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So you're telling us that you're really about a level five?
Something about the presence of the inhaler just makes that picture for me. Dude's supposedly prepared for every contingency, but he's completely vulnerable to a smoggy day if that thing ends up buried in his little glorified fanny pack under his lotion, field notes, and conspicuous-consumption-brand wallet.
Thanks, dudes. It hasn't been all bad this year, but the negatives sure cast a long shadow right now.
I would like to add the last week's entries to the shitshow that has been my 2017 so far: - Aunt died - Grandmother is being tested for dementia - Wife's car died on the interstate this morning
Georgia is similarly expensive. They changed the structure a number of years back, and now it's really exorbitant for new residents (though it was an improvement overall). You'd think when we started charging four figures just to register a car you people would stop moving down here, but, alas, no such luck.
So you're originally from Canada and followed a Canadian band but decided to go for California when the Canadian band ended because you've lived there for a while? Sorry, bro, but you're supposed to be a Nickelback fan now.
You only like Metallica because they're popular. Get back to me when you discover a metal band while they're still playing in dingy bars and follow them until they're successful.
Maybe it's just the threads in which I encounter him, I don't recall having encountered quite this level of under-his-skin-ness with GF.Listen to LD, GF, for he speaks the truth.I think it's weird how you said "continue debating," as I never started. Note that my first post on this explicitly stated that I didn't wish to argue, which is why, you know, I haven't been arguing with you.I really have no dog in this fight, and, given that my involvement is entirely predicated...
Why in the world do you care so much about this? I mean, I'm willing to get worked up over some dumb shit, so I kind of get it, but damn, dude.As I said above, I'm not interested in arguing about your fandom, and I certainly don't have enough invested in this to spend a bunch of my time articulating something simply because you demanded it of me. If you don't think you're a bandwagon/fair weather fan, that really seems like it ought to be enough.
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