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I was afraid that it was either going to go (a) the kid's father kicks Louie's ass/otherwise bullies him or (b) the kid is abused/has a shitty home life and becomes a sympathetic character. It kind of went in the direction of (b), but not as much as I feared. I'm glad that (for the most part) he steered away from a cliche' ending (Louie C.K. wrote and directed that episode).
That was my thinking as well. Just put the loan docs in the mail. Thanks, gentlemen.
25-yr. loan. Closing costs are $4,462. Rolled into the loan my payment is going to be $1,522. If I pay them at closing my payment will be $1,496, which translates to a savings of $7,842 over the life of the loan. That sounds great, but in 25 years I will be a very old man, assuming I'm even around, and there's no reason to think that I wouldn't have opportunities to refi again between now and then. Seems to me that I'm better off having use of the $4,462 during the...
"Breast or thigh?" "One of each." Indeed.
Does anyone think that Lane got his fried chicken?
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Anyone who takes offense to this is a douche. I agree with this, but I'm pretty misanthropic to begin with. On one of my last flights I reclined my seat and the guy behind me asked me to sit back up. I started to tell him to pound sand but it was just a one-hour flight and I was with my g/f and decided it wasn't worth being confrontational. Gotta say that was the first time I've ever heard that, though.
" 'Lizbeth, I'm comin' to join ya, honey!" If I recall correctly, S&S was based on a British show called Steptoe & Son. No idea to what extent. As for Redd, his real last name, I believe, was Sanford. Probably not a coincidence that it was also his character's name in the show. No doubt he paved the way for the likes of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. I hear him on Sirius radio's comedy channel from time to time and his material still holds up.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar what was that one party when everybody drank all that mint schnapps? If memory serves, that's when they were watching the 1960 Presidential election returns. They had put together a campaign for the guy who lost. I think my Tivo said something to the effect that this week's episode is about someone's presence, or return, threatening to ruin the office Christmas party. Don't remember the details but...
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I think this new agency gives Don a lot of interesting power. At SC, Roger was very clearly above Don on the pecking order ... now, it doesn't necessarily feel that way, even when Roger is scolding Don. It brings me back to the scene where Roger invites himself over to Don's house and hits on Betty big time - and I wonder how that would boil over if that were to happen with the current dynamic they have in the new...
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