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Interested too, drop me a PM
A certain individual at my work lives by the SF bible when it comes to work clothes, I never seen him without a pocket square after 2 years...I can't compete!
Hi, just a note to say it ts pretty difficult to get a job here right now, there are a lot of unemployed grads looking for something. However, you only need one place at the end of the day, good luck!
get a Seiko, the cornerstone of a watch collection!
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe I agree that fashion sense in Europe is completely different from North America. There were a couple of ex-pats from London at my office and they dressed magnificently. They were the exception to the rule however. I agree with wating to see how everyone else dresses. I know law firms that are quite casual (litigators mostly) and others that are very formal (BigLaw corporate). In my first year at a law firm I was...
Thanks all, This is really helpful- sometimes I think it can be difficult to work out what to wear if you have not had much experience before. I've been at the firm for about a year and a half now wearing slim navy suits, which is slightly more formal than the open shirts worn by most (unless a client meeting) but I like it. However, I have to admit I've been a bit lazy recently. It is true that my workmate rocks purple and black label, he is a hardcore Styleforum...
Thank you, great stuff It is amazing how much of an impression a couple of poor choices can make
Pretty serious timepiece- congrats!
Hi All, Hope you had an amazing Christmas. I think it would be useful to stick up a list of tips on what to wear and what not to wear for those new to a business job (such as graduates going into accountancy). Would anyone be able to suggest some tips (or even pictures) to kick me off? It will be interesting to hear what you come up with- I need to kop some new clothes ASAP. If this works out I would like to stick it on my online blog along with a massive SF link and...
thats going to be COLD
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