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I am looking for something like a tan blucher, bonus if it is a wingtip. Where to find for $250 or less?
I have tried this before and have never been satisfied with any colored shirts. I stick with white when wearing black. This is, of course, the main reason why everyone on this forum hates black suits so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Asics run narrow... at least compared to most others I try. I'm B-width and ASICS fit me best. Then something has changed, because I know that for years Asics were known for having been build on a wider last. Possibly this hindered them, so they corrected it; which could explain their increased popularity.
Quote: Originally Posted by aavlee Def recommend a pair of asics for you. Can't really go wrong with anything from their lineup. Actually, you can go wrong with Asics. Asics are known for having a wider last. If you are a person who does not need a wider last then don't look at Asics. I have been happier with Saucony and hit or miss with Nike.
If the shirt is a size 38 it most likely means that it is intended for wearing by people who have a 38 chest. If the 38 refers to the actual physical measurement of the chest of the shirt, then it will be skin tight. Most likely it is option 1.
Coconut Grove 40R plaid jacket. New without tags. Jacket is cotton and half-lined; great for summer. Center vent with standard flapped besom pockets and left breast pocket. Four buttons on sleeve. Originally from Nordstrom, spring/summer 2008. I purchased it for use this summer but have changed size and I am guaranteed to not get smaller for the next four years. Hi-res available here Measurements: Shoulder - 19.5" Chest - 22" Waist - 21" Length - 31" Sleeve...
For MOST belt manufactures, you will buy a belt one size (2") larger than your waist size. However, I have seen some manufactures which the size has been adjusted and you buy your waist size. Only sure bet is to try it on.
If you can find some shoes which are a reddish brown, or at least a brown with a slight reddish tint, those would look very nice with blues.
If you are wearing a non see through shirt you can have the tail be super long and tuck it into the shirt through the button front.
I am careful, however, my philosophy is that you have to get some use out of it. I used to buy something really nice then never wear it because I didn't want to 'wear it out' or whatever. Now I am just careful but get use out of it rather than it just sitting in my closet waiting for a really good time to wear it.
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