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She was the Angelina Jolie of her day (more talent and beauty, however). She stole Eddie Fisher right out from under Debbie Reynolds a la Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston and it was an even bigger scandal because it was in the '50's. Not many Old Hollywood like her left anymore.
Some of my leather sofa cushions are starting to crack on the sides. However they can be removed so at some point soon I'll take them in to be reupholstered. When the cat dies I'll replace the sofa completely. Until then, between the occasional throw up and scratch marks, there's no point.
I go at the same time. I'll do a caffeine pill some mornings when I'm not feeling it. I drink a decent amount of water while I'm there plus a green tea on the way to and haven't had any dehydration issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD The gym I go to in Japan has a lady custodian, who cleans both locker rooms during normal business hours. I never used to see her during the times I would go there, then all of the sudden every single day after I shower, she's in there. Sometimes not even cleaning, just killing time. Not exactly a looker and probably 15 years my senior, but the female presence in that environment for some reason gives me this...
Get a tilt/swivel/whatever and hang a frame on the wall so that TV is framed when the arm is retracted. The TV will look more finished and you won't have a visible gap between the back of the TV and the wall.
I try to ignore people in general at the gym (it's 5 fuckin AM and I just want to work out), and the locker room is no exception. I have seen guys showering in their underwear, as well as some who wear their underwear into the shower and put it back on when they're done. To each his own.
Bill Murray is The Man. Everything I've ever read about him indicates that he does exactly what he wants to do and for the entertainment of only one person - himself. The most recent article I read said that nobody has his phone number. He's got an 800 number for people to leave messages and if he wants to talk to them, he calls them back. What a great way to be able to live your life. There's an outake at the end of Zombieland where BM is supposed to be dead and...
Back in the gym for a few weeks now after enough of a layoff between T-giving and Xmas that I could feel and see a difference (e.g., abs smoothed out considerably). Noticed an improvement in performance (cardio endurance and strength) well before I saw any physical changes.
Kent Brockman is sitting the crowd at a sporting event. He's intoduced over the P.A. system and crowd starts booing. Brokman: This just in....go to hell! That's from one of early seasons.
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