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Hi all, Tried on my first pair of Prps today: What awesome jeans!- I am used to the cheap Uniqlo specials, Any good sources for Prps? I am from the UK but somewhere in the US/abroad is fine. They retail for about 430 USD here Many Thanks, Leon
Flats is the most common but we also use apartements, what is your pamphlet for?
For that price Seiko/ Citizen are reasonable bets if you shop around. It depends what style you want really, Swatches are normally quite interesting albeit mostly quartz. Good Luck!
Plese excuse the rubbish quality of photos, it must be frustrating when you can see everything! Just tried this Paul Smith jacket on, I like the style but an still learning about suits and will try and will probably get somthing tailored when I travel to Hong Kong next month. What I *think* could be wrong with this- *1 Im wearing a T- shirt, but hopfully this wont affect the basics *2 Its bunched up a bit around the upper arms *3 maybe a bit baggy at the mid...
I'd like to chime in and say that I love the style too. I am considering having something similar tailor made in Hong Kong. I must head into London and try some on to see how they look on me.
thanks for your advice! Just what I wanted to hear!!
Hi all, Do you think you can still wear a good pair of (japanese denim) jeans if you are in your 60s? It for a shirts/ sportcoat kind of guy, sorry I have no pictures! Any advice would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks! Leon
Many thanks for the heads up, I must visit there again. It is nice to see someone else from Oxford on here!
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