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That seems like a waste of time, toner, and paper. I mean, is a question really a question if everyone already knows the answer?
My most recent Amazon order is currently showing as out for delivery...from a post office 35 miles from where I live. I will never understand why Amazon thinks using SurePost for Prime deliveries is a good idea.
Those government workers are still paying taxes, even if it's effectively a holdback. Also, our tax scheme is based upon more than the federal income tax.
Happy to hear this, L'Inc. I know what a bad feeling that can be. We went through a similar situation with some stuff it didn't look like my wife's insurance would cover after the baby was born, and it was very stressful. It's a very powerless and frustrating feeling. It was also a huge relief when the bill came in at thousands less than we'd feared. I hope yours works out similarly.
Something tells me you've been "that guy" since day one, pB. You prove the rule.
This. It's one thing to have quirks, but, aside from very limited circumstances, being "that guy" comes with a tremendous amount of risk.Also true.
It's one of those words that doesn't sound to me like what it means. I like that type of apparent incongruity, though it's not a word I use often.
Well, that's what happens when you're the aggressive, mechanized bully who invades a peaceful, bucolic sovereign nation and ruthlessly rapes and pillages it. You owe us. Also, Texas was on our team.
$39,000,000 of which was federal money. Things that are funnier than the jokes Yankees made about us when it all went down: The fact that we got them to help pay for the very ineptitude they mocked. Thanks, guys!
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