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Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Update: realized the pics do not work anymore. Here's the link to the Cucinelli items on ebay I just bought the last one of these bags from Bluefly for 600 after I used a 15 percent discount code.
RL "purple tab" shoes 9.5D
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Anyone know what these are? the seller usually has great stuff (he's sold 3 Attolini suits in the past few weeks) I bought the kiton sports coat he had, and it was superb buy. His measurements were off though, so you may have to to watch out for that (I bought it for my friend, and kept it for myself )
pm sent
Also was scammed by this person, filed a dispute. I paid to his gmail.
Err, thanks for the compliment 48R jacket sold!
Price Drops
You should be able to find fabrics suitable for upholstery in the $40 / yard range. Upholstery fabric is more durable and is tested for double rubs (sitting down and standing up counts as double rub). My advice also is to get a quote from an upholsterer, along with how much fabric he'll need. You'll have to get more yards if the fabric has a pattern and you want pattern matching as well. One of the more well known companies is Valley Forge Fabrics. Good luck on your...
Thanks for the endorsement! Another round of price drops!
I like the cut on my RLPL Caruso jackets the most so far, though I can see how it might not be for everyone. I guess you could say the regular blue RL line is cut a bit more generic, but it still looks very nice to me.
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