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Quote: Originally Posted by derekzee was he holding the right side of his chest when he had a heart attack? Indeed he was. Got this via my satellite provider's pay-per-view, entirely based on what I've read here. I liked the sets and clothes very much and was pleasantly surprised by Julianne Moore's performance. I'd be curious to read the book but I'm afraid that the things I liked the most wouldn't be represented and I probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian Also, someone needs to get that J-Lo lookalike a bra (actually don't). She was AJ's girlfriend on The Sopranos. Knew I had seen her somewhere before.
What was the deal with the band-aid on the back of his neck? "Ainglish, muthafucka, do you speak it??"
3 + 3, +/- 1800 s.f. Downstairs bathroom is toilet and shower, the upstairs is toilet and tub/shower combo, and the master bath has a toilet room, walk-in shower, and separate soaking tub. I've had guests use the downstairs shower, but other than the inspector when I bought the place, no one's ever turned on the shower or tub in the second bathroom.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter yes, a fridge. we ended up taking off the door and the frame , and then we took apart the door of the fridge. it was still tight. Had to do the same thing with the last fridge I bought. It (along with the rest of my appliances) was eventually stolen between the time I moved out of the house and got it rented out. I am certain that the company I hired to manage it took everything but of course was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs I would never get a vanity licence plate. They are white trash. My first vehicle was a Dodge pickup that I customized - Off road tires, CB radio, camper on the back, running lights, confederate flag curtains, Yosemite Sam mudflaps, air horns, etc. etc., etc. Needless to say, I was a bit of a redneck. The license plate said TRUK U. Probably couldn't get away with that today.
I had lunch there with my boss, his boss (who was an alum) and a client in the mid-90's. At one point I leaned over and quietly said to my boss, "Do you think Harvard guys shot all these animals?" He said, "No, they hired people to do it for them." Funniest thing that cold-fish prick ever said.
Every time someone comes back from buying groceries they a loaf of italian bread and a stalk of celery sticking out of the top of the bag. When someone's talking on the phone and they're amazed/shocked by what the person on the other end of the line says, they pull the phone away from their ear and stare at it. Or they hold it front of their face and yell into it. I didn't bother reading more than the first couple pages of this thread, so my apologies if either of...
Crowe has a long history of dickness. During the Academy Awards years ago somebody was making jokes about Master and Commander or Gladiator (I forget which) and the camera cut to him for a reaction shot and he just sat there with a scowl on his face. Seems like he smacked a service worker somewhere in the face with a telephone a while back too. He's a schmuck.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I have a copy of the bill, I don't know if there is an estimate. I also have pictures in b&w. Is that enough? You have a right to know what the bill is based on. In other words, tell them you want an itemized list of what they want you to pay for - parts and labor. When you get that, go to yellowpages.com and find an auto body shop in or near the part of LA where you were. Call them and arrange to...
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