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Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the Filson nylon shoulder strap somewhere? Or if there are any similar alternatives? After using the 256 daily, the bridle leather shoulder strap is simply too uncomfortable for my shoulders.
Yeah I use regular detergent to wash my jeans. I throw em in the wash about every 2 months and they have great fades.
My god, that jacket looks like something you'd see from True Religion.
Where's most of their outerwear/tops made in anyways?
You're going to be suffocating in the 28's.
Just got my APC New Standard noir (f/w 2012) and wanted to share some info. First of all, these are made in Macau so I'm just going to assume that they don't make them in Japan anymore, as opposed to the 2011 models. Regarding the sizing on these, they fit TRUE TO SIZE. I bought a size 28 and they measure 14" across the waist, so I don't advise sizing down 2-3 like you would on the indigo ones. I sized down only 1 to account for stretch (my waist is 29"). Quality-wise,...
Just received my package from TBS to Vancouver and did not get hit by fees from FedEx. Bjorn was nice enough to mark the price down generously so that might have been why. Shipping was fast as well; they sent it out on Monday and it arrived this morning. Will definitely shop again.
Wtf, wings and horns made jeans like those??? What have I been missing!!!! [[SPOILER]]
When I first received my 256 briefcase, it had the same issue. One handle strap was visibly more worn and thinner than the other handle. You should definitely ask Filson to replace it; I'm sure they'll do it no questions asked. I took mine to the Seattle store and showed it to one of the managers and once she felt the difference, she immediately went and grabbed 3 other brand new briefcases for me to choose a replacement. They have some proper customer service.
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