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Contestants seem really boring this year. So far I'm pulling for the Mexican Chef from Chicago with the Michelin star.
Drink and play sports...even just shooting hoops
this is what I sent a friend. my bro lives in SEA and helped me get some recos together. Best restaurants Canlis - - probably the best fine dining in Seattle. Jacket required Shiro's - - Shiro worked for Jiro from Jiro Dreams of Sushi many years ago. One of Jiro's newer chefs recently moved here too. Best is to sit at the sushi bar and get the omakase, but it can get very crowded RN74 -...
Might be the milk attachment tubes from my latissima
ok, i've had the caramel the past few days, tastes soapy for some reason.
It worked ok with the milk. I dont like the chocolate or vanillas... which I had at home
any advice for buying Rimowa in Germany? going in about 2 months all over touring. I'm probably not going to be able to search for obscure stores, but maybe mainline retailers...looking at an aluminum classic line...just wondering how much the savings actually are than buying it outside of germany. just basically buy it, then get the VAT refund? will i save a lot that...
I got a few sleeves of each of the new (permanent) flavors. had a carmellito macchatio at the tasting bar (latissima), it was quite good.
yeah, I tried the Triste again today, I do prefer the napoli...seems more like how an espresso should taste.
Yeah, I got 2 sleeves each of the Triest and Napoli, I'm definitely going to stock up on there in a week or two...really like them alot.
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