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And he seems to wear it as a sports coat as well. From the pictures on the news tonight- it seems to be quite big. Probably just a calculated contrast to Romneys nicely tailored threads. Not that there's anything wrong with that.. In his defense - the first two pictures seem to be from the same event.
I don't think he needs to worry about any girls in the club, as he will be too young for any of them. Even if another 16-17 year old sneaks in there, they will want to talk to talk to the 18-21 year olds. The Shia LaBoeuf look is a bit too mature probably, but might make him incognito in the club.
HI there. There are a million threads about MTM on line shirts here. Many people start with jantzen tailor in Hong Kong Consider the first shirt or two expendable, as it will take you a time or two to adjust the measurements just right. Cost about $50-60/shirt
ONe of my older suits - a Canali, is starting to get a little shine on the pants - top of the thighs. Is there a way to "de-shine" them?. Took them to the cleaners - no luck. Time to retire, or is there something else to do.
Not that I care about who wore anything, but Robert Downey Jr. is really short - like 5'7", and him wearing a 42L seems absurd, barring major alterationS. Having said that - nice tux.
Sooo, just to add some suspicion - what if Dantehh already had a fake Montcler, and then bought a real one from Here, and returned the fake for a full refund from KVC06. I doubt that KVC06 or CCC would notice the diffference between the two jackets. This way he gets a real Moncler jacket for the cost of a fake one. Just an idle thought. Sorry Dantehh for casting any aspersions here, but I'm just keeping an open mind, as you seem to be the fellow with the least...
Hello, sorry for the injuries. Please make sure that you go to a place that has experience in dealing with trauma - preferably a level one trauma center, and see an orthopaedist who specializes in trauma. Usually medical schools have some of the best docs available for this sort of stuff If you're in Europe, it might be a general trauma surgeon. Anyway - I do this sort of stuff for a living - fix bones. These are bad fractures, and you usually have a several...
Hi, I've had Wilshire Tailors do about 10 suits for me. There are racks filled with Brioni, purple label, Isaia, Kiton, etc that have been finished. He also does other clothing items - I've seen a pair of Mabitex pants there, and some peoples shirts. He is Eddie Murphys tailor - if that means anything - his suits seem to fit well. About 250 or so for a complete suit alteration, but they fit perfect. usually 1 week or so turn around time Waiting to pick up...
Does Eva from Vass speak English? Just wondering, because I've sent emails to Vass previously without reply from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay +1. Rotation is key to a suit lasting a long time. Yes, and if one never wears them, they'll last even longer. The question is really not how long, but how many wears will they last. It's pointless to say my suit looks great after 10 years, if it's only worn once a month, or it looks like hell if worn 1xweek for 3 years.
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