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F+B Elf or save up and sell stuff for some Guidis? I guess what I'm asking since I've never handled Guidis is are they going to be THAT much better than the relatively solid F+Bs? or
I'm stupid, 30% off gilt how?
Pick any style and I will get them to you for 25% off list price. These are absolutely authentic, I have that hook up.
The idea that another human being would want to purchase that is pretty presumptuous.
BNIB NikeID'd Roshes in Volt/White size 11. I ordered these completely forgetting that I'm an 11.5 in Nikes so these have never been worn let alone taken out of the box (except to snap a few pictures). The volt colorway is popular for obvious reasons and the shoes are WAY more vibrant than my shitty iPhone camera could do justice to. Letting them go for $125 shipped (Nike will run you upwards of $140 with tax and shipping) OBO
First I thought they were hideous, then I loved them. Now I think they're hideous and I love them. Shockingly I wouldn't wear them tucked in and up to my midsection.
Oh my god. Well on the plus side they're clearly not reading SF's responses to their posts.
Got one of the polos today and it fit exactly like my normal size in Uniqlo t's and button downs.
Those shoes throw off any balance the outfit might have and contribute to you looking like 85% legs, 15% torso.
Please PM me if this doesn't work out.
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