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picked up an brown lamb A-2 from B&S, and I have to say drew, I'm really impressed. I've dealt with tons of rick, julius, and dior leathers mainly over the years and this jacket really does have excellent quality and fit. The construction is super solid and the leather rivals the best of anything I've felt from rick/julius/dior at quadruple the price point. what is the fur collar made of? is it actual fur?
this is pretty great - where is it available for purchase?
I saw glass candy at a fun fun fun fest after hours party and it utterly blew me away. Just way more visceral live, the beats and songs were just incredible. Starting off your set with Digital Versicolor and then making that be the low point of the show is a feat in and of itself
XX is pretty boring live last time I saw them.... got tix to glass candy/chromatics in austin this friday. 11 bucks each, what a steal. gc puts on an insane show, excited to finally see Chromatics
I mean, he's a normal guy wearing a leather jacket. There's nothing wrong with this concept. There's not some hard and fast rule saying that to wear RO you must go full gothninja.
got a 38 3A in clerical grey that doesn't fit my wardrobe like I expected, anyone looking to pick up a new one with tags attached without the wait give me a PM
Immaculate condition, Sz 46 (fits 44 - slim 46), one of the greats at an affordable price. Measurements in cm: Shoulder 41.5 to 42 Pit 47.5 height from top of collar to bottom 65 height without collar 59.5 to 60 sleeve opening 10.5 to 11 cm (measured on the end of the leather part, not on the elastic cuff, which measures around 0.5 less) Looking for a quick but fair sale at 1950 USD, +3% paypal shipped in the US, intl +20 to the price. This is a coveted jacket with a...
looking for a 3a or 6a in a 38 - hit me up for a quick sale if it doesn't work for you lucky fellas.
i had to comment - this JV insecurity big man watch thing has been the most interesting development of this thread yet. This is the first time where I've seen someone so clearly compensating for something they're uncomfortable with. A watch isn't going to make you grow 6 inches, and it's not emasculating to wear a smaller watch either. Its just a watch guys, get one that you feel comfortable with, wind it and wear it.
for 13k i'd look at an AP royal oak
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