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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson 1)Give report to rental car company 2)Get mod to delete this threak 3) ??????? 4) Profit!!! I don't think the police report is going to matter to the rental car company. The rental contract likely says something to the effect of any damage to the car is the renter's responsibility, no matter what. Unless you purchased insurance when you rented, and depending on what kind of insurance you bought if...
I would pay/work out a payment plan with the rental car company just to keep the incident on the DL. OTOH, if a DUI has been issued somebody's probably so deep in the sh*t that making the rental car company happy won't make a lot of difference. I have a friend who years ago rented a car in a major soutwestern city. Following a great meal with a substantial amount of wine he managed to run the car up on a median while making a left turn (he was a lot younger and...
I read somewhere that holding a grudge is like taking poison and waiting for the other guy to die. That said, I tend to be up in my own head too much generally and it's difficult for me to let some things go. I recognize that there's little to be gained by dwelling on anything overly much but thought patterns are tough to change. I do learn from every wrong, however. As GW Bush brilliantly said, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....uh, uh....won't...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Don't know where to post this, but it was just too amazing to not share and figured this may be the best thread to do so... A guy at work had this for lunch: Whipped cream on top of two bananas, on top of a layer of peanut butter spread over two hershey's almonds chocolate bars. Same sandwiches a can of chili between two slices of pizza and eats it together. Surprisingly, he is not morbidly...
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc $1.5M Russian SUV Features Diamonds, Whale Penis Leather The problem is that those bucket seats turn into sofas if you move around on them.
The beach house in Weekend At Bernie's was awesome in an out-of-my-reach way. The beach house in Sleeping With The Enemy was more awesome because it wasn't as OTT and seems a bit more obtainable. Or at least rentable.
I like this show, and I also like McHale on The Soup. That's the same actress who plays Pete Campbell's wife on Mad Men, btw. She's such a chameleon that I wouldn't have realized it had I not read it somewhere.
Plantronics Voyager Pro. Not as small as others but consistently highest rated.
Quote: Originally Posted by nightrune i seem to like driveways in modern houses that go down to a lower level or basement. what do you like? my current 1 is a 6 car garage beneath a townhouse. it is not long and swooping though just squarish and bland really. Those do look cool, but I think getting up to the kitchen would be a PITA when you're unloading a trunk full of groceries.
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