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Quote: Originally Posted by soundsgood you guys love flashy high style stuff -- there needs to be a forum to tell middle class people what looks good in different situations. I just want to look good -- but not overly style conscious or pay a lot. I don't know why this is considered "flashy high style." It's a pretty standard English boot. You asked about a leather shoe that look good to wear with "jeans/buttonup for work." By "for work," I...
What about a pair of Jodphur boots? This could be a good value with the exchange rate (and you get about 15 pounds knocked off the listed price for the VAT adjustment)
I'd go with something like this: (the longwing). If you look for a bit, you might be able to find something in your size at a good price.
I don't think you should have too many questions about quality. It's not going to be Brioni, and even some of the Collection pieces are made in Asia, but the fabrics and construction have always seemed pretty good to me. I personally like the suede car coat better (doesn't look old man to me at all), though it is more expensive. Alternatively, there is a nice Hickey Freeman horsey jacket on amazon as well.
Mine still shows as shipped.
PRICE DROP: $110 SHIPPED Please let me know by Wednesday afternoon if you'd like these, as I'm moving and will be MIA for a while come Wednesday evening.
You'd want a 42R, then. I'd anticipate the 42L would be about 32.5 to 33" from the bottom of the collar.
They should go away, as long as they weren't substantially waterlogged. Just let them dry naturally and they should go away. Also, a small, small, small amount of polish is okay with shell cordovan, IMO.
Slightly longer jacket; slightly longer waist; fairly lightly padded (could be virtually unpadded if it was a special order) shoulder, with armhole on the smaller side IMO, and ever so slightly elongated; some waist suppression, but you'll likely want some tailoring if you're a 32 waist. The pants are going to be a problem, unless you have muscular legs. Not only because cutting a 36 to a 32 is very difficult (and possibly very costly), but also because the rise and the...
Shoes are now re-available -- prior buyer backed out.
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