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^I just nostalgia'd
Modal I think I liked the longer body of the olive jacket with the long sleeves
Still doing the oxford shirts? If so whats the pricing like on those?
that duffle looks cool but I think I am feeling the older one more. Is the hood detatchable on that one?
Are the bombers going to be available with the fuzzy collar
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu dammik i couldn't find any women's mmm gat in my size. for those of you who have even smaller feet than mine, this is selling at $205 RAIT NAU. I dont get this sizing on that site It says SIZE (ITALY) *number* When you go to the size chart the Italy sizing is one size smaller than the France sizing (which I am guessing is the same as EU) Which...
The size 28 NS would measure 15 across Are a slender guy? Id probably go for a 27
Are female MMM GAT reissue sneakers the same shape/shoe as the male ones but just come in smaller sizes? On the Eboutique the GATs in the women section are on sale from like size 35 -41 ( wear size 40 generaly) but the male ones are not which come in size 39-47 or something. Would the size 40 in the female section essentially be the same shoe as the size 40 in the male section?
Also how much do your current jeans measure across the waist flat, is that measurement after all the stretch and is that the same snugness you want after? I might be able to help you further with that info.
I never got what people meant by true waist, Do they mean where they like their jeans to sit? My waist (around just above my belly button measures 26 inches around and my hips where I tend to wear my pants (just under the hip bone) is 30 inches. By the end of it the jeans stretched quite perfectly where I dont need to use a belt to hold them up or anything.
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