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That's pretty deeply layered - Don was in bed reading a Bond novel a couple of episodes ago. "You Only Live Twice" - he's lived as Dick Whitman and as Don Draper. And he had one life with Betty, so maybe he's only getting one more life with Megan, i.e., one more chance to make it work, find happiness, etc.. While it was on we saw shots of most of the partners, and the lyrics go on to say, "one life for yourself, and one for your dreams". They all need the agency (or...
"Jaguar: It Won't Kill You"
My take was that he felt guilty about it and was trying on some level to fix it.I knew Lane was going to check out as soon as I saw the Jag. Poor bastard.
I see more than a correlation - I see a foreshadowing: She was on the phone with the kid at college when Grandma ate it, and one of his buddies said something smartassed to him, and the kid replied, "Blow me!"I dont' think anything happens without a reason on this show.
I felt worse for Sally. But karma's a bitch; cause Grandma to fall and break her ankle, blame it on one of Baby Brother's toys, and then accept the praise for helping her and you're gonna lose some innocence.
My first thought was that something looked off, but it might have been the shock of seeing Betty so much heavier. If her face is CGI'd, they did a good job. She just looked fat to me. Meant to comment after the birthday party scene in Don's apartment - his living room area is awesome. A little too much color for my taste, but I really like the mid-century modern aesthetic. Peggy and the new copywriter are bumping uglies in 3, 2, 1...
"It's over, Johnny! IT'S OVER!!"
I like this coffee table - if I were looking for a new one, it would be one of my top choices. Not to derail, but can anyone speak to the quality of the copies on the websites linked above (or any others)? I'm in the market for two Corb LC3 chairs in black leather and can't justify the cost of the real thing. More problematic is the fact that that the cost of repro's is all over the map; on these two sites they're $549 and $999. In the world of knock-offs, are you...
Were it not for the increasingly unlikely possibility of seeing the black chick's boobs, I'd have bailed on this year. Every season is the same; Hank moons over his baby mama, does the dysfunctional/reversed parental roles thing with his daughter and ultimately steps up as the dad, and has random sex. However, comparatively we're lacking in the latter. Time to either hire some new writers or end it entirely.
On the strength of this recommendation and based on the fact that I read (and enjoyed) Falconer when I was a kid, I looked this short story up online and liked it quite a bit. If I ever get around to getting the Internet configured on my flatscreen I'll order the movie.Thanks.
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