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Hi guys, I was in upstate NY over the weekend and picked up a Luciano Barbera suit at a thrift show for an incredibly cheap price. Outside of sleeve length, the jacket fits me to a T. However, it is ventless. I don't have high hopes, but is it possible to add a vent to a suit? Is there anyone in NYC that could do this? I mostly bought this suit because I'd like to have it copied with nicer fabric (umm, and with vents), but I figured I'd try asking here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley I think their fabrics are pretty good - many are from Moxon and Gladstone. Oh I definitely think the fabrics they use are great.
Quote: Originally Posted by OxxfordSJLINY No. Oxxford is simply the best brand on the planet (not just the best brand in North America; at least this is the case in terms of handwork and overall construction quality if not in fit, drapery, comfort and appearance). AFAIK, to do better than Oxxford anywhere in the world (again, at least in terms of handwork and overall construction quality if not in fit, drapery, comfort and appearance), you need to not...
I paid a similar amount for mine. However, it looks terrible, cut just isn't right for me.
Hi folks, I've been invited to appear on a business news show next week and I'm looking for some advice on shoes. I'll be wearing a charcoal suit, blue shirt, tie of undetermined color tie, and hopefully, a new pair of brown shoes. I hate wearing black shoes, and my first TV appearance means I'm allowed to buy myself new brown shoes. Any suggestions? I'm willing to spend up to $250, and tend to stick with split-toe numbers.
Does anyone out there have any clothing made of bamboo fabric? I noticed some Isaia stuff on STP made of bamboo and was just curious about the differences from more standard fabrics.
Oh forget all this crap. I want some f*cking coupons.
I just bought a new suit this morning and I'd like to get it tailored in time for a very important dinner I have Tuesday. Any suggestions on a tailor in downtown NYC that can do good work with a fast turnaround? I don't think anything drastic needs to be done - sleeves shortened, waist taken out a bit, cuffs on pants, that sort of thing.
I haven't worn a watch for a couple of years, basically because for some reason I'm always banging into things, and the last watch I wore (a ~$75 number) was scratched up pretty quickly. Now, I'm actively trying to cultivate a more professional appearance at work and I think a good watch is necessary. Is there anything I can do (besides just being more careful) to protect a watch I'm wearing? Maybe certain materials or brands to look at? And if anyone has...
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