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I read an interview with him the other day, and he mentioned that the people who generally come up to him and tell him what huge fans they are don't tend to be fans of country music. He obviously transcends genre in a lot of ways, especially on Metamodern Sounds. I'm really curious to see what the crowd is going to be like when I see him.And, yeah, no question about the shades of Waylon. Shooter Jennings on Sturgill Simpson:
The last dentist I had was terrible. I only saw him a couple times, and it was always a miserable experience. I moved recently, and had to find a new one. Today was my first appointment with the new doc. When I walked back to the exam room, Skynyrd was playing over the office speakers. He had a flat screen in every exam room with Apple TV loaded with movies. I got my teeth cleaned while enjoying the classic film Uncle Buck. It was a tough choice between that and Top...
I found him not too long ago and became a huge fan pretty much immediately. He really is exceptional. I'm seeing him next month at a small venue in Atlanta, and I couldn't be more excited.
I'm allowed to like Mr. Simpson's Facebook page, on account of I'm his #1 fan, and gosh darn did he light into his "critics" over this controversy. I haven't heard what his "critics" have to say, but I know it don't matter no how, seeing as Mr. Simpson is a country music god and what he says goes (is the end of the story).
Also, speaking of epic regional cokes:
It's really hard to explain. I had to try it to get it. The best I can do (and Z can correct me if I get it wrong): Think of a good ginger ale. Something like Blenheim that has a nice ginger flavor and isn't ultra sweet the way something crappy like Canada Dry is. Now back down the super-hard bite those types of ginger ales tend to have but keep the good ginger, so you have a real ginger ale that is still sort of light. Then add a splash of citrus. That's Ale-8.
For the motherfucking win.My best friend lives in Kentucky and is coming to visit next month. He's bringing me all sorts of swag from the Commonwealth, but. suffice it to say, the Ale-8 is the most important part.
I know it's yet another reason The South > everywhere else. I also know that, in terms of regional cokes, it's nowhere near the top.
A determined enough enemy can do a lot of damage even when they're outmatched, and these spammers are determined. I spamminated one guy yesterday who had 278 posts, and they post fast.Regardless, get over it. Everyone gets that it's annoying, but whining about it repeatedly isn't going to change anything. All the mods are doing their best to kill it, but it's not going to be perfect. I know it's frustrating to pay so much for access to the site only to be slightly...
Might have to try this. Love me some poutine.
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