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I love my job- I wonder if my coworker who loves this board will read this?hahaha
Hi, Anyone know somewhere cheap for these?? Thanks!! Leon
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Walther PPS 9mm Tsovet watch limited edition Buck folding knife 2x Lucchese boots Garmin 760 GPS Plane fare to San Francisco in February other assorted small stuff I hope they are not all related! Got some Paco Rabanne aftershave and some money possibly for a pair of Tom Ford aviators or a Mr Olive hoodie- both of these seem horrifically overpriced so I psyching myself up to go for one. Hope you all...
Leon magazine?!?!?! Is it really worth buying just for the pictures?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bring The Noise bear mase....cheaper and more effective THE BIG BAD DOGGGGGGGGGG
AR15 , 1911 and Remington 870, (Ruger 10/22?!)
Sounds good! Any idea what they look like? I can't seem to find any pictures on their site Many thanks for the tip, Leon
Thanks! Leon
Would anyone happen to know if there are replica Prps jeans out there? I can see some on ebay for quite a bit less than 100 USD apparently new :? EDIT- just seen this...
Thanks very much for the links, I'm a 32- soo close!
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