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Everyone? No, not hardly. But, many can, and will continue to do so as long as their income and interests permit.
Do you have something on your mind? When I was going through a breakup last summer, I had so much trouble sleeping that I actually began to dread going to bed at night, and when I finally did get to sleep, I'd often have horrible nightmares about being in the Vietnam War. I ended up getting two to three hours of sleep a night at best, until about a month later when I went to a party where I became reacquainted with an old friend, got laid, and got trashed (I rarely...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome I have owned a VW polo, a golf and an aston martin db7 all for a few month each...I utterly hate automobiles btw...(and I'm glad that I'm living in Europe where one can afford to do that and still live stylishly nontheless- the rest of the world is as always deep Province, esp.recently one can see how cars are just the tip of the cretinous consumerist iceberg.) cars are_ No I would go even further and...
^ Awesome Supra! 2003 Mustang GT here. No pics, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse I find it incredibly rude when someone uses their cellphone on a date. I once watched a guy eat his entire meal while the girl he was on a date with babbled into her phone the whole time. She never touched her food. If I was the guy, I would have excused myself for the bathroom and then just left the restaurant, leaving her with the bill. And I would slap you a high five and buy you a drink.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Liars always lie. Always. She's lied to you, betrayed your trust. She's playing you, and making you miserable. Flush this woman now before she does more damage. And do not — under any circumstances — reopen communication with her. Your life will be so very much better with her out of it. Trust me on this; I know. This is ABSOLUTELY true. Do is he says; I know first hand as well.
I wear cheap, ugly, ill-fitting crap to the gym. However, definitely make sure you get a pair of shoes that is right for you.
Anything covered in gravy or hot sauce.
Tonight I'll be wearing a black cashmere sportcoat, white shirt, tie, and raw denim. Will brown shoes be fine, or is this a black-only setup? Thanks!
As much as I like vaginas, I don't want one on my jacket.
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