posts that are by all accounts insightful but probably don't get read in their entirety very often because brevity isn't his strong suit." Then I'd have him write all of my contracts and include a bunch of incredibly favorable-for-me language embedded halfway through on, like, page 6,934.
Thanks for the kind words, guys.We had a great time. We only did one night, but I think it was enough for his age. It was really cool hanging out with him and finding stuff to do (we brought no toys or electronics other than my phone, which he only used for a few minutes in the evening).The best part of the trip for me was spending time with him, but he's informed me that his favorite part was the s'mores.
When we became parents, my wife and I agreed that, once the kids were old enough, we'd make sure to do something at least once a year where it was one-on-one time with each parent and each kid. It doesn't have to be anything too outrageous, just a chance to do something special together that doesn't involve the whole family. My son is officially old enough, and I'm taking him camping tonight for our thing. He's over the moon about the trip. I told him about it on Monday,...
Or just stand up, order a pork burrito bowl, and say, "I'm pro-choice."
I think I got all of the spam from the latest infestation. You know, I was thinking about the spam issue while I was deleting the posts (which I do often), and I think I have an idea on how we could keep it in check. Maybe we could think about deputizing someone as a sort of dedicated "spam mod" who is exclusively responsible for killing spam. It wouldn't be perfect, but I'm betting it would at least create a substantial decrease in how much spam our members see. Just a...
It seems the Washington Post article missed some important details that Gawker included, like the fact that, while in custody, she wet her pants and took a dump on the floor.
While I was walking into work today, I saw a woman heading to the office using a Victoria's Secret bag in lieu of a briefcase/purse. It wasn't a shopping bag; it was a VS-branded purse/tote thing. Ignoring for a moment the fact that this woman uses a VS bag at all, I don't get how someone gets all their stuff together in the morning and goes, "hmmm...this work I brought home doesn't fit in my purse. What can I use to get everything into the office? I know! I'll bring this...
Well, that will teach you to go to dinner with people who are vomiting on the food!
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